Wonder Girls MNet M! CountDown Photos (30P) 081023

Always one week late, MNet.com official HQ pictures of the Wonder Girls “Nobody” performance on M! Countdown on 23rd October.

Samples from the entire collection, pretty in magenta!!!


Download (SB) | password: singapore

37 thoughts on “Wonder Girls MNet M! CountDown Photos (30P) 081023

  1. kekeke Sun Mi does kinda look like SIY, but it just coz of her expression. I think yoobin looks bigger than she actually is, her body is really slim but she has cute chubby cheeks.

  2. i think sohee and sunmi got the better wigs.. lol sohee so cute! i wish they did more of the slow versoin 😦 they onlysingthe fast versionnow!

    I love love love Sunmi and Sohee’s pics.
    I LOVE Sohee’s hair like that I think she would look amazing with bangs! Jyp the meanie..
    Sunmi’s smirk! AHHH! :DD
    Better late than never coolsmurf haha
    This is definately my fav. hairstyles and dresses for them.
    I’m being biased cause I love pink but still they are GORGEOUS.

    thanks coolsmurf

  4. they didnt gain weight. its the dresses for the nobody concept. they are skinnier than during the so hot days. i think sunye s wig is fine. it matches the concept quite nicely.

  5. i lovee yoobin solo shot ! i agree with what
    iloveyoobin said. she so gourgeousss and i
    seriously hate the wig on sun ye so much !
    my least favorite wig, but she still looks goood !

  6. i dont think they gained weight…
    sunmi is still skinny as ever -_-

    but maybe it’s becuz of the dresses? theyre so tight! haha

  7. yeah i think they gained quite some weight form so hot days…wonder if its on purpose?

    i dont know if i should rejoice at their weight gain, attributed to their eating and sleeping well, thus being a cause for celebration; or i should worry since it may very well be on purpose, which means they will have a hard time shedding those pounds in future if the company requires them to do so…

  8. Cool! password: Singapore.. Yes! a few more days till the KPOP concert! cant wait!

    Huhu~ Btw, is it just me or does anyone else notice that Sun Mi (in her solo pic) kinda looks Seo In Young?? Haha…

  9. I want to rip sunye’s wig off…its amazing how she can look so pretty even with that hideous thing on her head…STYLISTS GIVE HER ANOTHER STYLE!

    Sohee is oozin charisma in this one!

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