Wonder Girls Picks Up Cyworld Digital Music Award for Nobody

The Wonder Girls received their 4th Cyworld Digital Music Award, thanks to Nobody which became Song of the Month for September this afternoon at the Jamsil Lotte World. They won previously with Tell Me and So Hot for Song of the Month and picking up Rookie of the Month with Irony in 2007.

The 7-member boy group 2PM made it a clean sweep for JYP Entertainment as they won Rookie of the Month for their 10 Points out of 10 song.

I will faint if the Wonder Girls performs in Singapore wearing that next Tuesday.

34 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Picks Up Cyworld Digital Music Award for Nobody

  1. I doubt you’d faint, coolsmurf. You’d just be overjoyed from seeing the Wonder Girls finally and keep your eyes glued to them, no matter how blinding their outfits and wigs are! XD

  2. hey, they’ll perform on tuesday in singapore?

    coolsmurf can you give me some details about this?



  3. i love jyp family
    alvin,i wont faint with these outfits
    but i will faint with the outfits in jyp family stage in sbs award last year
    they looked so sexy with it



  5. now that i think of this, this is their 4th Cyworld Win..they also won Rookie of the month when they debuted… 4 out of 4! WOOT WOOT!

  6. Congratulation my Wonder Girls. 3 awards for 3 great hit singles. I’m so happy for you girls. Thank you.

    The pics are beautiful. And of course I don’t like the wig either, but Sohee is a fit for it! By the way, was 2pm dancing to Nobody in the above pic?

  7. WHOO! Go WGs!! And congrats to 2PM πŸ™‚ JYP family is doing great. And whatever happened to Joo? Haven’t heard about her recently 😦

  8. haha so you got tickets to the concert?! yay!
    i’ll cross my fingers and pray that they don’t wear those wigs or those scary ponytail extensions to the concert ^^ haha

    congrats to the girls !!!
    and congrats to 2PM!

    thanks for the pics~

  9. Yay they won I’m happy for them! and their label mates are picking up awards too! very happy for JYP right now!

  10. haha coolsmurf i had to laugh at that last sentence keke
    i still envy u for seeing them at all!!! no matter w/ or w/o wigs >_<

    anyway congrats to the girls! woo hooo
    and it seems like 2pm boys are doing love bullets keke

  11. lol im hoping you wont coolsmurf!

    good gracious! noooo! why oh why?!
    they have alot of beautiful outfits to wear
    with different colors!
    why oh why choose those ______ outfits and wigs!!!!
    they should have wear their silver sparkling outfits!
    and they should have style their hair! not those wigs! gees…!
    those outfits dont give any justice or anything to our
    5 young and beautiful wonder girls!
    wrong outfits! right occasion! lol!

    anyway congratulations to our girls for picking up
    their 3rd Cyworld Digital Music Award!
    great job!

    and to 2PM too!

  12. roflmao inorite coolsmurf, idek if i should cry or laugh if they wore that. it would be nice to have them in their silver glittery outfits they wore on their perf at music core.

    and hurray for 2pm! i’m hoping they would do a song together with the girls during the concert. wishful thinking but… XDD i can’t wait to see them!

    ps. are the boys doing the love bullets dance? keke it must be my wonder day eyes XD~~

  13. 2:20 am here.. shouldn’t be up but had to check :D, so awesome that they won cyworld, it’ll add to their collection muahah :”D

  14. LOL!
    I totally agree with lhasha I envy you greatly!
    And I love your humor haha.
    2PM boys are so cute! ^^
    But anywho back to the point.
    They deserve it and in my mind deserve farrr more but I guess we’ll settle.
    Congrats to them and I hope they’ll win alot more in the future.

    thanks coolsmurf

  15. “I will faint if the Wonder Girls performs in Singapore wearing that next Tuesday.”

    LOL @ coolsmurf! So lucky that you will be seeing them on Tuesday. How I envy you!

    Congrats to the girls! Keep up the good work!

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