Min Sun Ye and Kim Myung Min Are Kia Soul CUV Ambassadors

Min Sun Ye and actor Kim Myung Min of Beethoven Virus were both chosen as ambassadors for Kia Soul CUV (crossover utility vehicle) last week.

Why only Sun Ye? Well, she’s the only one with a driving license. Yoo Bin doesn’t see the need to drive while Ye Eun thinks she will speed a lot so neither of them has gone for the driving test. The other two maknaes aren’t of age yet.

Sun Ye Solo (credit: etbbong & cutegiurl)



53 thoughts on “Min Sun Ye and Kim Myung Min Are Kia Soul CUV Ambassadors

  1. Ye Eun makes me laugh. ^^ Yoobin don’t really have family to visit, so she has no need to drive. Sun Ye initially bought the car to visit her family.

    I’m lovin’ that orange car though!

    Also, uh, I don’t think they gave her a car. o.o Maybe to lend, but I doubt Sun Ye’s the kind to accept something like that as a gift and have two cars. Sun Ye’s more of a functional type of person.

  2. puahaha, Ye Eun and Yoobin unnie are sooo adorable. Sunye is so effin pretty, it makes me sick with envy. I love how she can pull of a a business suit, while still making it look ultra hip!

  3. not diggin her style, that looks like my dad’s blazer, but sunye is soo cute in that orange car,
    cf or not, they HAVE to give her that car, it suite her :p

  4. seem like if u wanna going to be popular girl, u’ll bashed from antis like before is Sohee and now Sunye – -”

    too honestly, i dont want Sunye to be like Sohee in Tell me & So Hot days, be shadow in back, keep quiet, and always leave alone, please please please stop bashing her….

  5. those people who are bashing her and dare to name themselves as ‘Wonderfuls’ are just probably phony-ass fans. Don’t bother about them.

    Apart from that, congrats to Min Sunye!! She looks chic in that new hairstyle. Love it a lot. Though I can’t wait for her hair to grow though.kekekeke..

  6. yeah why are people bashing sun ye :(… the others have done their own thing too.
    They are all gorgeous stop the bashing!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i’m so happy for sunye unnie… why can’t you all be happy for her? i honestly am so sad that wonderfuls are actually arguing… please stop, i thought that all the hate towards sunye unnie has stopped… but its gotten worse… please be more mature and support all the five girls.. sunye is a wonder girl so she deserves our love and support!! please to all antis think more maturely, bashing sunye unnie will only make her heart break, and make all the other members too.. i really don’t want her too be sad, after all the things she has been through… she doesn’t desever it! WONDER GIRLS AND WONDERFULS HWAITING!!!

  8. @ 475398

    they chose her to be the ambassador because she can drive and already has a liscence, they chose her bcoz they trust her more

  9. Awww YAY LEADER!! She looks so gorgeous and sophisticated here πŸ™‚ She definitely deserves this. And to all you haters grow up. The WGs were created because of SunYe. Accept that or please don’t dirty the Wonderful’s name by calling yourself one. SunYe is here to stay.

  10. Why the hell do we have to give justifications for SunYe having her solo endorsements?

    Why do these antis keep on trying to draw a wedge between her and the other members?

    Why is it that only her solo collaborations with other artists are questioned and criticized?

    I’m sorry but both the other elder girls have had their solo stuff too (Yoobin with Minwoo and Kim Bum Soo, Yeeun with H.Eugene and OneTwo) and the other two are , I guess are too young.

    If SunYe comes on a variety show, she is bashed. ( I heard YooBin and YeEun are the only wonder girls appearing on WGM..lets see how many of you antis of sunye think that is UNFAIR on the other members..none I’m guessing, since SunYe is not amongst the people appearing).

    If she sings with someone, she is bashed.
    If she does an endorsement, she is bashed.
    If she manages to get some extra attention, she is bashed.

    She IS one of the girls too, you know. Maybe she doesn’t appear as obviously adorable as the other girls but that so doesn’t mean that we do this. It is not fair.

    And, it is not the first time its been happening on this blog. If you see in all the entries about the other girls there is not one negative comment about the other girls.
    But anything about SunYe and we see antis coming in and making some really hurting comments.

    Everyone here seems to think that she is recognised by the Korean artists and music industry purely because she is the leader.
    Now, that makes absolutely no sense at all.
    They work with her because they see talent in her, if the other girls are super-talented ( which they are) , so is she!!

    This sort of bashing happened earlier with SoHee and the consequence was her becoming a shadow of her former self. Lets not do this to SunYe, lets not do this to ANY wonder girl.

    And, you might think I’m so worked up BECAUSE the MinAhn girls are my favorite, believe it or not it has nothing to do with her.
    I just don’t want this sort of negativity surrounding the girls.

  11. …I remember Sun Mi saying that Sunye wasn’t the best driver and that she often has road rage haha

    Sunye looks really sophisticated in those pics! love it~

  12. i think most of product or event will have only 1 or 2 ambassdors, for ex. when sohee is ambassador of film fest it’s only she and kim hyesung not the other girls, because she’s the only one who acting in film, same case sunye is the only one who got driving licence > <


    I actually think it’ll kinda weird if all the Wonder Girls were ambassadors for the car. Don’t you think so? I mean they got Kim Myung Min to be the male ambassador so if all the girls were there it’ll be like one guy and five girls. I think it’ll look kinda strange. And besides, the other 4 don’t drive and honestly, it’ll be ridiculous for KIA if they got people who don’t drive to be ambassadors. You don’t HAVE to drive to be an ambassador but it’ll look really bad for KIA you know what I mean?

    I love SunYe to bits and that hair looks SOOOOO wonderful on her!!! πŸ˜€ I hope there’s a CF for this! πŸ˜€

  14. Probably they wanted all of them but since SunYe is the ONLY one with a DRIVER’s LICENSE, so SunYe was the eligible one.
    again, stop bashing her!

  15. aww congrats to sunye (which also mean more publicity for WG as well cuz HELLO?! she’s part of the WG)
    so YAY!!!
    and people need to stop bashing on OUR LOVELY/CARING/BEST LEADER!
    I can’t stress this enough.
    i think those who are bashing her are not really WG fans because if you know WG enough then you would know how lovely/caring/genuine SunYe really is.
    I mean come on what is this? this is not a freaking competition between the members.
    we should be glad considering this car company CHOSE the leader of WONDER GIRLS.
    That’s something to be proud of!

  16. @JLT

    well it seems like it, ppl like him/her ( cyber and 457…) seem to think of sunye as somebody different and separate from wonder girls..if this is the way its going to be..then ya, she should go solo..
    she doesnt deserve all this hate!


    nope, this isnt the actual advertisement ( dunno if they are actually doing one)…its just the day when they released to the public that sunye and kim myung min were to be ambassadors..
    fingers crossed that we have a cf soon!!

  17. @475398

    huh? what did you say? your english is so difficult to understand.


    So, the two of them are KIA Soul CUV ambassadors. What does that mean, exactly? Like they are going to make a cf and have official photoshoots? Because if this is THE official photoshoot (for advertising) it is too simple. In these photos they were just presented as ambassadors (whatever that is), right?

  18. JYP shouldn’t let her as a leader
    JYP shouldn’t let her be a kind person
    JYP shouldn’t let her pretty and cute
    JYP shouldn’t let her have many talents
    JYP shouldn’t let her collab with other artists
    JYP shouldn’t let her be part of wonder girls
    JYP should let her solo

    THAT WHAT YOU WANT ????????????????????

  19. why u always bashing on her?
    not only sunye do solo ambassador
    recently sohee is an ambassador about movie too
    this’s company decide not artist decide
    please dont bring a lil thing out for bashing sunye
    leave her alone ^^

  20. uhh did anyone sayyyy sunye was gonna do a cf alone? nooooo as of right now, there are no cf’s so stfu please. it’s just a little side thing like how individuals do separate magazine shoots like sohee for example. geeshh you’re so anal anyways yayy forher, she looks prettyy.

  21. ^^^^^
    sure they can accompany her but they cant DRIVE IT!..( at least not legally!)

    yoobin and yeeun dunt know how to DRIVE!..and sohee and sunmi are too YOUNG!

    and yes..hello!!..you must DRIVE to endorse a CAR!
    its like saying tomm if one of the older girls is given a soju commercial then the younger girls must be in it TOO!!!…( which they cant be since they are not OF LEGAL age!)

    so can we please drop this sunye bashing!

    AND, its KIA’s decision if they want sunye alone or wg together!
    no need to get all huffy about it…

    love sunye’s solo pics!!..

  22. i think no reason that she can drive while other girls cant,
    cause they can accompany with this car too,
    ambassador mustnt can drive or got licence!

  23. “Yoo Bin doesn’t see the need to drive while Ye Eun thinks she will speed a lot ”

    SunYe have 2 cars?! OMG!
    YooBin, why isn’t there a need to drive? …

  24. omg…NOT AGAIN!..

    poor coolsmurf now has to even give an explanation as to why ONLY sunye is the ambassadress!

    its not cuz she is the LEADER!..its not cuz she is an ATTENTION HOG….its cuz she can drive while the others cnt!…and its a CAR COMPANY..makes sense that ppl see their ambassador driving their car or WHAT IS THE POINT OF THEM ENDORSING IT!..

    and , i dunt know how to stress on this point more…ITS THE COMPANY’S CHOICE..if they want MIN SUN YE to endorse and not the WONDER GIRLS as a whole!

    sohee’s done magazine shoots without the other girls..here it was the magazines decision..and im hoping they should be ALLOWED to make such decisions!…

    you would have been overjoyed had your fave member got a solo endorsement deal…you wouldnt have questioned it then…why in the world must we drag sunye versus the others into every lil thing ….right from a duet with shs to her others collabs and now to this!

    and why are u bent on telling her to go SOLO..do you want the grp to disband…


    you could do with LESS NEGATIVITY!

    sunye will look super cute in the orange car..so that means now she has two cars>??..she can alternate!!!!!!!…
    maybe yeeun can practice driving under speed limits with the older car πŸ™‚

    i lov lov her haircut!!…i hope she has a cf tooo!

  25. btw for some of the commenters… YeEun does not have a license…She thinks she would speed, so she didn’t go to get hers yet…Sunye is the only one…she drives the girls around…*why does that sound so sexy?* (something wrong with moi!)

  26. ROFL I love how you gave an explanation for this…people do get hasty at times…. I wish Leader would drive me around…*vroom vroom*

  27. haha well that’s to be expected ^_^ it’s possible for Ye eun to speed up haha what do you expect it’s ye eun! hahah ^_^ sunye looks pretty…now my doubts are confirmed lol haha…that she’s the new ambassador for KIA…i hope they will film a CF hehe ^_^

  28. why only she can do it, i mean i ever hear wonder girls say they will not do cf or something if doesn’t have 5 of them
    why min sunye have privilege, or because she’s leader she can
    if so, she should go solo

  29. LOL. ye eun might speed xD. sun ye is soo cool to have a license~ and to myung min, i soo love beethoven virus haha.

  30. Hahahah I figured something lke that happened when I saw why only Sunye?
    Lol silly Yeeun. πŸ˜›
    Well grats to Sunye!! :DD
    She looks so business like. but in a totally gorgeous way. πŸ˜€
    Loooovin her new hair.
    She’s workin it nicely.

    thanks coolsmurf

  31. ahahahahaha i laughed when i read that ye eun has a tendency to speed~
    i wonder if she’s had a few tickets here and there πŸ˜€

  32. FIRST! I saw her with a picture of a giant key i front of the car so was confused and was like “whaaaaat? did they giver her a car or something?” But yeah, haha YeEun speeds?

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