Ye Eun @ Inkigayo 081026

The Wonder Girls were originally scheduled for Inkigayo earlier this week but were missing when Inkigayo released their official list. But Ye Eun still turned up today as the sole Wonder Girls representative as she completed her trilogy stage with H-Eugene today on Inkigayo, performing Baby I Love You.

With this being the 3rd and last performance, Ye Eun gave it as good as it get, with possibly the best performance of the 3. She wore casual with a white shirt and skirt plus two pigtails, she looked younger than before. She was in control throughout, good vocals and nice interaction with H-Eugene. Ye Eun’s presence really liven up the whole performance for the song. Will miss it greatly! He should consider retire from performing this unless Ye Eun is available!

So we have 2 polls for this week, Nobody and Baby I Love You.


25 thoughts on “Ye Eun @ Inkigayo 081026

  1. lol at kathy’s comment. i can see why though. ye eun’s cuteness and charm had him on his knees like four times haha. they do have great chemistry! go ye eun<3

  2. i think ye eun outshines h-eugene himself.
    h-eugene reminds me of that gagman who imitated crown j from we got married….

    great performance πŸ™‚ she doesnt look intimidating anymore haha

  3. Awesome performance by Ye Eun as usual. I love her voice. On a side note, this was the only performance that H-Eugene didn’t look like he was going camping… LOL


    this perf was def the best out of the three….she just shined…chemistry with H-Eugene is crazy…..oh man, too bad its the end….I want more!! good job Yeeunie

  5. Hahaa I totally agree with you coolsmurf when you say he should retire from this perf. unless Yeeun is with him.
    I’m a little sad WG wasn’t there to perform but I’m also glad that they get to rest. Lord knows they need it.
    Ahhhhhhhh I LOVE YEEUN!
    There aren’t enough words to explain it.
    But I do agree with everyone above. πŸ˜€

    thanks coolsmurf

  6. wow….best baby i love u stage!!!
    i just love her last “saranghae”…sound sexily cute! hahaha
    wish there’re more featuring stages

  7. Wowoweeeeee!!! YeEun looks SO FRIGGIN ADORABLE ❀

    And her performance was like PERFECT! I’m gonna miss her performing this song =[

  8. aww sucks that they didn’t perform at inkigayo. I was wondering why i didn’t see their clip.
    Oh well i love Ye Eun’s performance the best at inki.
    I love her outfit/look the best too.
    I’m gonna miss seeing her perform the song.
    I like the song only because of Ye she makes it cute & lovely.

  9. ah ye eun is too good in inkigayo performance

    cute voice,expressions and interactions.

    but I found that H-eugene seems to like ye eun vry much

    He is getting too close with ye eun,even put his hand on ye eun shoulder

    haha,i am thinking what is the reaction of some male korean wf.

    ye eun,you truly shine.

  10. Ye Eun did a fabulous job!~
    It was her last performance and she truly showed it…^^
    Her pigtails were so cute and I loved her outift! The dancing was great too! Loved it.<333

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