Wonder Girls to Release Own Cosmetics, Peripera Wonder Line

The Wonder Girls will come out with a new line of cosmetics that they have helped created with color makeup brand Clio early next month.

The makeup line will be called Peripera Wonder Line. PeriPera has been gaining lots of popularity online since Clio launched the sister line in 2005.

A Clio representative said, “The collaboration between the Wonder Girls, who creates a craze every time they come out they always come out with a surprising new style, plus PeriPera, a makeup brand line that speaks to the women’s heart, is the best news that a woman could possibly have.”

“Not only are all the Wonder Girls’ members interested in makeup, they know how to use makeup to their advantage and know a lot of makeup tips. Their unique ideas helped us a lot”, added the representative from Clio.

Like the Wonder Girls, the PeriPera Wonder Line has 6 different makeup products that will make the user feel like they are in the spotlight. The girls will model this new line and they also helped with the package designing.

PeriPera Wonder Line will be first made available early November through the PeriPera site (www.peripera.com) and it will be distributed to online retailers like Gmarket, Auction, and to cosmetic stores and drug store later on.

credit to wonderkid for translation.


31 thoughts on “Wonder Girls to Release Own Cosmetics, Peripera Wonder Line

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  4. thatss so cool xD
    lols even tho i dont use makeup..
    but WonderGirls looks so pretty in the pictures xD
    is it really because of the makeup? lols jkz =)

  5. the first picture sunye looks so squished in between miso, lol. i really like the second picture! they look so cute like that. sohee *____* so sexy! look at her curves~

    i can’t wait to see their pictures for the line! ^^

  6. Woah that’s amazing!
    What CAN’T the Wonder Girls do?
    gah I love them.
    Hahahah I love the pictures.. 😛
    I don’t usually wear makeup.
    But I would totally buy a number of these when they come out. :DD
    And I totally agree about Sohee’s S line. SHE’S SO HOT!
    And I love the idea of Wonder perfume. I bet it would smell soooooooooooooooo good.

    thanks coolsmurf

  7. i just its kinda werid.. maybe photoshop them together?
    cuz sohhe heels is totally like on sunye xD rofl…

  8. Wonder line is goin to be an empire soon!
    i mean it started with wonder s jeans
    now peripera wonder cosmetics
    i wont be surprise if their will be wonder perfume
    or wonder shoe line ect!
    everything is wonder!
    this is wonder girls mania!
    its spreading fast!

  9. man…sohee has booty for a 16 yr old -0-;; lucky!

    anyway,woww really? very nice 🙂

    love their concepts…of course i wouldn’t want to wear their stage makeup normally…all those crazy fake eyelashes and thick eyeliner!! but it’s cute on them. hopefully their makeup line will be more…natural looking than their stage makeup.

  10. This is too cool ^^ They have their own jeans, mp3s, and now cosmetics? The girl’s are doing big things. Now all we need are shirts and shoes 🙂

  11. why does peripera’s site have the d-99 sign???

    99 more days for the launch…isnt it in the beginning of november???

    sunye’s shoes are so cute..are those peeptoes or is the tip brown in color….hehehehehe

    I hope each girl does a sep cf…and then in the end we could have all of them doing one big one together..cuz when they do it together only 1 or 2 girls get singled out for screentime…

  12. Awesome! I’ll definitely be buying when the line comes out… every girl wants to have style like the Wonder Girls! They look super cute in the pics.

  13. woa~~
    thats pretty cool
    i wonder if they ship to america
    but i dont know why in the world i care cause i dont wear make-up hahaha
    my face is too young hahahah kidding
    but the pictures are pretty

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