Wonder Girls on Mr. Radio Show 081020

Official photos of the Wonder Girls (Ye Eun wasn’t at the recording) on KBS FM Mr. Radio show on 20th October hosted by Ji Hyun Woo and Lee Hoon.


30 thoughts on “Wonder Girls on Mr. Radio Show 081020

  1. i really love sunye’s hair ❤
    i notice, she is the one who is always change hair style
    from irony,tell me,eebabo,so hot and nobody ^^
    she ROCK on every style !!!

  2. wooow. just missin yeEun.

    Sohee u cutie >x<
    i just lov sun mis hair 🙂
    Leader min ur hair is pretty, it suits u but i like ur hair during so hot better, very stylish 😀

    I noticed the Binne is the only one who hasnt colered hr hair 😀

  3. they look so pretty..
    i’m in love with sunye’s hairstyle.
    haha dorky mandoo:D
    and so pretty yoobin^^
    i miss yeeun..without her it’s not that good>.<

    @SoHee+Yoo Bin
    yes she wearing a cross because she is christian.. and the other members too, i think..
    correct me if i’m mistaken.

  4. Ye Eun was probably recording I love you with Eugene at Inkagyo or whateevr…They all look good,especially Sun Mi.

  5. And Yeeun!?
    I have to say i LOOOOOVE Sunmi and Sohee’s fashion style!
    They look soo cuuute! 😀

    thanks coolsmurf

  6. i like sohee but the way she dresses to radio shows especially is O_O not really her age though..
    yeeun! maybe she’s studying…

  7. oh my gah….so hee looks sooooo cute *dies*
    leader min looks beauiful with that haircut…fits her well..
    rofl sunmi looks goofy; goofy & pretty..
    of course our unnie looking fab…

    o____o” why is yeeun often missing? exams?? wish her well

  8. I love the girls cuz they are so INDIVIDUAL!!..and yet they mesh so well as a group..

    sunye..(awww!!!) shes like so chicly cute…love the style hope her hair gets longer fast cuz she is GORGEOUS!!

  9. they all look so pretty! sohee’s a cutie. it’s not right without ye eun though. i hope she uses the time to get rest. yeeun<3

  10. i think yeeun didnt go because she is busy with featuring for that song
    love all the girls
    sohees soo cute!

  11. All of them look so cute! Sun Ye’s hair looks really cute on her! Sun Mi is so cutee with her scarf 😀

  12. ahh yoobin hair so prretty ! she so gourgeous & cuute! i seriously love her eyes its so moon shaped ! sun ye new hair looks really good on her ! she so cute ! they better not chop yoobin and sunye hair off ! i want it to grow (: sun mi
    looks pretty i like her hair color. and sohee hair bun so cute lol.

  13. lolzz Sohee soo adorable xD funny too!
    SunMi iss Preettyy and cute =)
    LOvee SunYe’s new Hairstyleee x]
    Yooobinniee PEACEE =]

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