Wonder Girls @ Music Core 081025

The Wonder Girls performed Nobody today on Music Core once again. They wore their silver glitter outfits this time with wavy hairdos. Another good performance. Unlike the previous weeks, the Wonder Girls performed third-last and not last. DBSK performed second-last while Rain ended the show.

Ye Eun performed her second out of 3 stages scheduled for this week on Music Core today with H-Eugene. Well, if you compare the Music Bank performance yesterday with the one today, you will find that it’s noticeably improved. Ye Eun had more control of her voice, more cute expressions, everything just feel more lively. One problem, I didn’t like the orange dress. Yesterday was better.

Ye Eun will perform for perhaps the last time with H-Eugene on Inkigayo tomorrow. The Wonder Girls are not scheduled to appear on Inkigayo.


18 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Music Core 081025

  1. very good performance!

    they sing very clearly! just like in CD! hahahah

    their outfits are the same in MV! love it!

    wish her lots of success
    and same for the rest of the wondergirls ,love them lots too.
    i liked the black dress better too,but the orange dress wasnt bad.

  3. Wow! They did really well but is it just me or did they seem to have a little less energy here than they had at music bank? Oh well, still great. And YeEun looked and sounded amazing! 🙂 So proud of her.

  4. I’m so happy for Ye Eun,now it only has to be left for Sun Mi to do a feat. or something out of WG,I’m so proud of them! Both these performances were really good!

  5. about the line up…remember wasn’t it DBSK’s first perf on inki? they like to keep the most popular acts at the end….its popularity of the artist, not how well the song is doing….

  6. no inki makes me happy…. the sound system is enough to make me cringe at the thought of them being there….inki is a lame stage, so i’m happy they will get to rest instead….hope YeEun rushes home real fast after her performance…

    mucore was delicious ❤

  7. I would also like to know why they wont be on Inkigayo even though I totally agree with cutegiurl about how they need to rest.
    But my goodness I swear EVERYTIME Yeeun unni does anything I just love her more and more.
    She’s just so fun and openly nice and warm.
    As for the 3rd last I would like to think that it’s because Bi oppa had his comeback xD
    And idk about DBSK <.<.

    thanks coolsmurf

  8. they all sparked on that stage today.
    I LOVED the dresses!
    another great perf

    Yeeun’s perf w h-eugene was very cute!

    thanks for the vids!

  9. For the H-Eugene and YeEun stage today, the performance was better than yesterday, and so was the outfit, but I loved the stage today. The song is very cheerful, cute and fun, and the stage captured that concept perfectly.

    Thanks coolsmurf for uploading the performances, and posting this for us 🙂

  10. Those dresses are sparkly ahhaha

    Even though the rest of the girls can rest tomorrow since they’re not going to Inki, YeEun’s still gotta work X__X She’s getting so skinny lately, I hope she stays healthy!

    And like everyone else, I totally loved her outfit/hair yesterday. But the performance was like a gazillion times better xD

  11. Go Ye Eun. I think she’s losing weight again. What with all their performances.

    The Nobody and Baby I Love You performances are awesome. I just don’t like the choreography of the latter, wherein Ye Eun has to go to the back.

    Their dresses at Nobody are pretty but kinda unflattering for the body, but the WGs have great figures.

  12. ahhh! LOvee both the perfs! Theyre soo good ! Esp. YeEun and H-Eugene’s Stage..its soo soo SOO GREAT! LOveee it totally. YeEun looks so cute today and her dance moves changed xD its even better than before =)
    WG + YeEun <3333333333

  13. Are they going to be performing Ye Eun’s saying I love you at all?? It’s such a nice song??

    But they awesome here…..Ye Eun was vocally better this time around….but looked cuter last time….ah well since did a good job!

  14. ll sorry about the grammars on my comment i tend to type without looking at the screen and correcting my errors hehe sorry about that if you got confused when reding my comment hehe

  15. i’m happy they wont be in Inkigayo it ust means tht they can rest ^_^ Ye eun was amazing here vocal-wise but just like you said, i didn’t like that orange dress, thedress she wore yesterday was sooo much better! aish and her hair too! it was so mush wazy & pretty yesterday unlike today ^_^ even though WG wasn’t the last to perform(well the line-up just tells how popular the group is, if they were th last then they must have a great influence on people ^_^) hehe i’m happy enough that WG performed last on the last Music Core they performed in hehe this just means that they can also be in the same league with TVXQ and Rain hehe

    oh and i notice something in the Nobody perf..is it just me or is ther dress shorter than ever?

    oh and coolsmurf can you please confirm the news that i posted on my blog regarding the New Cosmetic CF of WG….i’m still not 100% sure of it

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