Wonder Girls Tops K-Chart Again, 4 Weeks In a Row

The Wonder Girls have achieved the same success they got with So Hot in June by notching their 4th consecutive K-Chart No.1 with Nobody this evening. They were up against Brown Eyed Girls (again) and new entrant, Rain this time but still managed to pick up the win with a total of 5,884 points. Congrats!

Ye Eun singing Baby I Love You
First time performing this. Cute performance, loved her dress and expressions.


Winning No.1

41 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Tops K-Chart Again, 4 Weeks In a Row

  1. wonderful!

    you guys can’t imagine that in VN i have just seen WG first winning on KBS world! hahahah!

    i have to wait a long long time to see their 4th winning ^O^

    no matter what! WG fighting!

    p/s: i just wonder why Seo In Young host so long? where’re others?

  2. Why does WOnder Girls only win in Music Bank. For example, DBSK won the M countdown and the Sbs inkigyo. Isn’t there some thing wrong?

  3. ^i thinks it’s ftisland ?

    i think i’m getting used to those wigs. they don’t make me cringe anymore…

    4 in a row!! CONGRATS to the girls!
    Sohee looks so cute giving her acceptance speech haha

    ahhh! i have so much catching up to do!! thanks for the updates~~

  4. Am I seeing Super Junior’s Lee Eutuk there? I wonder who gave the flowers to the WGs. It looks like other artists are the ones who gave them.

    I think Rain looked good there.

  5. ^^^
    sunmi should get a chance to act too!!…a cute, eccentric teenager!
    and I relly want sunye to do a movie, i think she is relly relly expressive and could handle a lead role…are you listening hallyuwood!…hehhehe

    better yet, we should have a wonder girls movie!

  6. you know what?? i’ve been watching their performances,
    and i think SUNMI & SUNYE are the best at expressions. they really are into the feel of the songs that they perform. the rest of them are so-so, i think.

    i think sunmi would be good if she went into acting like sohee did!!

    she’s so pretty, loved her outfit & hair 🙂 & her interaction with h-eugene was nice too. but she’ll always be park yosa..she still has that intimidating look haha idk why!

    anyway, good job wondergirls

  8. Wow, 4 weeks in a row. And they beat someone has big as Rain? Good for you girls! By the way, did anyone else notice that Yoobin suddenly grew a pink flower in her hair? I think she took one from her bouquet! xD

  9. ^^^^

    same here, they closed the wonderday, wonderjunior and wondershinki topics too!…
    why , was it cuz of spamming?…( this is so unrelated..hehe)..

    support all 5!

  10. omg i was at soompi and i know this is unrelated to this topic but soompi closed the WONDERBANG THREAD. that thread had 9,000 posts. i think that’s the most posts for a topic in the k-celeb thread. aaaaah a sad day for a wonderbang fan like me

  11. i really like the live version of the song. ye eun singing it live made me like this song and i love how ye eun and H-eugene interacted on stage.

  12. i dont like the song ye eun sings but she changed my mind and did amazing! managed to turn that one around!!!!

  13. YAY WGs!! 4th time in a row. Here’s hoping for a fifth time 🙂 And wow. YeEun was EXCELLENT! So proud of her.

  14. was dbsk ever a contender? I was kinda surprise to see Rain instead of DBSK, but oh well. CONGRATS to the girls winning their 4th title! YAY!

  15. Agg.
    The wigs.ahahh I agree with LoveWG
    It is strange to see Bi up against the Wonder Girls..
    It must be even stranger for Bi to lose to the Wonder Girls since they are now JYP’s most successful creation and Bi used to be.
    And hellll yeah they won. I don’t understand MNet at all! but whatever I guess.
    I love her so freaking much!
    She’s so damn talented!

    thanks coolsmurf

  16. Woot! GO WG! Kinda funny to see JYP’s old successful protege with on the same stage with his new successful proteges. Ye Eun’s performance was full of love. She looked gorgeous, her vocals were great, and the expressions she did were adorable. The performance of Nobody was okay. Sun Ye went off key and faltered a bit during her ad-libs but other than that it was fine…

  17. i hope sunmi gets to feature in a song next… her voice is amazing!!! omg they won again! congrats to them, feel bad for rain though… he must of worked so hard for his comeback! this is a wonder girls year!!! so i hope they win the mkmf, i really want them to win the best female group award!!! WONDER GIRLS & WONDERDULS FIGHTING!!!

  18. Congratz Wonder girls xDD im glad they won!Keep up the support for the wonder girls and always luv em! 😀 WONDER GIRLS HWAITING! ;D

  19. Aww the encore was so cute! Haha when the other girls were running off the stage Sohee was like… “Uh what do I do.” LOL
    All the fans were rushing to get closer~

    Man I was hoping for some kind of interaction with Rain.

    But anyway, Yeeun did a really good job.
    The performance was really cute! I loved her outfit & hairstyle.
    Finally she gets to be in the spotlight. ^^

  20. @EUNSUN

    is it really necessary for every yeeun fan to drag sunye into the picture!..like, omg!..THEY ARE IN THE SAME GROUP..theyre not COMPETITION..theyre FAMILY..
    I love yeeun to death too but what you ppl are doing is not right…support yeeuns solo efforts but not by putting sunye down..I dunt think shes done anything to deserve such negative comments from ppl like you..

    positive note : GO WG!
    next week , next win!…hehehehe

  21. YAAY ! They won 😀 and ye eun was so pretty at the baby i love you song ❤ but did they cut the nobody performance ? cause it lokks more short..

  22. OMGOSH OMGOSH!!! cant help myself..just too excited cuz of WG!! They won agan!! proud of them!! I just wish i was there and i would scream my lungs out of me and cheer for them!!! WOOHOOO!!!! x]

  23. YEEUN did a really great job today!!!!!!
    i hope she will do ft. with other artists more
    she so talents and always make me proud^^
    WGs not just only leader who can do anything,
    YEEUN can do TOO!!! Fighting PARK YOSA!!!!

  24. WoooHooo! Yeah,I knew they would win! You see it just amazes me that Mnet! does not do online sales or numbers,but votes. Oh well anyways,I’m so proud of them!

  25. WOOT!

    So Hee gave the “Thank You” speech this week! Ye Eun’s flower-toss didn’t make it off the stage!

    Now, the Wonder Girls beat Rain, and Rain defeated Stephen Colbert in a dance-off, so that *proves* the Wonder Girls can conquer America… 🙂

  26. Yay!!!! I”m sooo happy for them! Eh they beat out Rain…I kinda like his new song…..but whatever…yay Wonder Girls

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