Wonder Girls @ Yoon Do Hyun Music Show 081022

The Wonder Girls (Ye Eun did not attend the radio recording) was on Yoon Do Hyun Music Show yesterday where they revealed that they will have their much-awaited solo concert on Valentine’s Day, 14th February next year before they leave for America. JYP Entertainment declined to confirm the date specifically later on when asked but said that there will definitely be one.

credit: RedMangoLover + wgjjang.wordpress.com


17 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Yoon Do Hyun Music Show 081022

  1. Yeah, they said that YeEun was at school taking an exam. Hope she did well ^_^

    @ wondergirls4ever_94: I agree. The vibe just wasn’t 100% and the song was kind of bland without Ye-Eun singing her parts — although Sun-Ye did a good job. I was hoping that they’d let YooBin (or even SunMi) fill in for her, but SunMi was sick and I guess SunYe is the safe choice~

  2. yeah, the pic looks like its not completed… wonder girls are 5 bright shining stars and even if one star is missing it doesn’t seem to shine anymore…. i like yoobin’s taste of fashion… ye uen unnie is so cool i love her for being smart!!! in fact i love all of them, WONDER GIRLS HWAITNG!!!

  3. no ye eun again. feels so incomplete! sunmi looks so gloomy without her hehe. it’s ok i hope she’s studying or resting atleast. yeeun<3

  4. they all look soo cute.. i love sunye’s new hair..it look good on her..ah, sunye is holding sunmi’s hand, and yoobin’s arm at sunye’s shoulder..they are like sisters..

  5. that haircut makes sunye look so much younger
    i LOVE ITT
    i bet it looks even bettter like with all the stylingg
    their stylist will do

  6. Guess YeEun was working hard at school ^__^ What a good girl.

    Is MiSo losing it’s loving? LOL Trouble in paradise ahhahah

    Can’t wait for their 1st concert!

  7. OMGOSH!! YES!! YES!!! YES!!!! ahaha..theyre having another perf on the Valentine day!! yay..a solo one? cool!! Can’t wait!! =) too excited now !

  8. SunMi looks sad ):
    Aww , cheer up SunMi ! 😀
    Haha , SoHee’s cute !
    I like SunYe’s new hairstyle 😀
    But this pic’s not perfect without Ye Eun ):

  9. I saw the Nobody perf at this radio show and I was so sad cause it just wasn’t the same without Yeeun unni. 😦
    Of course Sunmi and Yoobin kept it silly a little.
    But Yeeun unni wasn’t there to dance out the whole song even though she didn’t have to.. or just make silly faces during her singing!
    I loved Sunye for trying to sub for Yeeun during her parts.
    Leader Min<3
    2Sun during Breakin Up in the Daytime.. xDDDD
    “I’m going to be JYP PD nim today.”
    Hahaha I love Sunmi..
    Every time I see her I’m just totally in love with her outfit.
    Ah sorry for going on and on..

    thanks coolsmurf

  10. where is ye eun? maybe rehearsing baby I love u wifi h eugene. sunye new hairstyle
    is great. I think I dun hv to go to their korea concert but look forward to their performance in singapore .

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