Wonder Girls @ M! Countdown 081023

The Wonder Girls were up against DBSK for No.1 which was long overdue having been exempted from it since their comeback. They didn’t win though losing by 18 votes (934 to 952). They wore magenta color outfits and had a good performance with the vocals and expressions. Love their hairdos.


23 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ M! Countdown 081023

  1. =( ..!!
    Yaa Solo quieor AunQ.. sea Que les ganen una vez ..!!!
    Mucho DBSK =( ..!!!
    Wonder Girls..!!!!
    =D ..!

  2. The girls won Music bank once again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And ye eun was SO BEAUTIFUL performin with h-eugene it was PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. wow, just 18 votes!!
    i’m sad they didnt win but they looked and sounded great and they didnt lose by alot!

    love these girls fighting!
    theres still mnet!

  4. Omg, Ye Eun is fuckin’ hot in this one. (‘scuse the cursing but she looks hella SULTRY). Her expressions are… wow, perfection.

  5. Damn MNET.
    Lol I’m guessing DBSK won?
    20 points!
    What kind of crap is that!
    Hahaha well I agree with Maria.
    I LOVE those outfits I swear
    They look soooooo gorgeous I’m going crazy.
    I would say flawless perf. 🙂
    Wonder Girlss ftw.

    thanks coolsmurf

  6. at first i was sad that they lost but then
    i saw the amount of points and i was like
    DAMN! the girls were hella close, almost there…
    it was within reach!!!

    they will take it next week though, i have
    no doubt about it!

  7. 18 points!!! gosh they were really close!! keep on voting wonderfuls!!! hope they win next week, cuz another 18 points is a sign that wonder girls have a good chance of winning on m.net…. lets hope they win in music bank again!!! wonder girls & wonderfuls hwaiting!!!

  8. that was such a good performance! nearly close to flawless, in my opinion. the girls had such great facial expressions and they all looked so happy~ especially sunmi :3 so cute!

  9. im so under YeEun spell right now!
    i think its because of that wink at 1:12 and 2:04
    that she did!
    i cant stop playing her part!
    she is so beautiful
    all the girls look so classy and beautiful!
    i dunno its really the wink!
    i cant stop myself from smiling whenever i watch her wink!
    good gosh!

  10. 18 votes? ROFL….well Mnet will always be a mystery to me…but congrats to the winner….18 VOTES!?! hahahaha

    cute outfits…they shined

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