Sun Ye Tries for Place in University Again

Having graduated from high school last year but failing to get into her choice university, Sun Ye is trying again this year for the 2009 semester.

“Sun Ye recently sat for the entrance exams at Dankook University. Just like last year, she has applied for the same university and this will be her one and only application,” said a person close to the Wonder Girls member. “

Ye Eun of the Wonder Girls is currently majoring in Post-Modern Musicology and Vocals at Kyung Hee University Fine Arts and Design college while Yoo Bin is on a leave of absence from her Movie Musical studies at Myongji University.



41 thoughts on “Sun Ye Tries for Place in University Again

  1. @ coolsmurf, thank you for that…ive been curious about korea’s universities since i read this article…

    i read that the top university for celebs is Kyung Hee University… i wonder why..hhmmm…

    i hope sunye makes it this time….

  2. GOOD LUCK to Sunye! I know she can make it this time!

    and good luck to everyone who is taking their tests this year~

  3. *off topic*

    lol @ 19,

    NUS??? go to NTU~!!!

    all the best for the A-Levels !

    *A-Levels: Singapore’s version of University entrance exam

  4. yeah, go Min SunYe!!! you can do it!! i’m glad they haven’t given up on their education…. even when they are extremely busy,they still find time for their education,.,.MIn SunYe fighting!!

  5. woww!! you girls are hardd workerss!! but anyways..GOOD LUCK ALL OF YOU!! and i wish SunYe get to the University that she wanted =) and hope everything will go fine with YeEun and Yoobin’s studies. x]

  6. Hope Sunye gets in! I bet it must be really tough to work and study at the same time especially with Wonder Girls’ hectic schedule!
    Sunye fighting^^

  7. good to see that they can balance out their education and their work… such good role models!! not many celebs are actually going to universities cuz some just want to concentarate on their work in the entertainment world.. i notice that alot of kpop artist has gone to universities.. they will have a bright future!

  8. hahaha

    is yoobin majoring in movie musicals?

    cause i find it kind of random

    but cute hahahaha like her


  9. more than her wanting to only get into one university, it may have to do with time issues. it takes a lot of work to apply to a korean university – paperwork, study time, exams, etc. each university has its own exam and application process that takes a lot of time to work through. it’s not like in america where all we have is one standardized exam and an application process that is pretty easy compared to korea. i didn’t see my cousin at all for two months here in seoul because her son is applying to universities, so she was busy helping him prepare. even the parents are busy O.O;

  10. I would cry so hard for her if she didn’t get in.
    But that’s negative thinking so instead I’ll say.
    How can they not accept her?
    She’s THE most hard working person I’ve ever seen in my life.
    Good luck Sunye unni.

    thanks coolsmurf

  11. whooo i REALLY hope she gets in. that would be horrible if she was rejected again. she can be park tae hwan, lee seung gi, and top’s (and many other celebs’) new hoobae lol

  12. She will definitely make it this time!
    It’s been a year, and she works hard at everything she tries. Good luck!!

  13. maybe it’s her dream school….when i applied for college, i also took exam in just 1 university…

    i hope she makes it this time…aja aja leader min!!

  14. You can choose more than one like the US, but this is the school SunYe wants so I guess she didn’t think any other would be the same. =O

    Maybe her friends from High school go there also ^^

  15. have some question, i want to know in korea, in entrance exams, how many university you can choose in one time? why she only choose one university and is that the same place in last year, i think its so risk – -“

  16. lol, @ her only applying to ONE university fo r the second time in a row… May, its because its the only University she has always wanted to go to…

    SUNYE this time is the right time… FIGHTING!!!!

  17. Aww I really hope she makes it in!
    Good luck Sunye<3

    But does anyone know why she’s ONLY applying to that one university?

  18. Good luck Sunye! I didn’t know Yoobin took a leave of absence from school. I suppose all this performing isn’t giving her a lot of time to attend school.

  19. oh i hope sunye did well! i would really be dissapointed if she didnt get in again. im sure she studied hard and did her best!

    Min Leader FIGHTING!!! ❤

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