Ye Eun to Perform on Stage with H-Eugene Afterall

H-Eugene will finally perform on stage with his original featured singer Ye Eun for his title track Baby I Love You this week on music shows.

H-Eugene and Ye Eun

Ye Eun had featured in H-Eugene’s title song Baby I Love You from his latest album. But because of the Wonder Girls and her own hectic schedule, she could not appear on the music shows to perform with him. In her absence, Kim Ji Hye of Cats has been performing the song with H-Eugene on music shows.

But after many calls from fans to see them perform together, they have managed to work something out. Ye Eun will appear and perform together with H-Eugene starting with Music Bank on Friday, Music Core on Saturday and ending with Inkigayo on Sunday. I still have fond memories of her 1-time only Bad Girl performance with One-Two. Anticipating her performance.


31 thoughts on “Ye Eun to Perform on Stage with H-Eugene Afterall

  1. so excited!!! i want yoobin to preform too, cuz her raps in her featured songs are longer so she can show of her rapping skills… anyway i’m sure ye eun unnie will do great live, i’m sure!!! by the way, why do u have to bring leader min into this, she did a fantastic job singing energy!!! it was live plus she had to dance alot, and she didn’t even crack or failed to deliver the song… SUNYE DID AWSOME, AND SO WILL YE EUN SUPPORT THEM ALL!!!

  2. OMG!! yes!!! awww..finally thought they would nvr will perform on stage together T_T…hmm but afterall..THEY ARE!!! im so looking forward to it!!! Go YeEun<3333

  3. YAY!!! Finally Ye Eun is able to perform with H Eugene instead of that lip syncher!! Ye Eun has such a beautiful voice in this song!! ❤

  4. @ cutegiurl – about the Yoobin cooment, I think lykeweird meant why cant Yoobin perform the songs (Kim Bum Soo’s “Do you know that?” and Minwoo’s “Honey”) that she is featured in with them like Ye Eun is with H Eugene but I don’t think Minwoo or KBS have performed those songs or will?

    But on the main attraction, I can’t wait for these performances, I get to see them when I have to wake up in a couples of hours.

  5. this definitely a great wk.
    three ye eun solo performance in 3 music shows is like a dream .although ye eun is my favourite member but I hv to say that sunye had done a great job on energy performance .pls dun bash her.
    love wg as a whole.

  6. My god what’s with all the hate? Come on this is a WG blog for god’s sake. Hating on a member of the Wonder Girls?
    (okay maybe not exactly “hating” but you get me).

    **ONE love for FIVE wonders!**
    I have my favorites but I LOVE and ADORE all of them.
    I NEVER and would never even think of dissing/bashing/looking down on/hating any one of them.
    None of them deserve it.

  7. OMG!!!!!!!! I am sooo excited to see her perform this!!! Ye Eun is so hardworking…goodness…<3 WG. Ye Eun, FTW!

  8. dude sunye was awesome at energy no need to say yeeeuns perf’s is gonna be better when you havent even seen it yet.

  9. Yeah,I am a Ye Eun fan,but I mean Sun Ye did pretty well in her energy performances,and OMg! I can’t wait to see them together! I will surely tun in!!!

  10. i was in class when i was reading this on my phone *still am* and i was so exited to read the article i yelled out “OH YES!!!” and evryone looks at me all weird . i was laughing my head off.
    yay finally ye eunnie is performaing it

  11. Wah finally

    thanks to the KR wonderful

    I am looking forward for ye eun performance.

    Hope that she will amaze us agian!

    Ye Eun Aza aza fighting.

  12. I really really hope it goes well for her. Because of all of their schedules they’ve been so tired. Ye Eun keep up the good work!

  13. @yeeun unnie

    That was uncalled for. Did you really need to say that?

    *sweat* Damn its hard to be happy for Ye Eun when she has fans like you.

  14. her vocals have been a bit strained lately, hope she doesn’t overwork herself.. 3 perfs? just like a thought…i CAN’T WAIT!!

    her stint with One Two is really one of my fav memories with her…<33

  15. WHOOOO!!!
    I can’t wait to watch this it’s gonna be awesomeee!!
    Yeeun unni<3
    Haha I agree with cutegiurl..

    thanks coolsmurf

  16. wah!!! this is what i’ve been waiting for! finally! we have to thank the Wonderfuls haha it’s because of them tht this could happen!!!! wah!!! i can’t wait ^_^ i love the song! and i’ll see Ye eun perform the song fr three times! honestly speaking i can’t bear to watch H-Eugene’s performance with Kim Ji Hye…as it hurts me to watch that Ye eun’s amazing voice is being lip synced by someone else T_T but now yay! heh

    @lykeweird – Yoobin can’t perform with them unless the song she is featured in is the title song of the other party ^_^ but if it isn’t then it won’t be possible ^_^

  17. cant’ wait to see this!!!

    Why can’t YooBin also perform together with Kim Bum Soo or Minwoo??? Hahaha..

    Thanks, alvin!

  18. oh they will perform not only once not only twice but
    3 times in a row friday at MB saturday at MC and sunday at Inkigayo! i cant wait to see YeEun do her thing! so exciting!
    Go Park Oppa!

  19. YES YES!!!!

    Yeh! I still can’t get over her other special performance with One-Two! She was hella good!! This is gonna be even more better!!! xD


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