Ahn So Hee @ Seoul International Family Film Festival 081022

Ahn So Hee and Kim Hye Sung were appointed joint ambassadors of the 2nd Seoul International Family Film Festival a month ago. Well, they finally fulfilled their duties today, appearing at the opening of the festival.

On stage


29 thoughts on “Ahn So Hee @ Seoul International Family Film Festival 081022

  1. they’re cute πŸ˜€

    the contrast between them is funny, because sohee’s facial features slant a little upward, while hye sung’s are a cute puppy-style downward.

  2. OMG! she has perfect legs!!!

    ~~they look like anime’s legs xD~~

    love her shoes! *-*

    she looks pretty on those pictures!

    love her! ^^

  3. woah_ :O . Damn! Sohee looks soo sooo soooo PRETTYY!!!
    god..shes soo tall too ^^ i wonder how tall is she now o.o
    but anyways shes sooo pretty in all pictures! and with her outfit!! just like nobody’s outfit but with modern style..omgosh shes just soo pretty woo! *faint*

  4. She looks so gorgeous!
    I love her mini and her hair does look a little lighter.
    She looks so happy. πŸ™‚
    I’m so glad she’s doing this kind of stuff for herself.

    thanks coolsmurf

  5. CUTIE! I’m lovin’ that red on her!

    Hye Sung looks like a girl here! XD His hair is badly styled in my opinion. I still love Hye Sung though! He’s cool! I wish he had more projects.

  6. dress (shorts?!?!) is a bit weird, but Mandoo can rock a potatoe bag, so she still looks fly!
    I like how she and Hye Sung keep meeting, they should star in a movie together…

  7. Wahh, sohee so pretty, i like it when her hair’s down.~
    her hair colour seems different tho hmm,
    nevertheless PRETTY~~

  8. omo~~~ the uber talented sohee! well, she’s an actress, model, singer and she dances so well… mygod! she’s soo pretty.

  9. Is it me? Or did she kinda put highlights in her hair??

    Cuz if she did, it looks AMAZING!!!! >.<
    Love the nice simple dress- the colour makes her look mature! Her shoes are cute too!

    She looks really happy in these pictures! =D

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