Wonder Girls and V.O.S. on Mnet My Favourite

Wonder Girls and V.O.S. recording for Mnet My Favourite program. Both groups will be heading down to Singapore on 4th November for Korean Pop Night 2008. Sun Mi is so tall, Miso couple look and just look at Sun Ye’s hair!

The Wonder Girls shared some surprising confessions on the show, hosted by V.O.S. and Kim Shin Young. First, they surprised the fans. The radio-styled show was filmed in an open studio at Cheongdam-dong. They filled in the seats right before the show started (note: I believe no one knew who were the guests), and upon the Wonder Girls’ entrance, everyone passing by immediately stopped in midstep. One mother was grateful that she was able to get a signed autograph for her son by just agreeing to be a spectator earlier on. The Wonder Girls expressed, “We’re so happy we can meet the fans so closely.”

The Wonder Girls showed their truthful sides when answering the MCs’ questions, “which singer(s)’s choreography do you have the most confidence in doing?” to which they replied, “So Nyeo Shi Dae”. One of them explained, “Usually we practice and try (SNSD) choreography among ourselves.”

When faced with the question, “Are there members who are awkward with each other in the group?”, the girls picked out the oldest and youngest members, Yoo Bin and So Hee. “Yoo Bin and So Hee don’t have conversations with each other,” came the surprising confession. The two smiled at each other and sincerely said, “I wish that we can become closer in the future.”

Yoo Bin also opened her heart when remembering the time she joined the Wonder Girls (last to join the group), “In the beginning it was so awkward and I had many worries about ’can I do well?’.” Sun Mi praised her unnie by adding, “When I first saw unnie, I truthfully thought ’she does not match us’, but from the jacket photoshoot onwards, I held different thoughts…. Now as much as she is in charge of ’sexy’, she has harmonized with the group.”

The show will air on 27th October at 11pm on Mnet.

credit: kay@wgjjang.wordpress.com (news translation)

51 thoughts on “Wonder Girls and V.O.S. on Mnet My Favourite

  1. yeah… wonder girls is not completed without yoobin.. she’s the best!! her dancing, rapping, personalities fits perfectly in the wonder girls… i mean who would hate her??


    Sun Ye’s hair grew really quickly!! Wow!!

    Sun Mi is so freakin’ tall! Ohmygosh!!

    And it’s always the maknae and the oldest that are awkward together… with the exception of Shinhwa. Haha! Like… [WONDERBANG MOMENT] On SNSD’s Yoona’s and Big Bang’s SeungRi’s Manwon Happiness episode, Big Bang joked TOP and SeungRi because they were so awkward with each other.

    Although… I thought Yoobin and Sohee were somewhat close to each other… because Yoobin was the only one [WG] that attended Sohee’s graduation, and I remember there were pictures of both Sohee and Yoobin with Min, so I thought they’re like a groupie. =P

    And I also thought of Yoobin like Sun Mi at first. I didn’t really get into WG until “Tell Me” days, and the first time I really got into them was their “Tell Me” comeback performance, and that was considered Yoobin’s debut. I remember alot of negative feedbacks saying she didn’t fit in the group. I thought it was weird for one sexy girl with a deep voice to be in a poppy group, but I mean, she really does harmonizes the group, giving WG a more mature feel. I’m glad Yoobin is in WG! I can’t imagine WG without her!

  3. I wonder who was in charge of sexy before YooBin heehee.

    😮 I think it would be cool to see WG do more SNSD like in that special stage. And gosh, SunMi really has grown since the IRONY days… ❤

    P.S. VOS :heart:

  4. @ll_boderline

    Yeah, I was about to say they were active with each other during Season 3. Just not as skinship wise as other pairings. Didn’t YooBin also attend
    SoHee’s graduation as well?

    btw. SunMi’s and YeEun skinship has been quite the rage recently.

  5. Miso look is just so cute<3 and lol firstly i can’t recognize sunyexP but after i see the picture for the second time i think she looks good with this hairstyle^.^ and i love yoobin’s fashion style=] looks awesome..

    anyways it’s interesting that sohee and yoobin awkward with each other. i mean i knew that they don’t talk so much to each other but i don’t thought that they are like this awkward with each other.. (maybe i’m the lame..xD but i really dunno thatO.o)

    can’t wait to see it~

  6. VOS and Wonder Girls (check that off my list of “dreamy interactions”)

    I love the Miso look….Sunye is just so purdy…Yoobin stole my heart and YeEun’s dress needs to get in my closet

  7. rofl i think they are exagerrating…i’ve seen them interact all the time and yoobin is always trying to kiss sohee…lols

    Will we get fancams??? or something….please??? lol

  8. i thought yoobin and sohee are close as they always sit and stand together in most of the recent shows..but i shld have sense it since they dont have much skinship with each other…
    all eyes are now on these two persons, they are on the top search list…aww, my two favs..hope they wont be even more awkward after this..

  9. oooOh!

    I like Sunye’s new hairstyle!
    MiSo’s couple look! awww

    I’m glad they answered the q’s honestly. hope Yoobin and Sohee get more closer and get into deep convos soon. and WHAT? WG can dance to SNSD songs?!? awesomeness!

    can’t wait for this to air! thanks~

  10. on mtv wonder girls season 3 YuBin and SoHee seems pretty close!
    Sohee showing YuBin their dance if they will be at a club or when they were on the skii resort SoHee said to YuBin that she should try her seats where the wind come blowing to her face! at the grocery store too they were together! kidding around with the PD and YeEun! how YeEun bought fatty food and snacks! maybe they are close but not close enough to one another like the others!

  11. I really hope YooBin and SoHee will become closer in the future. But yes, I noticed that they arent close so it’s not really a surprise. What surprised me was the fact that they admit it. Now all eyes will be on them two,watching their every move. Good that they’re honest though but I don’t know how this will work for them. I guess it is hard to get close to SoHee (relationship-wise) but I also think YooBin is not that easy either. Anyway, that’s just my opinion. Love all of them so I’m hoping YooBin and SoHee can become close and not be awkward with each other anymore =)

  12. ahh!! SunYe’s hair x) yup yup for sure looking GORGEOUS!!

    awww..YeEun said theyre so exciting seeing their fans so closely T-T..i wanna be there..&..omgosh >< i noe why i LOVE WG..its also because theyre so nice and kind-hearted!! =) thats..must be one of the reason! xD

  13. Even in the picture sohee and yoobin are far away XD. lol.

    Looking at the picture, it looks like they’re standing on different levels. Maybe steps? Because Sun Mi is shorter than Park Ji Heon (middle guy) who is only 5’8″, and Park Ji Heon is barely 3″ taller than Ye Eun. But here he’s a whole head taller ^^;;

  14. OMG Sunye’s new hair style is so pretty!!! the girls are so stylish, i love what they are wearing its fab! sunye kinda looks like S.E.S eugene, so pretty!!! yoobin and sohee are arkward around each other??? well i never noticed too be honest… i thought they were all really close… maybe cuz sohee is still missing hyuah… but poor yoobin, how come sohee feels arkward around her.. must be hard to get close with sohee… Wow, wonder generation! i bet sunmi dance and singing too all taeyeon’s part! hehehe.. WONDER GIRLS, HYUN AH, SNSD HWAITING!!!

  15. LOVE Sun Ye’s hairstyle! MiSo couple look so fun!
    All the girls look lovely.

    It was a surprise about YooBin and Sohee but understandable, I guess.

  16. Yeah, it’s rare to see Yoobin and Sohee interact, but I can sort of understand why with Yoobin being the last one to join the group and Sohee was really close to Hyunah.

    Anywho. LOL at the SNSD part. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sunmi was the one taking all of Taeyeon’s parts, haha.


    yeahh i could already see that yoobin & sohee dont interact at all. haha but i wish they would

  18. That’s actually true,I have never seen Yoo Bin and So Hee interact like most of the other Girls…

  19. I’m surprised to have known that about SoHee and YooBin.

    I like Sun Ye’s long hair the best. I always like long hair.

  20. im loving sunye’s hair ^^..she looks gorgeous and as well as all the girls<3…anticipating the show

  21. sohee acting cute.. love her scarf!! yoobin and sohee has an age difference hope they’ll overcome it and be very very close.. so cute that they mentioned dancing in SNSD songs… I bet sunmi love to dance taeyon’s part… hehe

    wonder girls fighting!!!

  22. omg Sunye’s hair!!
    She cut her fringe!! SO CUTE XDD
    Earlier,I noticed the change of her hair in Sukira 🙂

  23. It’s so true about yoobin and sohee. I never see them interact with each other as much. And oh! look at miso couple wearing almost the same. What’s up with the scarf now sohee? Gdragon and Sohee does seem to have a good taste in their style. That’s why I’m such a big fan of HEEDRAGON!..lol. it’s so random to say…lol. But mostly I love sunye’s hair. it’s grown and straight. looks cute. OK! all the girls are cute and lovely!!!.

    It’s always just sooo cute.
    I also looove Yeeun’s dress.
    Dang Sunmi is tall.. when did she get so tall?!
    They’re all sooo pretty. And Sohee’s so cute here. xD
    Haha lucky Singapore..

    thanks coolsmurf

  25. ah, the girl look gorgeous… at first i thought sunye is Eugene..lolz..i love their clothes, the look great..and sunmi ah, so talllllll….

  26. Woahhh Sun Ye’s hairstyle looks nicee :O
    So not used to it though ><”
    I’m loving Sun Mi’s hair..her side bangss!! 🙂

  27. omg,they look so pretty.am a wonderbang fan so am not feeling the whole V.O.S. wondergirls vibe but they look cute.(wondergirls)


    there i said it!

    waaah! the girls look so good!

    Sunmi looks real good! so classy and sophisticated, but so do the other girls! but dang she looks real tall, almost as tall as VOS

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