Sun Mi Gets Excited When She Sees Son Dambi

Sun Mi was full of admiration for the charismatic Son Dambi in response to a question asked during a recording of Mnet My Favourite program.

Sun Mi attracted to Son Dambi

Sun Mi attracted to Son Dambi

The Wonder Girls had talked about many interesting topics during the program and this is another news regarding Sun Mi’s admiration for Son Dambi.

Sun Mi was responding to the question, “what or what things sets your heart racing away (excited)?” Sun Mi’s response was, “I get excited when I see Son Dambi“. She continued, “Even if girls watch her appearance when doing the chair dance, it’s sexy and pulls you in.” Of course she didn’t let up on her 4-dimensional personality by saying, “Let’s do our best to save the earth“, which led to everyone staring at her in disbelief before laughing it out.

Throughout the entire 4 hours of recording, the Wonder Girls showed their gift of the gab and gave witty answers to questions asked, keeping the flow lively and vibrant. This was a sharp contrast to their normally quiet image.

The show will air on 27th October at 11pm on Mnet.

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36 thoughts on “Sun Mi Gets Excited When She Sees Son Dambi

  1. i think sunmi sees son dambi as a guy..LOL..but i don’t really mind a girl to girl relationship..i don’t care..sunmi jang..well, sdb is hot..

  2. I think Sunmi mention that Son Dambi has this ‘Androgenous’ charm that even girls really falls for her .. ^ ^

    but Our Sunmi is better .. haha~ 4D LOVE

  3. ^ thanks for the clarification, Kay. I was actually going like “0.o” when reading sunmi saying something like son dambi is her ideal type. It just sounds so wrong LOL.

  4. read this in last night and it cracked me up^^

    silly sunmi is awesome. i love how she can lift people’s spirits up with her wackiness and cuteness.

    [note: she actually says: “even if girls watch her appearance when doing the chair dance, it’s sexy and pulls you in.” don’t think she ever says that sdb is her ideal type]

  5. ^ ROFL!!!!!

    SunMi happens to like sexy guys, unfortunately.\

    But she does have good taste in women xD First miso, now Dambi! AHHAHA

    I love this girl xD

  6. SUNMI yaaa~~~
    she’s so random and i love her…
    saying her heart beat faster when seeing SDB and straight away saying earth peacefully things…gotta love this kid…
    cannot wait to hear what others might say about themselves

  7. Haha Gotta love our SunMi!!! She’s so so adorable. Who could resist adoring SunMi? The answer better none! After reading about SunMi previously (her visiting Son Dambi’s waiting room or soemthing), now she makes me want to watch Son Dambi keke

  8. sunmi loves anything sexy….SonDambi’s new single is fire! NEAGA MIJEOSSO!!! *spins head, and bumps chest*

  9. ahahaha Sun Mi’s mission must be to spread the word about Global Warming and recycling!!! Sun Mi is going green!!!!! she’s too adorable!

  10. First things first…hotness of a Son Dambi chair dance and then go about saving the earth. I agree with SunMi.:)

  11. Oh man, How I love SunMi.
    find girls who does chair dances very sexy and she is my ideal type.”
    then goes “Let’s do our best to save the earth!! aha
    WG<3 cant wait to see the show~

  12. lmfao i dont blame her
    son dambi is really hot
    i use to wonder if they hung out backstage
    and i read recently that sun mi loves to go visit her lmfao

  13. “i will do my best to save the earth”
    will be supporting you on saving the earth SunMi ah!
    you go girl!
    ayay how can you not love a girl like SunMi?!
    how?! somebody tell me!? i cant stop loving her!
    she is just sooooooo lovable!
    oh that, i wanna see! SunMi doing chair dances!
    she can do it! watching her on mnet doing one more time ok?!
    she has a sultry and sexy aura i know she can do a sexy chair dancing too! and she already did it on nobody ballad version!
    i thought it was sexy! arg… shes so versatile her personality onstage performing suggested the complete opposite when shes offstage!
    soompi is off again!

  14. haha lol SUnmi being a fan girl ^_^ i cant wait to watch this! especially when you said that this show is totally contrast to their normal quiet side haha! thanks fo rthe news ^_^ and…

    “I will do my best to save the earth” hahah lol Sunmi so dorkie ^_^

  15. LOL!
    I will do my best to save the earth.
    Hahahahahhahahah I love her so much!
    Who ISN’T attracted to Son Dambi btw!?
    Although Sunmi’s answer leads me to believe that she might want to try and do the sexy chair dance herself.. which I can’t picture..
    Sunmi.. :))

    Thanks for posting this coolsmurf.

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