Wonder Girls Pick Their Favourite 1N2D Members

Wonder Girls member Ahn So Hee made the headlines once again after she revealed on KBS2TV Star Golden Bell last Saturday that she likes Lee Seung Gi the most among the six members of 1N2D reality variety show.

So Hee expressed that she idolised Seung Gi oppa during a popularity vote pertaining to which 1N2D member did each Wonder Girls member like. Her non-hestitation in saying her answer created a ripple among those present and amazed at Lee Seung Gi’s charm. For the other members, Yoo Bin picked Kang Ho Dong, Sun Mi chose Lee Soo Geun while Ye Eun chose MC Mong.

Sun Ye was left with Eun Ji Won and Kim C where the latter was worried that he might not be picked. But Sun Ye picked Kim C which left him feeling relieved as he thanked Sun Ye and extended his hand for a handshake.

Kim C the only 1N2D member present around was asked, “If you had to add one member from the Wonder Girls to the 1N2D team, who would you choose?”. Kim C expressed, “The person that comes with us has to handle the wild reality lifestyle together, must not be a big-eater (always deprived of food), has to be mentally and physically at 100% always. I think Sun Ye is the best person”, his words inciting laughter from all present at the recording.


17 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Pick Their Favourite 1N2D Members

  1. personally i like Kim C coz of his aloofness and for some unknown reason i tot sunmi will pick him ^^. But im glad sunye picked him, and im soooo anticipating if sunye will ever appear at 1N2D with all the male artists ^^

  2. lolz @ “must not be a big-eater (always deprived of food)”..hahaha..i think KimC is actually a big fan of WG…he knows them too well….hahaha…but i am actually looking forward to that kind of show with WG in it…i wonder how long do we have to wait for that to happen…

  3. Oh but I mean that it’s totally true and Sunye TOTALLY fits the part and with an infitite percentage more.

    I didn’t want people to think that I meant it isn’t true for Sunye.

  4. Hahahahhaha
    I loved that part.
    I felt bad for Kim C.
    But I’m glad that Sunye picked him.
    And I think Kim C might’ve bsed that part halfly cause he didn’t want to say because she picked me.
    Hahah I liked Sohee’s choice the most :))
    I think I’m going to rewatch that episode..

    thanks coolsmurf

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