Wonder Girls @ Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time Radio 081016

Pictures of the Wonder Girls at Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time Radio on 16th October. Sun Mi is so dorky with her fringe all over her forehead.


21 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time Radio 081016

  1. summi is to F***ing cute shes the pretties love her sweater… but wut is sohee wearing they really need to kick her out she fuggly and cant sing.

  2. seem like sohee went to the show with her pajamas on but it really looks cute on her. lol. the girls are so fashionable. thanks.

  3. Sunmi is super kawaii~ ^_______^

    Just wonder, why Sunmi is also called as “Sunmi jjang”?
    What does “jjang” mean? I’ll be grateful if some one can tell me.

    Thanks for sharing WG’s photos btw.

  4. I really like the clothes the girls wear outside of their performances. They look soooo fly!

    LOL @ Sunmi’s bangs xD

  5. LOL! HAHA Sunmi ahhhhhhhhh… XD
    i just back from school was very tired~~ she make me laugh my head off XDDDDD thanks sunmi
    hahahahahahahaha u are so cute ._.

  6. gah..the girls look adorable with the dress…i love how they can pull of formal dress and everyday wear into something cute and fashionable..WonderGirls jjang~~~

  7. ahahha…indeed SUNMI is always so dorky..SOHEE hahha…she’s smiling now..love her like this
    i donno but lately i see YEEUN&SUNYE&YOOBIN are glowing…maybe it’s because of their fashion

  8. i think sohee is finally is out going like she used to be when she was with hyuna 😀
    the look so gorgeous even with out make up ;D<333

    Who doesn’t love her.
    I would like to know.
    HAhaha Sohee DOES look like a nurse.. xD
    I LOVE how cashh. and chill Sunmi looks 😀
    I agree with bananza princess I’m lovvvinnn their fashion lately!
    They all look so hot!

    Thanks coolsmurf

  10. LOL@ Sunmi- she never fails to amuse us..hahaha!

    Sohee looks like nurse keke^^
    The girls are really fashionable these days..lovin their taste!

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