Wonder Girls @ Star Golden Bell 081018

The Wonder Girls revealed the skinship that they would like to have with their future boyfriends on KBS2TV Star Golden Bell shown yesterday evening.

The Wonder Girls were asked, “What skinship would you like to have with your boyfriend?”. Sun Ye answered, “I want to hold hands with my boyfriend and have ddeokboggi (spicy rice cakes) on the street”. Ye Eun said, “I want to do the ‘Titanic’ pose with my boyfriend”. Yoo Bin wanted to be hugged while So Hee replied, “I would to run up to my boyfriend and jump into his arms”. Sun Mi said she just want to look at her boyfriend (vice versa) without saying anything at all and then hug. Their cute answers drawing cheers from male guests.

Wonder Girls performing a short Nobody dance in pink uniforms and with Ricky Lee Neely. Ye Eun singing her self-composition Saying I Love You.

Full episode can be viewed via CraziiChloe@YT.

While the Wonder Girls were showing their Nobody dance and the other male guests were going crazy, Kim C just sat there with an expressionless face. Even when they were singing Ye Eun’s self-composed song and the rest of the entertainers were giving warm applause, he displayed the same blank expression. Thus, he invited misunderstanding from all around the room.

When asked about it, Ye Eun said with a sad face, “Kim C-ahjusshi seems to dislike us… We often watch ‘1N2D'”. He replied that, “It wasn’t a funny thing right?”, and produced laughter around the studio. So Hee also revealed, “Even though I like Kim C-ahjusshi on ‘1N2D’, I especially like Lee Seung Gi.”

Surprised that Sun Ye was picked to take on the final round of the Star Golden Bell Challenge because normally they pick older guests. But she did great and got the right answer, becoming the 60th Golden Bell Challenge winner.

credit: kay@wgjjang.wordpress.com + ab


50 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Star Golden Bell 081018

  1. I can’t seem to find this ep.. does anyone still have it? help? english sub please? T____T

    I’m so late in becoming a wonderful, it’s so sad.. wish I’d known about WG sooner T__T

  2. ah, cant wait for the subbed version..love them in the uniform..they look so radiant and cheerful…and there’s many interaction with 2Pm..Wonderday jjang~~ tanx for the article…

  3. @wgfan

    KBS Able… click 2TV

    yesterday i missed a part in d beginning
    so i’m watching it again in utube..

  4. OMG!! SHE CAN DO!!! 60TH WON!!!

  5. OMG! My fave wondergirls are sooo smart! I’m watching part 6 right now and they got every freaking question correct!! Poor little Donghyun!! hehehe

    Thanks for sharing! =)))

  6. aww, they’re so cute!♡
    I want the same as Sunmi – hugging with no words about it. just something natural!
    and Yeeun singing~! her voice is so amazing♡♡♡

  7. Haha, only 770 more MBs to download before its done! =D!
    Cant wait to finish dling the HQ…

    Btw it probably wont be subbed until at least a week… so dont get your hopes up too much!

  8. btw i liked sunmi’s answer the best. it just sounds so deep lol. [i pictured her w/ taek from 2 pm when she said that lol.]

  9. after hearing the wg’s answers, the mc’s said that yoobin and sohee could hug and then the wg could go eat dduk bok gi after the sgb recording. problem solved. lol

  10. I loved that episode!
    I JUST finished watching it
    And Sunye did WONDERFUL!
    She got everything right!!
    2PM was there too and they were soo cute! xD
    That one guy (Idk their names) looks exactly like Bi oppa.
    Hahahahah@ the pics
    That was when each member picked their favorite person on 1N2D. Sunye was last to pick and since nobody picked KimC she chose him..(there was only one other person besides him..) haha.
    Don’t you love leader Min? She’s so kind haha!

    thanks coolsmurf

  11. @ lhasha

    Ah, okay – well, I guess it’s pretty self explanatory then. Thank you though! Now I wonder how it entered into the common vernacular…

  12. @yumimaki

    I guess skinship means how close you are to a person. Literally, skin-to-skin or how much contact you have with a person. You know, touchy, feeling thing.

  13. Love the pigtails on Sun Ye! She looks young with them LOL!
    Sun Mi looks good with her hair up and Sohee, too. Ye Eun looks elegant as usual and Yoobin is preety. Nice pink uniforms. It looks good on them.

  14. Congrats to Leader Min! That’s really nice for her. The girls all looked so good on SGB, especially Binnie! Her hair looked lovely. Oh, but could someone tell me though what exactly ‘skinship’ is? I mean, I heard it in a japanese drama and just thought it was a joke but now I see people using it all the time.

  15. Wow! They looked nice with the pink uniform! I wonder where can i see the full episode ? Is it on youtube?

    Wonder Girls


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