Wonder Girls @ Music Core & Inkigayo 081018 – 081019

Didn’t blog about Music Core yesterday so I would add this here.

Nobody @ Music Core 081018
The Wonder Girls had actually performed Nobody a week ago for Music Core but it was cancelled as MBC chose to show a generic baseball game instead. But the Wonder Girls once again managed to have the honor of being the last to perform for the 3rd straight week. Another good consistent performance. The retro outfits are growing on me but the wigs have gotta be an eye-sore.

Nobody @ Inkigayo 081019
Wearing retro outfits again but with some color changes. I was watching with an eye on whether they will drop their big earrings. Again, it was a good decent performance with all the right expressions and vocals. Rain made his grand comeback while DBSK picked up their second consecutive Mutizen award.

The Wonder Girls were on all 3 FTA television with the exception of M! Countdown. So which was your favourite Nobody stage this week?


13 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Music Core & Inkigayo 081018 – 081019

  1. i noticed, in recent performance, they cut Ye eun’s chorus part, right? maybe they want to keep her breath later, heheheheh!

  2. http://www.mediafire.com/?yw4uzzj33lb

    The tutorial’s kind of crappy since I just took screens and used Movie Maker LOOOOOL. But I think everyone can kind of get the point from it, it’s not that hard. ^^;;

    If you want I can make another one using a recording. I just didn’t want the quality to go down the drain. :<

  3. If a WonderGirls video tutorial on how to vote for them on mNet award is made could you upload it to your page if someone sends the video to you WonderSmurf?

    Please let us know asap!

  4. Wooooot on Music Core.
    I was happy to see that none of them dropped their earrings! :DD
    Haha I vote for Music Bank too.
    Their perf there is ALWAYS SO HOT! (pun intended)
    Hopefully they won’t wear those wigs so often..even if it is part of the style..
    Well anywho Wonder Girls did WONDERful as always.

    thanks coolsmurf

  5. just when I thought they burned those wigs….they make a comeback…oh welll…i think I’m getting used to them now

    i voted for music bank! their music bank performances always trumps the other two~

    thanks for the vids!!

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