3 in a Row, Wonder Girls Tops Music Bank K-Chart Again

The Wonder Girls made it 3 in a row as they won No.1 at Music Bank today. They were up against Brown Eyed Girls (again) and Epik High who took over from Big Bang in the K-Chart. DBSK was stuck at #4 position once again.

Waiting Room Segment with Epik High
I was just so happy to see Ye Eun being dorky and happy again!

Nobody Performance
They had new simple light blue outfits which was ok on the eye. But it was nice to see JYP splurging a bit more. Performance-wise not the most stellar but passable. They still have another performance after this.

What happened to Yoo Bin’s lips? It was to celebrate their consecutive K-Chart success for the past 3 weeks. It was a kind of comic ceremony and fan service.

Such dorks!


47 thoughts on “3 in a Row, Wonder Girls Tops Music Bank K-Chart Again

  1. omg i jsut saw the brown eyed girls new single and they try soo hard to be like the wondergirls
    wowwwww….not cool

    WONDERGIRLS!!!! soo proud!


  3. hey people! ^^
    someone already uploaded a video of their performance at lee mi ja’s concert!

    sadly, there were no wonderbang interaction. 😦

  4. why are the only number one on music bank. dbsk is number one for another music chart. but dbsk is number 4 for music bank thats so wierdd

  5. I can’t stop replaying the part with Yoobin’s lips, so funny!
    Congrats to the girls!!! Browned Eyed Girls and their cool song (weird rap… weird dance..) are catching up..

  6. wonder girls are leading in the best female group catogory… but snsd isn’t too far behind!!! wonderfuls come on we can make wonder girls win!!! everyone please show your love to wonder girls by voting!!!

  7. HEY wonderfuls!!! vote wonder girls for MKMF 2008!!!
    here are the list of nominations and the nominees..


    and if you dont understand here is the english website..


    i still can’t figure out how too vote, somebody tell me!!! I really hope you guys vote cuz the competion is tuff!!!

  8. yay!!!!
    idk what is wrong with Mnet seriously.
    already voted for the girls for MKMF.
    though I’M SURE… and I can bet my life on it that they’re gonna win best female group
    excited to see what special performance they will do for MKMF

  9. Yoobin had the fake lips before she had any flowers. If you look at the top picture, when they counting up the scores, she is putting them on and SunMi is cracking up.

    SunYe always tosses her flowers overhand, and YeEun does kind of a two-fisted backhand.

    It’s good to see them having such a good time.

  10. The Wonder Girls are so cute and lovely. Wow! I can’t believe, BREyeGirls wore the same color as them. But at the end, the Wonder Girls got the spark. Yeah baby! #1~. Congratulation!

  11. Ha, its so cute how Sunmi bumps the mic at 1:01 and has to fix it for Sunye, Shes probably doesent want to Trip again!

  12. OMG! YooBin! Putting the petal on her mouth.. LOL.. SunYe cant control her laughter and neither could I… HAHA!

  13. OH MY GAWD!!!

    i spotted some WonderPM LOVIN!!!
    Changsung gave Sunmi the bouquet of roses…
    wahh! they wouldnt make a too bad couple…
    watch out Jaebummie, someone’s out to get
    Sunmi from you!!!!!

    same with me, i dont even care if they win or
    not as long as i can see them perform everyweek…
    to get my fill before they leave to the US….

    ohhhh… a new coupling Yoobin and that guy from
    YGMA… he specifically made his way over to her,
    i saw it! but i mean what rapper wouldnt be attracted
    to her!!!!

    HAhahaha yayyyy.
    That makes me so happy you don’t understand.
    I LOVE how they closed up on Sunmi. She’s sooo pretty.
    Hahahahhah the last pics must be from the 2nd perf after they’ve won right?
    They look like they’re laughing at Yoobin acting silly with her lips.. lol
    Pretty much still doubling on points!!
    These girls totally deserve it whoooot!

    thanks coolsmurf

  15. i spot yoobin holding the YMGA mini-album! it’s such a great album! ❤ yoobin is such a dork.. hehe.. ❤

    congrats to the girls! im really surprised that DBSK is still #4! :O

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  17. congratulations to our girls! so happY!!!!!! yay ^_^ they are so adorkable in the encore part! hahaha just what is on Yoobin’s lips?! haha what a dork! haha cute ^_^ Sunmi gave her thanks message ^_^ sunye & ye eun were so cute after throwing their flowers to the audience lol laughing/smiling like that makes me melt ^_^ lol was that too corny nyahahah

  18. way to go girls!!! they deserve it
    NOBODy is also #1 in my heart and brain
    its stuck in my playlist and video downloads
    gosh I can’t live without playing it no matter what I do
    wonder girls fighting!!!

  19. woot woot!#1 again!!

    Yoobin wore a fake lips during the encore..hahahha..she’s such a dork..i bet her Epik High oppas forced her to wear that..

    btw,DBSK is #4 on the chart


    what what~

    Congrats to the girls !! so happy!!!

    thanks for the good news!! yay!!!!!!!!!

  21. Go WG! LOL! Well regardless of placing, we’ll still cheer them on right? Of Course! Wonder Girls Fighting!

  22. Yayy!! Good the hear thiss!!~
    Great Job Wonder Girls!! =)
    thats what their hard works are paying for !! =)
    hope they will be the first on other charts too like what sisi said ><

  23. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so happy right now!! WG own music bank chart!!!!!

    I hope they’ll be first on other chatrs though…

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