Wonder Girls on MC Mong’s Radio Show 081015

Wonder Girls appearing on MC Mong’s radio show on 15th October.

credit: SBS

13 thoughts on “Wonder Girls on MC Mong’s Radio Show 081015

  1. @TH009

    i saw this in YT. Sun Ye was sniffing and all, she was still sick at the time this was recorded. But she laughed (I love her laugh!) A LOT even if her voice sounded tired.

  2. Sohee has the scarf again! it looks cute on her. The rest of the girls seem to be enjoying the radio show! Get some rest.

  3. Great show, now give ’em some soup, and make them go to bed! Especially Min Leader – she still looks tired.

  4. ah,its good to see Yoobin & Sunye’s hair getting longer…& lolz at MC Mong..what is he holding?bread?hahaha…and are they filming it the same day as SoYooJin’s radio show??cos the outfits look the same..they are so busy now..hope they take care of their health though.. 🙂 & love the last pic..they are all smiling..XD

    Hahahaha MCMong..
    Aren’t you jealous? This is the (egg? it looks like gehlan) bread that the Wonder Girls gave me..
    I love how cashh. they look. 😀
    I mean I also love when they get dressed up in hot outfits with gorgeous hairstyles
    But when they’re dressed like this. It’s like they’re just normal everyday people instead of being the 5 most amazing girls I’ve ever seen in my life!
    Is Sunye’s hair getting longer?!
    Yayy! :DD

    thanks coolsmurf

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