Wonder Girls and Kim Jong Kook on Come to Play

The Wonder Girls has accepted their sunbaenim, Kim Jong Kook’s calls.

The Wonder Girls will be recording MBC “Come to Play” hosted by Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Won Hee tomorrow with Kim Jong Kook and share small talks and affection as a senior and junior in the entertainment industry.

The Wonder Girls will be the assistants for Kim Jong Kook, who just finished his military duties this May and this will be his first tv show comeback. They are planning to have a series of witty talks and convos with Kim Jong Kook.

A staff member expressed, “Kim Jong Kook is planning to release his fifth album at the end of October (22nd October) and has similar (new album and song) debut dates as the Wonder Girls, causing a small battle (on who will be #1 on the music charts). Before that happens, they plan to meet the audiences with variety shows and entertain them by their eyes and ears.

Lately, Rain has also been accepting invitations to variety shows before his album release. Kim Jong Kook is adopting a similar strategy likewise.

Kim Jong Kook has made a commitment to tap the curiosity of viewers before his comeback by guesting on the popular variety show with the Wonder Girls.

This episode will be aired on 3rd November (tentative).

credit: cuttiesgirl (translation) + o-cha


31 thoughts on “Wonder Girls and Kim Jong Kook on Come to Play

  1. WAIT when will this be aired? I’ve been looking everywhere but I think it means they recorded but have not aired?

  2. i love rain & wonder girls..
    but OMG KIM JONG KOOOOOK! I WOULD LOVE FOR HIM TO BE #1! he deserves it<3

    but so do wonder girls..

    but ahhh KIM JONG KOOK!

  3. YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! long awaited return of kjk + wondergirls 😛 that’s just awesome, although im more interested in kjk’s song, and without YEH there kjk’s on screen role won’t be quite as interesting

  4. 🙂 It’s great that you’re standing up to defend these girls, but nothing can change what I feel about them. My perspective of these girls that are stated above won’t and until I see major improvement (a lot of things, you go figure).

  5. Wow I’m sorry when did they become sexual icons? I guess that’s how you see them then. Ever since so hot came everyone has been saying oh their so vain, they suck, blah blah, who care, it’s not going to affect WG. They are 5 beautiful (their not typical beauties, their unique), they seem nothing special when you first see them but when you see them more and more they are 5 humble, honest girls, who are living their dreams. Their obviously talented of so many people like them. I don’t know how you got that breaking free from JYP bit you need to read up more.

    Yoon Eun Hye is not the best actress but she’s received so many awards and blessing for only just 3 dramas. And she keeps improving on all three of them. I don’t see anything wrong with a singer wanting to act or visa versa is it so wrong to try something new? Don’t hat appreciate it, you need to chill and stop being so critical.

  6. @17
    I knew about Boa’s stuff on itunes, but not WG… thanks for the heads up…when is my cd ever coming…grr

  7. Am I the only one that didn’t know about this?… there’s Kpop for download on itunes! WGs and BoA stuff! And I just order all 3 of the WGs albums off of Yesasia! Anyway, this is news to me! Go WGs and BoA and every other Korean artist!

  8. Skeptical,
    I don’t understand what are you trying to say,but WG seductresses? Young sexual icons? Are you kidding me? People don’t love them because they are sexy or whatever you’re trying to say. People love them because of who they are. Do you think that I love them because they are ‘sexy’? I love them because the inner side of them that they show in interviews,shows,etc. And also because of their amazing talent.Just because they did So Hot and Irony,that are just their concept for the song. Not the whole group itself.
    Does ‘Nobody’ and Tell Me portray sexuality? No it doesn’t. Yeah,sure they are hardworking. Everyone is. It’s just WG showed us a whole new meaning of hardworking. Look at them,taking all the criticism from people like you and trying to improve themselves each day and guess what? They really are improving. Not like some other group who just taking the word ‘hardworking’ lightly.

    They’re not talented? Are you sure you’re in a right blog?
    I guess you haven’t see them singing r&b and ballad songs then. They are seriously talented girls.
    It’s just the trend nowadays that singers/idol groups get into acting to expand their talent more. Not only in America but in other countries as well. It’s called ‘versatile’.

  9. @Skeptical

    You’re saying they have no talent?
    The only reason you hold them at such a high pedestal is because that’s how you see them, they are just normal girls who enjoy singing and have gained popularity, but other than a busy schedule and concerts they are humans first. So sorry you’re disappointed but I can assure you that many many more people aren’t. So obviously these girls have a talent that you seem to over look. For whatever reason it is, I have no idea. You probably don’t even bother listening to their ballads or renditions of other powerful songs.

    I live in New York, could have sworn I saw them once when they came down for the festival and had my sister curios as well. I have a friend who does nothing but listen to Reggae, introduced her to Wonder Girls and she fell in love. They may not be the strongest singers in the world or current market, but they are trying and they are very humble about it. Instead of blaming it on Mics or being sick, these girls accept the criticism and try to improve. As soon as “So Hot” came out everyone wanted to judge them and consider them sex icons when they obviously did not get the point of the song. Either way, what’s wrong with them being viewed as such, they may have their perverted fans but I can guarantee that they have genuine fans all over the world. Are we viewing them as sex icons as well?

    So, are we international and Korean fans not worth it then? Are we just praising these girls for the sexual image they portray? *Which is quite absurd by the way* Because if that was the case I’d be turning into a lesbian by now. *Note the sarcasm please*

  10. MY ONE MAN!!!!!
    ITS BEEN SO LONG!! i thought this day would never happen, but seeing he is sharing it with WG makes it even more special…. MY FAVORITES!!!!! how lucky are we??

  11. I just can’t sleep without mentioning that wonder girls are praised by so many because they portray themselves as seductresses and yet they are very young. It is simply their identity as young sexual icon that holds up the WG at the top. If we were to see any of the five walking down in the street of Seoul or New York, assuming that they are not famous, we will not even look twice at them. I personally cannot find a flash of talent in these girls other than their hard work ethic. Therefore, to sum up my criticism, I would like to say that WG are great for their hard work in the Korean entertainment business. At least in my opinion, WG are nothing more than workaholics that are striving to break free from JYP in order to embark on a new journey – whether it is singing or acting. How will this be done?

    Simple, they gain fame and have industries endorse them like Yun Eun-Hye (singer turned actress – starred in Coffee Prince). It’s pathetic to see this happening in Korea. Singers and actors should be something completely different. While it is common for singers in America to cameo or even star in a movie, but they always go back to their primary occupation.

  12. Ah I’m so excited….Wonder Girls and KJK ~~ the best combination…with the exception of YEH and KJK of course!

  13. yoo bin looks amazing in this picture!! as always haha. thats awesome that there on a talk show. im excited to watch it!

  14. i hope they can become more active in talks shows, and i hope they can be more talkative and make the lively and funny, especially sunmi and sohee.. they are always shy… hope they can be themselves, dorky, funny, sweet, charismatic…

  15. Yayyyy! How exciting!
    I agree with wonderphilippines I haven’t seen them on a show in a while and I was actually wondering when they would go on one again.
    I love seeing their relaxed chemistry between other stars on talk shows and stuff 😀
    Especially Yeeun and Sunmi!
    Well anywho thnks for the update for it can’t wait!

    thanks coolsmurf

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  17. seeing this pic, I just realized that I like their outfits for the “So Hot ” than any outfits for their “Nobody”, idk,,

  18. that’s great, I’m already exicited
    its been a while that I haven’ t watch them on a show the last show that I watch was suju every1 idol and star golden bell, hope they’ll do more and more variety show appearances
    wonder girls fighting!!!!

  19. aigoo. i am sooo looking forward to this!
    omg. i cant wait. what is better than WG and KJK together?
    erm YEH and KJK. but still.. its too good to be true.
    i wonder how their dynamics will work out. ^^

    somehow i think KJK will just click well with Sun Mi. hehe.

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