Wonder Girls News Wrap 12th October

What was supposed to be a great Saturday to catch the girls via online tv for us non-Korean fans and for Korean Wonderfuls in Ulsan to see them live at night went up in smoke after a series of incidents made both of them non-events.

First of all, the Wonder Girls was scheduled to appear on Music Core yesterday afternoon. But with MBC being a free-to-air broadcaster, they had to show a generic baseball game instead. So while the Wonder Girls recorded Music Core like scheduled, the entire Music Core program wasn’t shown. As such, the Wonder Girls performance on Music Core will be shown next week instead.

There was supposed to be a Big Music Fiesta Concert at Ulsan to commemorate MBC’s 40th anniversary last night. Stars that were slated to perform included DBSK, Big Bang, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Wonder Girls, V.O.S. and Jewelry. But strangely enough, the concert was cancelled at the very last minute. No reasons were given for the cancellation although most said that it was due to poor planning. But it is strange given that this concert was announced in late August and it was a concert to celebrate MBC’s 40th anniversary. Probably some groups couldn’t turn up as scheduled IMO forcing the non-event.

The updated preview and pictures of Kim Jong Kook and the Wonder Girls as the guests for the upcoming episode of MBC “Come To Play” talkshow on the MBC website hosted by Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Won Hee has got netizens buzzing. On one hand, you have the most popular girl group currently in Korea, the Wonder Girls appearing together on the show for the 1st time (So Hee was by herself promoting her movie in January), then you have Kim Jong Kook appearing on TV for the first time since his release from the military. And this is ahead of his album release even. It doesn’t hurt that both are my favourites as well!!!

Now Shin Hye Sung and the Wonder Girls have worked together twice last year, appearing together on Park Kyung Lim’s Wonderful Outing and then the latter appeared as guests on Hye Sung’s concert and even performed “Tell Me” together. Another collaboration is on the cards as the Wonder Girls will be appearing on Hye Sung’s concert once again on the 18th of October.

Wonder Girls Ivyclub advertisements appearing in the Korean subway. Would appreciate if they could release the whole set of pictures right now!

credit: 더용@wonderholic + wonderkid (for being a great help)


15 thoughts on “Wonder Girls News Wrap 12th October

  1. That is a little strange isn’t it?
    The random unexpected last minute cancellatins.
    Hrm. well anywho.
    LOVE the subway pic. Soo cute!! xD
    I absolutely LOVED the Wonderful Outing episode they were on. It was just so funny and cute. hahah.
    Sohee:”What do you think of me?”
    ShinHyeSung:”Aw I can’t answer this” *Gives the ring*
    Hahah and Sunye!
    Sunye:”Can you just give me the ring..? :)”
    ShinHyeSung:”Well you need to ask me a question that I can’t answer.. I know. Ask me if I’m a girl or a boy” LOL
    Sunye:”Are you a girl or a boy?”
    ShinHyeSung:”Ahh it’s so hard idk!” *Gives ring*

    Sorry for the extra nonsense and if it’s not right. I’m going by memory. xD
    But that’s how excited I am for this!

    thanks coolsmurf

  2. they seem to have photoshopped yeeun…she looks thinner here than she usually does..WHY DO THEY HAVE TO DO THAT..she looks fine the way she is…

    not a very flattering pic of sunye and yoobin…. 😦

    hope the other pics are better

  3. I’M SO EXCITED!!! they look super pretty in the ivy uniform, when is the whole photoshoot going to come out??

  4. lol, why did they have to pick that dbsk picture -___-;;

    anyway! i’m excited that they’re hyesung’s guests again! and can’t wait to watch their perf~

  5. there was no Music Core yesterday? thank god… i thought i missed the show already… can’t wait to watch it next week…

  6. the girls are so cute in those Ivy club pictures. Man do they look good in uniform. Thanks for the heads up coolsmurf! I’m excited for come to play!!!

  7. YeEun looks SOOO pretty in that picture 🙂 Too bad about MBC though. I would’ve loved to see them perform and I wanted to see that concert aswell…Oh well. 😦

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  9. omg! Kim Jong Kook and Wonder Girls together!?
    omg! omg! now that is amazing! wow!
    i dont care so much for the other news coz that means our girls got to rest for a bit.
    but KJK and WG togethers! wow! amazing! yes!

  10. Yoobin looks so weird in that photo for the Uniforms. I would love to have them release the photos already. XD

  11. I’m waiting for another perf from our girls, addicted to their dance, i will watch the show with the girls hope there is ENG subs for it, I love them wearing school uniforms
    wonder girls fighting!!

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