Wonder Girls @ Korea Food Expo 2008 + Theme Song

The Wonder Girls performing at the Korea Food Expo 2008 tonight, singing a total of 3 songs, “Nobody”, “Tell Me” and “Food Song”, the latter being the theme song for the Korea Food Expo 2008 and written by Park Jin Young specially for the event. Since it was an important thing, they lipsynced to the song and danced to it. A music video of them recording the song was played behind them while they performed. Very cute song and Yoo Bin raps too!

The following is the theme song that JYP wrote for the Korea Food Expo 2008 and performed by the Wonder Girls. Listen or download from links provided.

Wonder Girls – Food Song
Listen Live | Direct Download (right-click, save target/link as)


38 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Korea Food Expo 2008 + Theme Song

  1. snsd has a new album coming out, and there is also rapping.. guess its hyo and yuri, i think its going to big!! i’m worried, if their new song comes out, then wonder girls won’t get chances like this anymore, snsd has kept quite for a really long time, i think sm is preparing something big!!! really don’t want the nobody song will get everyone tired of listning… then nobody wouldn’t be famous anymore, i like snsd, but some of their fans are too harsh…

  2. Wow, yoobin is getting fatter by the day… her face is bloated in almost every picture dating from last few weeks. I bet she has the body type that naturally gets bigger and bigger like the fat ajummas because their metabolism is way too slow. She better work her body and slim it down because it’s very unpleasant to stare at her fat arms, face, legs, and bulging belly.

  3. yesterday they so pretty but also look so tired – -” esp.sunye she so pale but she always give us a smile ^^

    yeeun look serious and expressionless in inkigayo (same day with this event) bcos audience who are dbsk fan – -” but in this event you can see her and other girls look happy ^^

    i’m korea sorry for my english ^^

  4. an mv with this song will be fun and awesome!!! i’m loving it, really makes me smile all the time!!!

  5. omo I love Food Song!
    Hope they released the mp3 or something.
    Or maybe the mv itself lol.

    It’s rare to see them perform that kind of song but since it’s Food Song,I guess it has to be pop. I love their vocals in that song!
    More refreshing.
    Glad that they are having fun!

  6. the song was okayyy…

    but the girls r great! haha…

    looking forward to their arrival in Singapore! πŸ˜‰

  7. i love the song!!! sunye really shines, her smile is always so bright!!! although they are lip synching their stage presence are awesome!!! yoobins rap was the bom!!! really happy that they are smiling again, WONDER GIRLS HWAITING!!!

  8. Sound like Janet Jackson’s song “Everywhere I go”. Very cute though. I remember seeing a clip of Sohee, Sunmi, and YeEun performing the Everywhere I go song on youtube but cant seem to find it anymore…lol. but I really like the Food song!


    hahahaha!!! the girls ;ipsynching is so weird, but totally understandable… they look really tired…but the smile were a plus!! … So a popsih song? I never thought i would see that from them, but it was way cute…CAN YOU FEEL MY HEART?? yes, i do

  10. i like the song! its cute nd cheery hahahaha (luv yoobin’s rap ^^) they were smiling and everything πŸ™‚

  11. haha
    i was expecting a song about kimchi or something~
    the song is cute!
    and i agree with all of you, they seemed exhausted… but the girls were all smiles and braved it. i wish they would rest a bit but this week their schedule is packed with variety shows/guest appearances! i hope they feel better~

    thanks for the vid/pics! Sunye looks so cute

  12. They look dead, but ALL SMILES! What troopers ^__^

    ROFL! THAT SONG!!! It’s mellowed out. “Can you feel my heart?” Is this song seriously about food? Gah, who cares. It’s got a really light, cute melody to it.

    They’re all so happy and energetic looking even though they must be EXHAUSTEDD.
    I see Nobody..and Tell Me perfs?
    I love the MiSo pics btw. πŸ˜€
    Seriously, how can you not love the WG?
    They just keep going and going with expresions like those!
    Can’t wait to see the expo.

    thanks coolsmurf

  14. i’m happy to see they smile again ^^
    even though they eyes has a lil tired BUT OK!!!!


  15. they look good now, but I don’t like their outfits but I love the hair, the should wear their pink magenta dress, they look gorgeous when they smile

  16. AWWW!!! Thatss sooo CUTEE OF THEMM!!! ‘
    they all have BIG BIG BIGGG SMILESS on them!!! ><
    Yay!! finally YeEun felt better? =)
    omgosh.. shes soo happy and so is SunYe!! God ..SunYe looks sooo ADORABLE!! on the thrid-last picture!! where Yoobin stands behide her! xD
    awweee..i just LOVVVEEE all the picturess.!!
    i like how Sunye looks sooo happy and cheerful!! and YeEun looks soo happy too but yeah.. a lil tired!!xD
    Hope you guys have fun and PERFECT the perf for the Korea Food Expo 2008!!~~ <33333333

  17. the girls look like they relly put in a lot of effort ( huge smiles on their faces)..but lookin relly tired!!

    get some rest girls…

    leader hope ure feelin better…lol at her expression, its not everyday that u get an ‘off’ espression frm her…looks so adorable though!!

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