Wonder Girls @ Inkigayo 081012

The Wonder Girls sported new outfits this afternoon on Inkigayo.

It was a total step away from the retro 60s outfits they had in the past with these green fish-scale design outfits. Depending on your taste, you either like or hate it. While it was nice to see a new outfit, it did not work for me. The performance overall was quite lacklustre. So Hee struggled with her voice, Ye Eun was expressionless, Yoo Bin had a hiccup. But Sun Mi was really lively with her expressions. Sun Ye was sick? Can’t tell. They look lethargic and have two events after this. Feeling the strain? The fan support was again great.

The Wonder Girls were on all 3 FTA television with the exception of M! Countdown.

They didn’t win Take 7 today which went to DBSK.


61 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Inkigayo 081012

  1. lol, even though i don’t like the outfits but this perf climbed up 2 first to place 4 me, 4 the best nobody promotion perf, thanks 2 wonderfuls
    this really is the loudest and clearest chant from WDF
    wonder girls must be very happy

    yet again, sunye was sick and she doesn’t show a single sign of pain, this hurts me even moreT^T

  2. aww yeeun looks really tired here…
    i guess she’s having a hard time studying and performing so much……

  3. the outfits look great and it’s green(ye eun’s favorite color) but ye eun looks so exhasted. poor girls, they need rest, they’ve been performing nonstop and now it’s even getting to the headstrong and happy ye eun. i hope she gets better and gets more rest. ye eun hwaiting!!<3

  4. oh..the perf. wasnt that bad at al…yeah so hee was really off..ye eun looked like shes gonna snap or something…sun ye is always smiling even if shes not feeling well…yoo bin, i didnt really notice her hiccup…sun mi was the only one who looked like shes into this perf….they didnt get no.1? damm…better luck next time…nobody is an awesome song anyways

  5. did they perform the balllad version of nobody
    too? since there are piks of it on the top of the
    post. but the green outfits are really pretty!
    they all look gourgeous too! i hope they’re all
    okay and happy!

  6. @Lily

    the person meant it as a joke. notice the j/p “just playing” of course we all know that DBSK deserved to win.

    anyways i hope the girls rest this week. yeheun my love get better. seeing you like this makes me despressed too.

  7. Maybe it was just a bad day for Yeeun and she didn’t feel like smiling. Hopefully we get to see her cheerful self! I kinda like the dresses for some reason. I like the frills at the end of the dresses and the always love the long hair ponytail. I’m sad that they didn’t get to win. Hopefully they win the next time!

  8. i hope nothing happened among the group member’s to make yeeun like this 😦 even if we may never know the true answer, i really wish for her to feel happier πŸ™‚ and the rest of them too… they need rest!

  9. I loved the outfits, I thought they were cute and classy looking!

    I could not even tell that Sun Ye was even sick!? She always gives 110% when she performs, not wonder she is the leader!

    Ye Eun?? I wonder why she looked so sad? Maybe she is also getting sick or just over worked?? Hopefully she’ll get some rest and get back to the silly girl she always is!

  10. The Wonder Girls are so down for this performance. Seem like they’re so sad. Something must happen before this performance or else all of them are sick. Sunye doesn’t sound sick. I think sohee sound more sick then Sunye? Poor girls, please get back up on your feet and make us Wonderfuls proud. Get well soon! ❀ u. Wonder Girls Fightin’

  11. I actually liked the outfits πŸ™‚ but what happened to YeEun!? She’s always so cheery and happy…it breaks my heart 😦 Hope they all can get some rest.

  12. I loved the color of the outfits! It can do without the fish scales but I still liked it. πŸ™‚ They did look a little worn out. Rest, girls! ^^

    Too bad for my girls, even though they did great && a big congrats to my boys, DBSK!

    My girls, and my boys. Kekke.


  13. When I saw the outifts it went like–>GREEN!—>YEEUN=LOVE!
    yeah, i’m quite cheesy… The fans were crazy amazing!
    I didn’t expect them to win Inki this week, so its all good… they looked smoking…but oh so dead./…HAHAHA!! YeEun, I was shocked…poor thing, looked like she was thinking about something else…The rest looked fine to me, though tired…THE CHEERS WERE AMAZING!

  14. really cannot tell sunye sick :), she do great while sick… maybe she was thinking “i gotta put a good show even tho im sick” and its work.. i love sunye’s PRO-NESS

    yeeun looks like she very tired.. i really hope shes ok..

    sunmi ‘s little grin was cute!

    i didnt notice yoobin’s hiccup at all o.o i thought she did great

  15. “Awww,that was nice of them to let DBSK win ….LOL j/p”

    To LET DBSK win? oh please DBSK deserves win.

    If people are afraid of Cassiopeia they’re pathetic. Cassiopeia are only fans, normal people, who support DBSK.

    I hope Wonder Girls rest a bit they look like they need.

  16. awww I was hoping the girls would win this week!
    but nevertheless, a big congrats to DBSG!

    yea, today was not their best perf.
    the green outfits were okay.

    i voted for the music bank perf. they looked awesome, their perf was fab, and they looked gorgeous + they won ^^ haha

  17. Awww,that was nice of them to let DBSK win ….LOL j/p

    I think they probably did this performance on purpose,I mean we barley saw their recent performance,which was really good,and with a smile on everyones faces,and what? right when they come here and are with DBSK they die down their talent….Wow! just goes to show how scared anyone is of the cassies,makes me think cassies are really pathetic, No Offense if you are one,but I mean seriously,just my 2 cents.

  18. despite the little mistakes… i still love this performance! ❀ sunmi was so beautiful!! sunye too.. i love the dresses! sohee seems happy. πŸ˜€

  19. First off congrats to DBSK for winning ^__^ Good job.

    Those outfits are like so bad I’m cracking up XD Sorry, it’s just how it is for me. But they worked it ^__^

    SunYe sounded really good for being sick O__o


  20. I was really surprised at how expressionless Ye Eun was! It kind of broke my heart a little…Sohee’s crack was surprising too.. I mean she doesn’t have the strongest voice but I’ve never heard her crack before. Even Yoobin…I hope these girls aren’t wearing themselves out…

  21. Yeah I agree the outfits didn’t really work..
    But nonetheless they were still HOT! πŸ˜€
    Ah well that’s alright girls. I’m telling you they’re exhausted from everything JYP’s maknig them do!
    Grats to DBSK. They finally needed someone other than M! to back them up.
    μ›λ”κ±ΈμŠ€ νŒŒμ΄νŒ…!

    Thanks coolsmurf

  22. I actually loved the outfits. I found it looking great on them and the little fringe they had as the trimming added to the hotness. The fit was perfect too. I thought they did great in this perf actually. lol.

  23. awww..YeEun..please dont be sad…made me feel so down too wen ur sad!! i wonder what happened to u..
    idk ..but is it because of ur too tired..or sth happened to you (HOPE NOT >< NOOO…)…or just u thnk that no fansare cheering for you?..ahhh!! please dont thnk that…wer all here care SOO SOOO SOOOOOOOO MUCHHH ABOUT YOU!! please…and we all noe your talents! You’re the happy YeEun right? So come back to us!! =) we ll all cheer for youu! <33 LOL. if you are really sick or sth happened to you (hope not..=( ) I HOPE YOU GET BETTER!!!! AND COME BACK TO US!!! =) Let’s be the happy sexy YeEun agan!~ <3333
    Suppot you! =)

    SunYe hope you get better too =)
    SoHee ahh..lolz maybe just a little sore throat that makes u cant sing that well today? yup! =)
    SunMii! awww.. you did GREATT today!! all smiley and happy as usual! u perfected it =)
    Yoobiniie ahhhaa..hiccup? dont worry! =) just once !! noe that u were trying your best to rap it and hide ur hiccup at the same time ahh~ =)


  24. my belove sunye got sick *cry* i noticed her in M!C interview but i thought she was tried awwww….leader hope she take some rest and better soon…<3

    today perf not good and not bad at all ^^

  25. hope they get better soon~ the second screencap looks.. so wrong XD;; roflmao

    anyway. congrats to the boys for winning~

  26. I dun mind about the outfits.. its Ye Eun i’m worried about she looks sick or just overworked… aww *heart break*

  27. wow this is weird : this is the Sun Mi best perf ever because it seems that she really enjoys the stage performing this song but it’s the extrem opposite for Ye Eun…
    we can’t barely hear So Hee

    Yoo Bin and Sun Ye are good as usual…

    but hate that they look tired… they always work too much IMO especially because they performed A LOT during So Hot era and they didn’t have a month to rest before their comeback and they’re always on stage again.

  28. Aw..I wonder what was wrong. Yeeun looked down during the peformance.
    But Sunmi had great stage presence, smiling and everything and Sunye too. Couldnt tell if she was sick or not from that.

  29. well i liked the outfits
    as for the perf. yea there was a tad bit mishaps
    Ye Eun, wth? lol
    she looked a bit stiff?
    Sun Ye?
    she’s sick? if so, i hope she gets better soon…

    but overall besides Ye Eun’s stiffness, it was a okay perf.

  30. sunye was really sick since their mnet perf (9th)
    at first, i don’t believe like you because she’s have a great stage presence but when i saw mnet interview and some fancam of sunye at music bank (i think) i totally believe that sunye sick, her face look obviously tired and pale

    get better soon our leader!!!!

  31. oh man! yeeun what’s wrong?? this was also my first time seeing her like that..scared me actually…yeeun we love you and hoep you’ll fight off whatever is buggin you or rest once you get the chance so we wonderfuls can see you smile again

    sunye sick? no way!! she sounded soo good, i couldnt tell she was sick..sunye if you are sick…i pray you get better soon, we love you

    i love sunmi’s smile…it was cute, and sohee is always perky? not sure if thats the right word..she reminds me of how she was back in the “irony” days

    yoobin did great i barely noticed the hiccup either
    it wasnt their best perf. but they still have more to improve so i rank this one at a 8..the outfits werent so pleasing but it is wg and they can wear whatever and still look good right?

  32. okay. not too good shock i received. :/ haha. hated the outfits at first glance…[kinda peacock-ish to me] but seeing wonder girls [who would look stunning in almost anything] wearing them in the video…the outfits become…rather tolerable(:

    but i think they need a different stylist ): when snsd performed tell me, i thought the outfit styling was better than wg’s..’so hot’ was generally great, except for weird adornments with the outfits here and there at times…which i thought spoilt the performance a little..maybe my taste slants towards the modern kind of outfits…haha.

    anyway, i guess today just isnt their day maybe..we can only hope the people around them noticed and are doing something about it..

  33. who could have even guessd that sunye was sick!..she was so GOOD during her performance!…she is the most consistent amongst them n she has the best stage presence…the others looked relly dead tired today..with the exception of mebe sunmi (that girl is TOO adorable!).

    STILL NO DBSK-WG INTERACTION!!..why>…HAVE u ppl noticed whenever dbsk is around the girls always stand way back or sumthin…are they worried that the cassies wud get pissedif they saw them interact or sumthin?…

    LEADER MIN get better soon!!!
    take rest!!

  34. I liked the outfits, the frilly green part at the moved well with the dance movements. I noticed Yeeun looking sad which is weird since she’s always the happiest. Sun Mi was Cute with her smile, and did i catch Sohee winking (she’s always happy during her part) SunYe was great even though she was sick- she had all the right expressions and vocally quiet good. Yoobin also had good expressions and i barely noticed the hiccup.

  35. my korean friend tell me that sunye maybe sick 😦
    she know coz she was there… all the girls look so tired esp. Sunye look breathless, when i heard that i’m so worry about her…. hope Sunye and all the girls get better soon… i dont want to see them like this *cries*

  36. OMg it broke my heart seeing yeeun like that. I hope it’s nothing bad/serious. Bring my dorky/cheerful yeeun back please =[ yeeun ah, whatever happened (or if it’s just the busy workload) feel better soon! It really worries us who cares

  37. dbsk won!!! congrats for them, they surely deserve it.. although the girls didn’t win, dbsk di so i was still very happy.. still no interactions between them, they were so far apart… oh well, maybe they are not meant to be like wonderbang.. DBSK AND WONDER GIRLS HWAITING!!!

  38. wow i agree… ye eun.. this her worst perf ever >_< i hope she’s feeling okay, and sunmi too, they both looked really tired and dead…. sohee ye eun and yoobin were pretty tired lookin too but not as bad D:

  39. OMG!!!! Sunye was sick !!! where you got this news ?
    hope she ok. getting well soon my Sunye <333

    they all look tired – -* JYP plz take their rest !!!

  40. I love their outfit, they look like mermaid princesses which match their long extensions, but the perf was a little down and the screams are pretty loud, dbsk was the next performer right?, well congrats to them, our girls has 2 more perf thats great I get to watch them shake the dance floor!! love our wonder girls!! PLs always take good care of each other,
    wonder girls fighting!!!!!

  41. Sunye was sick but she always do her best
    i’m so proud of her ‘Min Leader’ ^^
    hope they take rest !!!!!

  42. maybe ye eun is sick or too tired… it’s really sad to see her like that… anyway cheer up Park Ye Eun….

  43. i kinda like the outfits..did they get the no.1 spot??? why is yeeun looking sad… it was an ok performance, maybe next time it would be heaps better… please take some rest… with school and busy schedules i hope it doesn’t stress them out.. WONDER GIRLS HWAITING!!!

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