Wonder Girls in Singapore for K-pop Concert

This is not a hoax. I actually learnt about this Kpop concert in Singapore from an Anbiholic friend, RgalSteff a few weeks back but nothing was confirmed yet. Then she told me about the artistes that would be coming yesterday (subject to change) but I didn’t want to post it yet until it’s really confirmed.

Well, many thanks to jean_kkp who emailed me about this and kyurella@livejournal who emailed the Korean embassy for information.

Well for the record, the Singapore Tourism Board has organized a Korea Festival 2008 from 1st to 18th November, with a variety of traditional and contemporary events, from fine arts to popular culture and mainstream music. But the highlight has got to be the K-Pop Concert which will be held on Tuesday evening, 4th November 2008 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Details are sketchy at the moment but the following is an email reply from the Embassy of the Republic of Korea who are the organizers for this event.

Thanks for expressing your interest in the K-Pop Concert, to be held on 4th November 2008 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

We are very excited to introduce a promising line-up of singers and performers from Korea, including established stars such as the Wonder Girls, Chae Yeon, Andy, JunJin, V.O.S., and Jewelry. Emerging artistes such as U-Kiss, 2PM, Peter and Kim Jong Wook will also feature in the performance on the 4th.

Ticketing arrangements for the K-Pop Concert are still being finalised. Tickets will not be sold through the usual outlets such as SISTIC. Instead, they will be given away over the next few weeks through our key sponsors, Far East Organisation, LG Electronics and Korean Air. You may wish to check with the above-mentioned sponsors on their plans to release tickets to the public.

Korea International Radio will also be holding live quizzes around mid-October to give away free tickets to listeners.

We encourage you to stay tuned for further developments and news in the media over the next few weeks.

Thank you.

It seems like it would be a lottery to get the tickets. While it’s great that the Wonder Girls are coming, but it looks like it would be a long shot to see them perform. But it’s nice to see them taking the time to come overseas to Singapore for a performance from their busy schedule. Hope that those who win the tickets are K-pop fans or at least become a convert after watching.


88 thoughts on “Wonder Girls in Singapore for K-pop Concert

  1. oh and thier flight is at 2pm 4th Nov
    if i’m not wrong ..i heard it from the fangirls at the airport :0

  2. juz got back airport!!!
    wonder girls arriving 2mr !!!
    but at least get to see the other korean singers ..:)

  3. Hi all, currently i have 2 pair of ticket from buying lg products and is willing to sell at $100. If anyone is interested to get them. Pls pm or call me at 90270257. First come first serve.

  4. hello!
    i may sell a pair of my ticket which i got for $200..
    i really want to go but i dont think i can make it now..T,T
    it is not confirmed (if i am going to sell it) yet..
    but if u are interested to get them..
    please sms me at 93986259..

  5. anybody know how to get the tickets? i’m from Malaysia… the girls are gonna be in Singapore… if i don’t go i’m gonna be very2 sad… 😦

  6. hahahah……woah…..are u guys freakingsure……….ahh….i’m so excited abt this…..but i can’t go cos too young πŸ™‚ hahah…any way would love to see them…

  7. Malaysian fan here!wg,jewelry,2pm(read:nickhun!!!) and kim Jong wook all in one place??!man I so want to go!!I’d kill for the tickets~~

  8. 4TH NOVEMBER! Im still having my O lvls mannnnnn! HOW COME LIKE THAT? I’ve always wanted to see korean pop stars with my own eyes and when i have the opportunity i dun have the chance -_-. I want to cry mannnnnnnn

  9. just asking, with regards to samsung products, can i buy something like earphones? cause i might be getting them if that’s the only way =.=

    and any idea when the promotions actually start?
    please keep us updated, coolsmurf! thanks!


    i am super excited yet pissed off when i realise how hard getting the tickets will be. when i think about it, all the people who get the tickets will be people who bought LG/Samsung stuff?

    Does anyone know exactly when do the wondergirls arrive in Singapore? Let’s go to the airport to see them!

  11. I think it’s the worst time to have the concert!! Apart from A levels there’s O levels at that time too :O damn


  13. Aww.
    Super late reply.
    But that’s really exciting! And a honor!
    I’m so glad that now Singapore and others who look this up will be able to see that WG is really one of the best in Korea.
    I hope they don’t get too tired from their schedule. It seems like they’re ALWAYS doing something or another.
    But I hope they have fun!
    I wish I could go to every concert. :/
    Damn Texas.

    thanks coolsmurf

  14. YAY!!
    i can’t wait!!
    i wanna see them too!
    although i’m not really a wonderful but cass but i enjoyed watching WG’s performance!
    i’m so willing to fork out a day during the O’s to see them!

  15. Please refer to #36 and join us the SG Wonderfuls! Then help by updating us if you got the latest info for the concert and also the arrival of the WG in SG..

    See ya all!

  16. 4 november?
    oh my… singapore is just like a few inches from my place…
    i’m totally dissapointed since i can’t go there…
    final exam already started that time… 😦

    however, wish the girls gOOd Luck!.. hehe…
    make us proud!

  17. i live in Malaysia, so its very near to singapore… but sadly my exams are coming up, so i have to focuse on my education… so sad… i doubt my parents would let me go though, i have a busy schedule lately, so glad to here good news from WONDER GIRLS, it really helps me release my stress. anyways, WONDER GIRLS AND WONDERFULS HWAITING111

  18. ^^that was what i was thinking, weird huh? they won’t even sell part of the tickets?
    we probably have to buy products from the sponsors,
    really hope we get to see them perform!!!

  19. Doesn’t matter if i don’t have the tickets. As long as Wonder Girls knew that they have fans in Singapore, They will be happy.

  20. Singaporean here! And a Wonderful, too πŸ˜€ I’m really hoping I would get to go, and I’m going to try my damned hardest to get the tickets. I wonder why they won’t they sell it, and instead give it away? I mean. If they sell it would be easier for us and what’s more, it’ll rake in profit for them. No? No?

    Aish but anyway. Joined the forum! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    singapore wonderful here. OMGOSH T_T

  22. oh .. i just joined the fb group when i was surfing around .. i would rather they hold it during the holidays and they could get a bigger crowd too ..

  23. come on people!

    we need all the wonderfuls in singapore to unite so that we stand a better chance of gettin tickets!

    Join us!

  24. HEY! i want to be part of the plan !
    and of SG WONDERFUl is forming, I WANNA BE INSIDE !
    wanted to see sunmi alot ! πŸ˜€ hahahahas.
    FOR words. I’M ALL FOR IT ! hohoho. πŸ˜€

  25. omg im from sg too, cant wait for em to come, but it seems like the tickets are hard to get, becox there would be like 5 person thats going to the concert wif me, so i doubt we would be able to get the tickets?

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  27. omgg you guys cant leave me out!
    WG and 2PM
    even if that means skipping school. (which I totally dont mind)

  28. hahaha! seems like great support is coming from Singapore!!

    Well singapore wonderfuls, we are on Facebook too!

    SG wonderfuls

    JOIN US!

    Wondergirls Whaiting!

  29. I WANT TO GO!!!I DON’T CARE EVEN IF IT TAKES ME TO BEG DOWN ON THEIR KNEES FOR THOSE PRECIOUS TICKETS. Hahaha…sorry for my capitalised post..i’m just super excited. I’m definitely joining u guys…i’m gonna listen to coolktime everyday even though the dj bores me to sleep..haha

  30. DAMN…. THIS IS CRAP…!@#$@#%$&%^*&^*&^*&^( HOLY SH!T$#%$#^%$&%$&… IM HAVING O’ LVL FROM OCT TO NOV>> @$#%$%$#^%$&%^&*^%*%^*&

  31. I have joined the forums,
    this is exciting eh

    LG, probably we would have to get a phone. ahhhh all out for wondergirls.

    I wished the tickets were easier to obtained.
    it will be a kick in the a** if we didn’t got the tickets

    every one stick to coolktime

  32. yah someone should start something on facebook perhaps or something easy to access and then i will post about it and everyone can discuss about the plans. But it’s not going to be easy because the organizers are all Korean. or someone email jypentertainment!

    I am all for it.

  33. I totally agree with everyone.
    We need to get organised. If we band together as a local fan base, that will give us more leverage to get tickets. Shall we??? Its not gonna be easy but I’m sure we can get something together..
    Coolsmurf what say you on this? Your opinion matters the most..hahah

    Anyway my email – denise_tsh@hotmail.com

  34. why does it have to be on November 8!? it’s a week after our semester break! huhuhu.. i cannot go….i wish i can, but i can’t..huhuhu..

  35. To #13 – Hmm… I also don’t know… HAHA!

    Why no we gather all SG Wonderfuls first. Let’s see… We need to create a website first… Yahoo groups? Invisionfree forums? any ideas?

  36. i wanna meet WG (plus 2pm). i dont know whether i got school on that day or not. argh!!! if no school, i shall meet them at the airport!

    #6 i want i want!!

    *now off to tell my frens*

  37. So far there’s no S’pore wonderful FC or anything right?
    Then why not we form it now ^^ Haha! Then maybe coolsmurf can lead us or something.. HAHA!

  38. OH MY GOSH!!!!!


    DEAR #2, I agree on catching them at the airport!! I hope to get my Nobody album signed..haha far fetched I know..but it’s worth a try!

    So exciting!!

  39. omg! I wanted to go to Singapore to watch them, too bad I have class on November, I wanted to see them……
    wonder girls fighting!!!

  40. Ahhh.. did jean_kkp also told you that we might wanna form a S’pore WG FanClub if there isn’t one yet and maybe can get together to prepare for WG arrival in S’pore…
    OMGOMG.. I’m too excited for it now… Hope the organization can faster reply my email… >.<

  41. OMG i would totally kill to attend the concert!
    BUT because of my freaking A’levels, it’s impossible.
    WHY must it be in november? WHY not december?
    I’m so bummed out now.:'(

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