Wonder Girls Are K-Chart No.1 for 2nd Consecutive Week

The Wonder Girls won No.1 for the second consecutive week on Music Bank with the much anticipated showdown between the most popular female and male group in Korea right now, DBSK (did not appear) not happening.

We are into the 3rd week of “Nobody” promotion and the Wonder Girls picked up their second consecutive No.1 on Music Bank. To sum it up, Music Bank today was almost like a carbon copy of what happened last week. The Wonder Girls were up against the same competition in Big Bang and the Brown Eyed Girls while DBSK remained in 4th place. You can see from picture below that the Wonder Girls won with a massive 8350 points, x2 of Brown Eyed Girls.

The Wonder Girls wore the same silver outfits (with some feathers) like they did last week on Music Bank. Good solid performance with little to no faults.

Waiting Room + Winning No.1

Nobody Performance | Direct Download (Right-click, save link/target as)


76 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Are K-Chart No.1 for 2nd Consecutive Week

  1. im kind of tired of people saying that MNET hates
    the girls, they dont HATE them, i think hate is too strong…
    but rather they dont really acknowledge them…

    and yes i know about all of the MNET/WG incidents…
    like the girls not winning only after they stopped
    promoting and also about the MNET PD’s bashing on
    Ye Eun (seriously how could they! she is too promising…)

    i just would rather that people didnt say they didnt
    win because MNET ‘hates’ them, i mean you win some
    you lose some…

    but the girls are doing awesome and they worked
    their butts off for this! they deserve the win!
    its all about the song and in this case NOBODY is the SHIZT!

  2. MichaelAyche: i m glad you wrote that comment because i went to check and its true! i hope they have so hot on there soon. jyp and his connections got wonder girls up on itunes which is frigging amazing

  3. i feel great to them…
    it doesn’t matter if they won or not..
    i’m just hoping that they will always n forever perform in a better ways and keep improving like what they did today..

    the girls are full with superb quality that one day the world will see it… šŸ™‚

    me will 4ever with ya!.. hehe…

  4. Since I can’t find another place to tell you this, I shall tell you here! ^_^

    Wonder Girls are on USA iTunes! I was randomly searching last week and came across the Wonder Years album! and about an hour ago, I searched them again to find that ‘Nobody’ has been added as well! This is AMAZING and i thought that you would like to know if you haven’t already! ^_^

    GO WG!

  5. i dont get why mnet hates the wondergirls??
    the wonder girls are known for being really respectful juniors to everyone and having great manners when making appearances. so i dont understand why they would be hated by a tv show?? uhh šŸ˜¦

    but congrats! great girls, great song, great win šŸ™‚

    dbsk is great though.

  6. aren’t dbsk and the girls appearing for some concert today!?

    hoping for some wondershinki moments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. they looked gorgeous!!
    love the sparkly white outfits & that hair.
    i miss the natural look of the irony days & the so hot look, but this nobody look makes them truly unique compared to other girl groups!

  8. BEG can win the award,just wait WG to stop promotion and rest
    btw,they had a chance to win in Mnet countdown,but they lost to DBSK
    would you blame DBSK for it? lol

  9. @rant
    theres no use of saying that in this website… that is if you don’t want to get bashed… they are both good, and wonder girls deserve this award as much as BEG… wonder girls really worked hard for it! i would be happy if BEG had won, so i hope you can do the same thing for wonder girls.. if you respect our girls and give them support us wonderfuls will do the same to BEG… i like BEG too, i think their vocals are excellent!

  10. @rant,why go to a wondergirls fansite if you dont think they deserve everything they have? BEG is also amazing but WG is also talented and deserving.

  11. Mnet is not SM biased. YG is the one which has freaking shares in Mnet. and again i say, WG doesn’t deserve to win. BEG does. it’s just plain sad to see an amazing group’s talent go unnoticed just because of a catchy song belonging to another group under a better entertainment company. sucks to be the former.

    Brown Eyed Girls FTW!

  12. nice perf!!
    i know they’ll stay #1 for a longgg time!!
    as in… how come they dont win???
    and in Music Bank they get 8,000+!!!
    whats wrong with Mnet…
    well… anyway…
    GO WG!!!

  13. just saw the performance
    i notice YooBin and YeEun switched place now
    right before the bridge
    YeEun’s on the right instead of the left now.

  14. Woah they totally KILLLLLED IT.
    That’s ridiculous!!
    But definately well earned. :DDDD
    I’m so late on my replys now šŸ˜¦ but my thoughts are always with the WG! haa

    thanks coolsmurf

  15. How about no more bashing here PERIOD! Regardless who the artists may be, bashing should not be allowed at all X__X It’s happening too often now, here and everywhere else. Please go away if you’ve got nothing meaningful to say.

    YAY WONDER GIRLS GOT NUMBER 1!!! That’s what I’m talkin’ about ^__^

  16. Please guys no bashing against DBSK they are still the girls sunbae’s and I don’t want the girls to end up like snsd (aka hated by everyone) so let’s respect each artist and be wonderful (calm and faithful)…

  17. Also… I love their hair here, and their outfits are uber cute. I like their hair like this better than the long ponytails. The long ponytails are scary.

  18. WHOA! YAY WG!! I’m surprised they beat DBSK also, but I mean, really, in we’re going to be real and honest here, “Nobody” is a much catchier and more fun song than “Mirotic”.

    I’m so happy! TWICE BEG?! Ohmygoodness!!

    WG JJANG! ^o^

  19. wow so many non-wg fans in a wonder girls page….
    thank you!!!!!!…………..

    ahaha…..good job girls!!!!!!!!

  20. yeah,that was bb’s second song heaven.i cant believe people still love it since they never promoted it. congrats WG,u are still the best


    3 girls with mad talent (BEG) is infinity times better than 1 girl with mad talent (WG aka Ye Eun).


    BEG is seriously too underrated. WG? Let’s just say they have JYP to thank their freaking stars on.

  22. I LOVED the Gain and Sunmi hug. They are so cute. My gosh, the little alien is the most random girl ever. She did the silliest moves and I just couldn’t help but laugh everytime!

  23. man….screw MNet!
    But yay for WG winning this week’s K-Chart!
    honestly, you wouldn’t love this song? it’s so addictive!!

    and the girls look beautiful like always šŸ™‚

  24. I’m so happy to see SunMi looking like she’s actually enjoying their performances again. This is great – WG’s really doing well for themselves. Fighting!

  25. Yay, Wonder Girls! Thanks as always, CoolSmurf!

    It looks like SunMi gave her flowers to BEG (was it Ga-In)? SunMi was the only WG without a bouquet or trophy, and one of the BEG left with a bunch of flowers.

  26. Hi, this is Wenzhuang here.
    Not sure if you are aware, WG will be in Singapore for a Korean Festival.

    Someone @ lj suggest we shall set up one website or forum for Singapore Wonderfuls.
    And we would like to ask if you’re interested in making the forum? šŸ˜€

    contact me if you want to! ^^

  27. is yeeun wearing a full back wig or did she dye her hair back to black again ? :O i think she didnt dye it…right?

  28. i like it when they cut the repetition of the chorus. i hope they perform this version more – shorter version but still awesome (and not too many ‘nobodies’).

    and maybe someday one whole version of rainstone remix šŸ™‚

    ahh the possibilities

  29. i love love the victory dance that Sun Mi, So Hee, and Yoo Bin did. i was searching all over for where that dance can be from but i dont know. lol who dances that? lol

    WG fighting! ^^
    love love the outfits too! i just wish they are blue hehe. ^^

    nobody, nobody but them~~!!

    as far as I understood it, is Mubank based on online charts??
    Mnet on a bunch of things, but mainly fan votes. and Inki a mixture of both?? This is how i always understood it, someone care to clarify??

    Look where ambition gets you!! #1


  31. i love both DBSK and Wondergirls!! I think both are attractive in their own ways!!!

    Congrats to Wondergirls! ^^

    I will love to see the two grps share a special stage together! ^^

    GO KPOP!! ā¤

  32. wonder girls “nobody” deserve the top spot. the song itself is awesome…even if you dont speak korean,the “nobody” part is enough to get stuck in your head the first time u hear it! and ofcourse WG is amazing…i must say they perform nobody really well!…

  33. winning video? anyone?

    why wasn’t dbsk there??

    our girls are the best…sunye was relly good in this performance ā¤

    GO GO GO GO WONDERFULS ^________<

  35. Wonder Girls for the Win!!! So happy they got number one!They really deserve it, their live performance has gotten so much better!!!

  36. Okay! so I’m like so confuse with all the voting and etc… and the #’s are so high for mb! but then what’s up with the mnet #’s? Is the voting status different on all the music show? And how come in only one show, the Wonder Girls are winning big #’s then next they’re like #7 in another show… Does all the Wonderful only go onto one music show and vote for them there? It’s clueless for me…someone explain??

  37. YAY!

    2 weeks in a row and they won by a record breaking 8350 points!!! what what~

    i loved their perf, I loved their new silver dresses!! ahhh Sun Mi and Sunye really shined during this perf. Sun Mi’s big smile in the beginning was L O V E and Sunye’s expressions are lovely!!they really know how to capture that era~

    thanks for the speedy upload!!
    do you happen to have the clip of their winning speech?
    i heard MiSoBin do a little victory dance together!

  38. hey is there a video of them winning today!???

    i wanna seeee!!!…can sumone plz uplioad it!..


  39. lol . . either way im just glad that WG even get to go up against DBSK (top artist dude) im proud to call myself a wonderful cass. both group are amazing in there own way.

    CONGRATS ^.^

  40. now this is what i call a COUNTdown!!!
    all were counted!!!
    glad they are number 1!
    more to come!!!!
    GO WG!!!

  41. so proud… but why is the video not available too watch??? i don’t think mnet hates the wonder girls, i don’t care if dbsk gets no.1 or the wonder girls.. they are both my no.1 kpop idol group… still waiting for an amazing collab from wondershinki though…

  42. Mnet result was base on voting…
    dbsk have the larger fans base to vote..
    just as simply as that..
    don’t accuse without having any info..

  43. well…i guess it’s really mnet who hates our girls…LOL j/k
    it reminded me when they were still promoting so hot…
    it wasn’t until the girls stooped performing in M countdown when they won 2 consecutive times…. maybe they’ll win when they’re not perfoming on mnet? *sigh*

  44. Woohoo~! Congratulations!
    Now topping music shows are either DBSK or WG…
    Everybody fighting! Haha!

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