Wonder Girls @ M! Countdown 081009

The Wonder Girls started their music show schedule with M! Countdown today, dressed in the pink outfits they wore before on Music Core and sporting long hair extensions (better than those hideous wigs anyway!).

Another polished performance with no faults. I just realized how much I love watching their synchronized dance movements. By the way, their stage today was bathed in a glow and it was amazing. Nobody was only #7 on the ranking and DBSK won #1, pipping Brown Eyed Girls who was #2.

I love it when they do this. All Hail, Park Yosa!


53 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ M! Countdown 081009

  1. Why do you guys think DBSK shouldn’t have won over WG?….
    Im not beating on anyone, but DBSK works really hard, not to mention they also have great talent. Just saying.

  2. Just heard the girls won today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WG ar always #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. why DBSK????
    no way!
    wonder girls are wayy better.
    nobody is a hit!!
    SMASH hit.
    They deserve to be #1!!
    I think either Mnet hates JYP Entertainment
    or someone’s messing up the numbers…

  4. Ever since I saw 2PM’s 1st debut stage on Mnet, I knew something was fishy..let’s just say Mnet is not the ideal stage to debut a band/singer..grrr! And IF Mnet dislikes JYP artists than that is so low..

    The performance was flawless and so insync! Loved it. <33

  5. mnet is friends with sm…
    not that i’m saying dbsk doesn’t deserve it but come on it should have been WGs & DBSK not BEG.

    anyways performance was awesome i love how they are rocking the long hair ponytail more.
    look forward to more “Nobody” performances.

  6. i love thei hair and i LOVE those WIGS too.i think they look good on both .
    besides no7?????wow,thats soo sad but hope that girls will do better on other shows

  7. 7? their song is a hit but they only got 7? Mnet sure has a grudge over JYPE…huhu..on the other hand..the girls look pretty and they did great…hope they will win other show

  8. i don’t mind if they didn’t get no.1..but only at no. 7??and yet WG are topping all the charts?how ironic?MNET is seriously biased towards our girls..

  9. It’s only #7 because the song has about 3 parts. It’s so repetitive that the chorus is sung like 20 times. It’s catchy, but gets boring because they just keep singing the same parts over and over again, even more so than other songs.

  10. wonder girls should of won.
    how come they’re at #7?! (shame on mnet, jk :P)
    i mean dbsk did a good job on mirotic too,
    but the girls putted so much effort into this.
    at least they won at music bank last week.
    it’s not so bad. still, wonder girls fighting!
    dbsk too x]

  11. So Hee is the only one without a fringe 😮
    I agree, one of the best Nobody performances
    GO WGS~~~~~ =]

  12. This is one of my favorite Nobody performances!
    It was really pretty and everyone did really well.

    I’m kind of confused at the #7 thing too though.
    How exactly does Mnet rank their artists?
    You’d think they’d be at least in the top 5..

    Hmm.. I guess we’ll have to wait to see how they do on other music shows this week before we judge Mnet as being biased/unfair to WG.
    (Although DBSK is probably going to own everyone.. =\)

  13. omg this is by far the best nobody performance ever~ sohee was great, sunmi was beautiful, yeeun was strong, yoobin was sexy, and sunye was awesome.


  14. Gasp!
    I would’ve guessed top 3 easily!
    Maybe wonderfuls were too stunned by their performance to vote correctly. xD
    I’m always so late on commenting now thanks to golf! :/
    Well anyway I loved their outfits and all!

    thanks coolsmurf

  15. awesome! i live in tx, but mine hasn’t come in…why is it taking so longgg…. =(

    i can’t wait to put up my poster!

  16. its ok, maybe next time…congrats to dbsk though, they desreved it… WONDER GIRLS & DBSK FIGHTING!!!

  17. Come on its only the 3rd award. & they won the first one. 1 out of 3? I’m not complaining. 😛

    They’re doing great.

    && Major congrats to my boys, DBSK.

    WG fighting!!

  18. I could care less about them getting #7. Mnet hates them XD

    BUT YUM!! Their performances are getting so awesome. I’m so proud of the girls. Looking super fine as always ❤ NO WIGS! YESH!

  19. hey! yes I do, I’m in NJ. And yep, the poster comes wrapped around the CD, I thought it was a dust cover but when you take it off and unfold it, it’s a poster 😉 it’s the brown one with the many square pictures of their faces ^^

  20. omg, sharon, do you live in the states? i preordered mine but it hasn’t come in yet…so we DO get a poster?!

  21. I’m seriously in love with this song!! too bad WG’s didnt win! I think they really deserved it ah well I like DBSK too so no worries!

  22. great performance!!

    I got my preordered Nobody CD in the mail today! There was a poster wrapped around the CD and the booklet is nice and wide!! Totally unexpected.

    And I watched that video of them speaking English…seriously really good English! I don’t even think Ye Eun missed any words. I thought they were better than Boa at her press conference. ❤ and the interviewer even asked them the questions in english

    but its ok if they dont come to america!! they are still awesome

  23. its a shame that wg arent winning more awards right now even well they are clearly doing better vocally with this song than any other song they have promoted. they deserve it now more than ever because of the extra efforts they put into this song after all the criticisms from their performances for so hot. ❤ them. they were so amazing in this performances. i cant wait to see the rest of the performances over the weekend.

  24. yep mnet has always had a thing for JYP artists…..not sure why but don’t really care………. mnet plays fav…

    but yup always next time!!!!!!!….they look so dreamy!!!

  25. Yeah,agreed I mean I seriously think it’s because M!countdown does not like the Wonder Girls,I wonder why,I mean are they just hating on them,cause they also did the same thing on So Hot,they won every show,and on M!countdown they got 2nd to Teayang,when So Hot was at a higher charting place than his ”only look at me” or whatever.

    I like their outfits,and I love all of them! Go Wonder Girls!

  26. their synchronized dancing is one of the things i love about the girls!.. too bad they didn’t get #1. well, it doesn’t matter coz we all know it’s a hit.

  27. It’s the power of those dresses I tell you! I love these dresses the most. Another great performance from Wonder Girls, we all know who the real winners are. XD

  28. yes why #7? how can that be? come on you can see that they should be #1 now, well what can I do, but the girls did really great and the stage was all dazzling and wow for words and the girls in their cute one sided extension, they should be near number 1 or better yet # 1
    wonder girls fighting!!!

  29. WHAT?! They were number 7? Seriously, Mnet really does not favor JYP artists. I can’t believe I only realize this now. Seriously can’t believe DBSK took #1. I really wanted the girls to win.

  30. mnet hates them =D
    remember with so hot? taeyang?
    i mean, wg won in all the other music shows except
    m!countdown, and then they stopped appearing in the program until they won.
    nobody is a hit, how can it be in #7?
    album sales?
    i thought they were doing well =S
    and, they won in music bank last week

    the perf was great
    the stage looked really cool for the first time in m!countdown
    and all of them looked gorgeous

  31. WonderShinki hwaiting<3

    We’ll be voting for DBSK as best male group and WG as best female group


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