So Hee’s Babyface Most Envied by Females

So Hee who has been promoting “Nobody” with the Wonder Girls was the top choice among female voters for having a babyface (best) to be envied.

In a poll done by over a period of 3 months between July to September 2008 with 2,150 voters (1,526 by street interviews, 624 through internet), the most enviable babyface accolade went to Ahn So Hee of the Wonder Girls who got an overwhelming 1,118 votes (52%) over the rest.

In second place was actress Moon Geun Young who had 365 votes (17%), Go Ara was next with 236 votes (11%), figure skater Kim Yu-Na was fourth with 172 votes (8%) while the rest of the competition got 126 votes (12%).

The most enviable babyface for the 20s age bracket was Lim Soo Jung, Choi Kang Hee for the 30s and Hwang Shin Hye for the 40s. Han Ji Min, Kim Tae Hee and Jang Nara were also among the choices from the poll.

The most common traits among the enviable babyfaces were having a small face, healthy looking skin which made them look 5 – 6 years younger.


26 thoughts on “So Hee’s Babyface Most Envied by Females


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  3. Hahahahah I agree with Mari.
    I don’t think she thinks of it as others do..
    But I mean even though she is extremellyyyyy adorably cute she can also be sexyhot and really beautiful!
    And haha it makes em’ look 5-6 years younger!?
    She’s already young. xD

    thanks coolsmurf

  4. oh yes sohee is very cute, with her mandu cheeks. but i personally wouldn’t envy a baby face..i mean…it’s a baby face..i like to be taken seriously.

    hyori should be in the polls for the 30s, even though she’s only almost 30 but..she looks great. and i don’t think go ara has a baby face at all.

  5. congrats to sohee she deserves it, if I have a face like that I would be the happiest girl in the world, one of the reason I like her is because of her face, if i may say she stands out the most among the girls because her skin is very clear and healthy most specially when she wears bright colored clothes (red and yellow)
    sohee fighting!!!
    wonder girls fighting!!!

  6. So, uh, I just heard on allkpop that JYP wants to create a Wonder Girls 2.0 to ship to China. O.O

    Man, whoever’s playing Sohee’s counterpart will seriously have a problem. I doubt there’s another mandoo face that can beat Sohee, and if there is, man, I can’t wait to see her.

  7. SOHEE AH!! 😀
    Over 52% of the vote?? wow!!!
    I’m so proud of her even though it’s just a babyface contest. lol.
    Too bad that they’re going to the US. I wanted her to star in one of those teenage drama…:(
    but I guess it’s okay since she and the rest of the WG be on the same soil as me!!! 😀 hehehehehehe!!!

  8. ^ yepp yepp WGs is the best!! with or witout make up lol

    SO HEE is beautiful! *squeezes her cheeks* (^0^)

  9. she’s cuter when she doesn’t wear makeup! in star golden bell you can clearly see her babyface! she’s so cute

  10. lol if sohee has a baby face that makes her 5-6 years younger… she’d look like 10 year old? lol
    interestingly enough it’s from a plastic surgery website…
    i wonder if people will start wanting the “sohee” look lol

  11. I love her mandu cheeks ^3^
    It’s pretty weird for her to be winning when there are women several years older than her. Plus, she’s still growing, so… skin that makes her look younger? I wish I had healthy skin… Tennis takes that away… I still wouldn’t have her fluffy cheeks…

  12. I think that’s something she herself doesn’t enjoy, because regardless of how old she gets, she’ll still look so young. It’s weird seeing the rest of her body mature, and her face remain so young.

    But heck, If I had a face like that I would be freaking happy if people tried to card me at the age of 21.

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