So Hee Cameos for That Person Is Coming Sitcom (9P)

The sight of Wonder Girls maknae member Ahn So Hee appearing at the filming area for MBC “That Person is Coming” sitcom attracted lots of fans who gathered around and watched in anticipation at her first sitcom cameo.

Lee Jae Young (Jung Jae Yong) asks his twin sister Jae Suk to set up a ’sogeting’ (set-up date) with Wonder Girls’ So Hee because she’s his ideal type. But Jae Suk goes on to arrange a ’sogeting’ for him with her friend Mal Hee (Ahn So Hee) who looks like So Hee instead (So Hee doesn’t play herself).

The filming took place at a coffee joint and Jung Jae Yong was really waiting nervously for So Hee to appear for filming like a real date. He expressed, “The weather might be hot and filming was likely to be tough, but those watching gave me lots of encouragement and support. So Hee appearance today will give me even more strength (energy). This will be a beautiful memory”.

So Hee expressed, “Although this was my first time appearing in a sitcom, Jae Yong oppa and the drama production staff took really good care of me. The job was completed successfully so please anticipate my performance.” So Hee’s cameo appearance will be shown in Episode 7 on 14th October.

More photos of So Hee in her cameo role.

credit: MBC


43 thoughts on “So Hee Cameos for That Person Is Coming Sitcom (9P)

  1. sohee’s is so pretty. her legs are nice like like they’re not bulgy like some others, her’s are even like in pic 2. :]

  2. LOL So Hee and the guy look so cute together 🙂

    Does anyone know if the photos were taken in Ilsan?? I went there this year, and it looks really like it, especially in the one with the guy jumping up.

  3. Sohee’s so cuuuuute! ^o^ I’d like to watch it. Her outfit looks so cute. Love the socks!

    Her legs are so long!!! >.<

  4. lol…. I think the top of her icecream fell off ><

    eww the catcher and the rye…. i didn’t like that book with a passion

  5. Sohee ❤
    I really wanna see the show she cameod in!
    all pictures are cute, esp when the ice cream wasnt visible from her cone anymore xD

    I can’t wait for this to come out hahaah.
    Been waiting for her to have another acting experience.

    thanks coolsmurf

  7. oooOOH!!

    this looks soooo good!
    and Sohee’s holding one of my fav books!!!
    i can’t wait for this to air next week!

    thanks for the info!

  8. I will going to watch it no matter what, sohee looks cute in all pics, I like the last photo she’s like a doll in that hairstyle, just wanted to hug her, so adorable!!
    sohee fighting!!
    wonder girls fighting!!

  9. keke sohee ahhhhh
    i cant wait to watch this episode!
    aw @ her mandoo cheeks in the 2nd pic ^^
    she looks adorable in that outfit and i love her hair like this!
    go so hee

  10. haha yeah she looks adorable in that second picture
    & in all the other pictures.
    man, it’s so understandable why her face is the most desired babyface in her age group.
    anyway 🙂

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