H-Eugene feat. Ye Eun – Baby I Love You

H-Eugene has come out with his new mini-album and his title track “Baby I Love You” actually features the vocals of Ye Eun of the Wonder Girls! Ye Eun is the third Wonder Girl member after Yoo Bin and Sun Ye to have a solo collaboration outside of the Wonder Girls. And once again, be amazed by Ye Eun vocals once again as she adopts a cutesy tone while singing this light-beat tune.

And because this is H-Eugene’s title track, he will be performing on music shows and there’s a possiblity that Ye Eun might appear on stage with him. I remember Bae Seul Gi doing the same thing earlier this year. I just saw the MV also but as expected, they had a generic girl lip-syncing to Ye Eun vocals.

39 thoughts on “H-Eugene feat. Ye Eun – Baby I Love You

  1. how come they never use Wonder girls in the MV
    like Sunye in Energy
    Yoobin in Minwoo’s & uhh forgot the other one
    and now YeEun’s not in the MV too

  2. COOL!
    ahh, she sounds very nice
    yes i hope she does perform with him
    thank you, aww it sucks, she’s not in the MV though

  3. ^^ Lol..okay..

    Omgsh. I love this song tabits!!! I really hope Ye eun performs with him onstage!! Her vocals are always greatt!!~~

  4. Now I want some So Hee and SunMi outside collab.. Mandoo could rap (her kickass rap), and Sunmi could def use her husky voice … <33

  5. thanks man for the mv! its ok but disspointing that she didnt appear but cant wait for the performances. *cross fingers* she will appear.

    @ giantdino THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE MP3!! ^^

  6. Cute! I’m not that into the song though. This reminds me when Sun Ye collaborated with Mighty Mouth.

    I think Ye Eun would perform would him for awhile, and then, stop kinda like Sun Ye.

    It’s great that their collaboration is a title track though! HOORAH!

    Doesn’t sound like Ye Eun. She totally created a new tone, and she sounds amazing as always. =D

    I can’t wait until Sun Mi starts branching out, too!!

  7. omo i wanna see ye eun performing this song the last time i saw her performing on stage along is with One Two really cant wait im getting so excited.

  8. I like this song~
    since this is H-Eugene’s title song, i hope she performs with him!!

    thanks for the vid! but i wish Yeeun was in the mv though….

  9. I had this song on replay (replay replay LOL) earlier today and now im just so glad she’s getting noticed by artists ^__^

    Hopefully she will perform live with him. Heck, maybe Yoobin with Minwoo too (for Honey, even though he’s not promoting it xD)! Just a dream I suppose. XD

    Now how about getting SunMi some collaborations? LOL

  10. so that leaves sunmi who hasn’t done anything solo… hope she gets to soon… i ike her voive too… for me sunmi has the best voice in wg cuz her voice is low and husky… but she doesn’t show her great voice anymore… ye eun did a nice job… sweet…

  11. Yay! For Ye Eun,she is finally getting what she deserves and hopefully she will get more! =) I am so proud of the Wonder Girls,they deserve what they get,they work so hard for this. Go Ye Eun,and The Wonder Girls in general!

  12. its about time, yeEun has really cute vocals, I’m loving the song and loving her even more!
    YeEun fighting!!
    Wonder Girls fighting!!

  13. YeEun’s voice is so sweet, and I like this song.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the stage performance that YeEun will be singing in.
    Go, YeEun~ Go, YeEun~

  14. Wow nice song i love it ^.^
    Ye Eun Voice is awsome ^^
    but i thought she will apear in MV >_<
    I hate when another girl apear in the MV
    in place of the singer …
    in the end i love Ye Eun Voice ..
    Ye Eun Fighting ^__^

  15. Noooo I wanted to be the first. T.T
    I love this song, I’ve been replaying it since earlier today.
    I love the way it flows, and has a dance beat to it. I can definitely see this song being played in clubs.
    I love Ye Eun!!!!

  16. wow Ye Eunn is the best. keke
    but the girl in the mv is JJ, kim jong kook’s prodigy? no?
    it sure looks like her. hehe

    i’m really digging the song. Ye Eunnaa fighting!

  17. I love her vocals here. It’s new and refreshing.
    Gosh, she’s the best! She never fails to amaze me =)

  18. omfg, i love this song
    ye euns voice is sooo good
    this has been on replay for mad longgg
    i havent gotten sick of it lmao
    this will be on replay for awhile for me

    i hope she performs this live too
    too bad she wasnt in the video
    lmao, wouldve been soo much better
    with the WONDA GURLL

  19. whoa…..when i read that she adopted a cutsey voice i was a little disappointed. but to my surprise, it’s the nice pretty kind of cute voice! i was expecting a squeaky annoying sounding one. good for ye eun! i actually really like the song, especially ye eun’s parts!

  20. too bad yeeun’s not in the video instead 😦
    i wanna see HER in a mv!
    who’s this girl… lol
    ❤ her voice, forever and ever 🙂
    my fave wg. always 🙂

  21. Awwee..!! YeEun sounds so NICE in the song !!
    LOVEEE ITTT!!! <33333
    yeah..agree with ab! hope YeEun appears on stage with H-Eugene!! yay YeEun!! WG Fighting!!<333333

  22. HOOOOTTT!!!!
    Hahha I love this song.
    I hope she does appear on stage with him! That would be awesome!

    thanks coolsmurf

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