Wonder Girls MNet M! CountDown Photos (46P) 081002

Always one week late, MNet.com official HQ pictures of the Wonder Girls “Nobody” performance and Sun Mi’s special stage on M! Countdown.

Samples from the entire collection, makes me hate the wigs even more!!!

Download (UU) | password: mnet


20 thoughts on “Wonder Girls MNet M! CountDown Photos (46P) 081002

  1. I agree with everyone above that said Sunmi’s pic was the hottest!
    I’m so jealous. She’s SO pretty and natural!
    I love her with long hair and side bangs. :DD

    thanks coolsmurf

  2. i applaud the wondergirls for carrying out their performance with such passion & charisma even with the ridiculous wigs! they definitely have a style all their own. sunmi is so pretty..her expression is kind of weird but yeah, 🙂

  3. IDK, I sorta like the wigs, they add more effect to the whole 60s-70s vibe :]

    and I like how they didn’t skankify Sun Mi for that performance.

  4. Sun Mi is my new favorite.
    because she portray my favorite Grace memeber pretty well.
    When she Stephanie’s dance for a second I was wow at how good she did & how well she looks like Stephanie.
    The performance was bad but Sun Mi outshine Nam Gyuri & Ga In & the performance made me miss The Grace even more.

    Anyways I agree they should do w/o the wigs & rock the long ponytail more it looks better.

  5. I think Ye Eun looks the best with the wig since her face has a nice enough long shape to fit it. Yoobin looks the least attractive in it because it makes her face look really chubby even though we all know she ain’t.

    Sun Mi, looking smokin’ hot! Although the dress kinda reminds me of a plastic trash bag. XD

  6. wow! Sunmi really looked mature here and gorgeous!!

    is it just the hair and outfit or yoobin gained weight? but still, she’s hot…

  7. omgosh..SUNMI look SOOO GORGEOUS!!
    hmm..i thnk they all look fine in wigs they looks CUTE ><!! lolz..they really do wen u look at them in another angle…= =
    WG <33333333

  8. hehe sunye’s wig sorta looks like a beret made of hair.
    anyway, yeeun has def lost a bit of weight, while yoobin has def gained some weight.
    which is prob all for the best cus theyreall stick skinny T_T

  9. thanks dude…
    i still love the wigs, though SunYe’s is kind of errr…
    the rest are good with me… fits the image

  10. yeah…
    i agree with you, mei
    the long pony-tailed hair was better.
    or, better yet,
    their own hair!
    i like sunmi’s hair…
    it’s so nice!!
    i want to curl my hair like hers… XD

  11. the only one who looked good is definitely Sun Mi… She looks so gorgeous with her long hair^^
    the wigs should go… their real hair looks better ^o^V

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