JY Park Taking the Wonder Girls to the Next Level

Except for the sagging album sales which is prevalent in the Korean music industry nowadays save for a few exceptions like DBSK, the Wonder Girls have already achieved a lot since their debut last year and their CEO Park Jin Young thinks that they are ready to move on to the next level, America.


Park Jin Young held an informational meeting at the JYP Center yesterday where he talked about the Wonder Girls and their future plans for fans.

1. No specific information was revealed but it’s confirmed that “Nobody” will be the Wonder Girls last album before they leave for America on 14th February next year. They will have their concert in Korea before leaving. They will do promotions in America with lots of breaks in between unlike their Korea promotions which was always full of activities from day to night and made the girls very tired. The length of the breaks were not specified by the staff.

They are going there to recharge themselves and JYP has a special project planned for the Wonder Girls. (Then what about school for Ye Eun, Sun Mi, So Hee and Yoo Bin? Sun Ye is not going for entrance exams this year?)

2. With regards to the image and song leak prior to the album release, it was not a marketing gimmick but a real leak. (Who did it then? Ghost?)

3. There aren’t any fan-signing events planned because it’s too tiring for the girls who had to sign approximately 150 CDs in a hour last time.

4. There are no plans for HyunA to return to the Wonder Girls who will remain a 5-member group. They declined to reveal any plans for HyunA for the future.

5. No birthday parties for the Wonder Girls because they have a hectic schedule to keep. JYPE didn’t want to make promises without being able to keep it.

6. No DVD of the fanmeeting will be released. The Wonder Girls are not against the idea but they are not sure since it was a special moment for them.

7. They did not want to release CDs that are the same of other artistes; If they tried selling CDs at fan signings, the girls would have to sign 3000 CDS in a hour which is too taxing.

8. The numerous outdoor performances and concerts are due to the television PDs requests. Basically it’s between the PDs and the company.

9. They will put more effort and spruce up the website.

10. There are rumors that JYPE are not allowing the Wonder Girls to talk on fancafes and reveal themselves. They deny that and said 2PM are talking on fancafes. It’s the Wonder Girls decision on whether they want to do it or not.

11. JYPE are trying to change So Hee’s on-air personality and behavior. But one cannot change their personality. So Hee has acknowledged it however and knows that she needs to change. Ye Eun has signed on with JYPE as a composer in addition to being a Wonder Girl member.

12. They ordered lightsticks but due to errors, they are only preparing them now. There are no talk of any change in their balloon colors.

13. They do not care about the doubling of the chorus part in “Nobody”. They realize that although the girls are lacking in talent, when they sing good, they have to praise them. When they do badly, instead of yelling at them, they have to encourage them that they will do better the next time round.

14. Park Jin Young himself determines the concept. Make-up is done by a old-timer in the company so it’s hard to change the make-up, etc.

15. When the Wonder Girls are doing promotions in America, they would have been prepared well enough so that they would not be embarassed. The music industry in Korea is shrinking with lesser and lesser CDs being sold. JYP expressed that he always want to make his artistes the best, number 1 and at the top. Everything he does has a heavy American influence.

Sceptical about their command of the English language? Watch this!

As always, all the things listed above are subject to change.

Credit: kris@soompi for translation and explanation


90 thoughts on “JY Park Taking the Wonder Girls to the Next Level

  1. @iLoveYooBin

    Yeah I agree with you, JYP should promote the WG first in Asia..They should conquer asia first..

    they should promote Wonder Girls in Indonesia,Malaysia,Japan,Philippines,Singapore,Vietnam and many more countries…

    yeah i have a bad feeling too…in america, SEX SELLS…And with out it you’ll be ignored. and I don’t want them to just changed their image to SEXslaves just to sell in America…I don’t want them to be hurt…I agree with ‘JYP is fool’ the girls should perfect their english first…

    I know JYP wants to be number 1 in the world and wants her artist to be on top, however America is not the WORLD.…

    ~proudlypilipino O_o

  2. Oh,well Anyways to correct you on one thing Britney Spears is not famous for her music or her looks,She is famous for her controversies in the media.

  3. whoa,
    aww how come HyunA isn’t joining?
    well now i’m kinda just used to 5 members
    and WonderBang =]
    but if they’re are REALLY ready to come to America then
    we’ll support them =]

  4. sunmi&yeeun fan

    Do you think that Korean can sell? Even if the hot artists cant sing for shit they sing English. and its good english. Brittney Spears is popular because she’s been in the music industry in America for a while. But most people just like what drama she’s in now. and im pretty sure she changed her image. she went from innocent school girl to sex-slave.

    If they have a better chance than other korean artists, thats not the point, the point is can they make it? and IMO no.
    and what image is rihanna selling now? SEX.

    and its true a large percent fail in america but the people who make it seem to be everyone but the asians. i really dont think the wondergirls who cant even speak english perfectly can make be the one to push it through. Think about it, america’s got talent, At Last, full asian group, where are they now? they were a hit during the show, and now they are no namers. and they had edge on the wondergirls. they are american, they have good english, they sing great live. but they still failed. wondergirls can beat that? i dont think so.

    also the issue of JYP. He promotes well in Korea thats true. but in America people will be like who is JYP? if its not someone like Diddy, 50 cent, Wyclef Jean doing the promoting i bet nobody will care about some random asian guy promoting.

    either way i guess the message here is Korean wont sell.

  5. @ JYP is a fool,

    I disagree on some of the things you say,Yes I as well don’t want them to get hurt,and I understand that sex sells,but I mean com’ on their live performances really don’t matter. Look at Rihanna, PCD, Miley Cyrus, and the list can go on,these girls can’t sing worth Sh&*. Rihanna’s live performances suck,she can barley keep herself from sounding off tune just like the others,yet people still love her and buy her CD’s…

    I think your looking into this a little bit too much ,I mean all it takes now a days is catchy tunes,and JYP pretty much has that down,I mean look at Disturbia, R&B? Hell no! Also, who said POP was over,probably bands, but pop is still hot,look at Britney Spear,she is not even close to changing her music’s orgini’s of pop, I guess airplay has changed a lot though….Although I would have wanted it like you,I mean personally I think JYP should have started crossing into the Japanese market,but I mean JYP is indeed not a fool,most of America’s artist now a days run on charisma,you can’t tell me they don’t cause I know as well as you since we both live in America that they do, and we also both know Wonder Girls has A lot of charisma to give.

    The only girl group I can compare them to is Danity Kane,since PCD is just like a main singer and the others are just dancers.I mean even Nicole didn’t do well with her debut album,just goes to show she is nothing with her extras. Not just asians fail in America, mostly a large percent of aspiring artist fail miserably. If JYP wanted the girls to debut in America one thing is for sure he should have waited for them to be mature in their body,if you know what I mean,but as a wonderful I will support them. IMHO I think they have a better chance than Boa in America, I mean when Boa debuts all the talk on her promotion will be how she is the Britney Spears of S.Korea,and stuff, and who says sex doesn’t sell in S.Korea,you are wrong there. Lee Hyori, Jewelry, Chea Yon(Not sure if that’s how you spell her name), Son Bambi,DBSK,you know and more,they use sex appeal to their advantage.

  6. to flipflop and wondergirlsfan.

    America doesn’t want to watch improvement. It doesn’t matter how humble they are. If you’re bad, then America won’t accept you. No matter how much you improve. Artists don’t become famous in America based on improvement. We arent as accepting.

    And JYP’s tour/concert. It didnt generate that big of a commotion. sorry to burst your bubble. It hasn’t hit MTV the news, radio, anything. It wans’t anything special. and record labels wanting to sign them? Disney? Disney is a joke. They have miley cirus. and what do critics think of miley? They think she sucks. Because she does. She sells to 5-8 year olds. But shes’ only 15. But when she hits 18 she’ll change her image. I guarantee she will. All artists do. THe girl’s appeal is definitely here. But to make it you need more than just appeal. you need people that want it. not just a “oh hey thats interesting they’re cute and foreign.” that’s the american mind right now probably. But the second they arent flashing boobs or asses watch America say “boring and off tune- singing, poor english.”

    Although I am seeing it from a different view. You still dont soak in teh fact that their English is nowhere close to perfect yet. Until they get that, they can’t sell well. Americans don’t listen to choppy English. Nor do they listen to Korean. And you still failed to tell me how they plan to beat out PCD or DK especially when they DONT sell the SEX image. which is America. SEX sells. KOREAN doesnt. Do you want the wondergirl’s to change their image and concept just so JYP can make a buck? Sorry I don’t want to see the WG ever change their style or concept, because its due to their concept that I like them. But if you’re more concerned about their popularity than what they’re all about, then I have no idea what type of fan you are.

    Also it doesn’t matter if it didn’t included digital downloads. I don’t think the WonderGirls sold 79,000 albums in one week. I’m just stating they are facing fierce competition.

    Although I am stating that they will fail, its not that I don’t believe in them, I just don’t want them to see them get hurt and shattered because of getting bashed on. How do you think SNSD felt when tehy got “X-ed” in China? America can do the same. I dotn think the WG should go through that with all their success it isn’t their time to debut in America, and it’s not their time to taste failure.

  7. wow!! what a long list of dos and dont’s..

    i’m sure there’s plan for hyunA.Just that they do not want to say anything.i wish JYP did say anything or give a hint on hyunA’s future as a performer.oh well..

    America is a difficult nut shell to crack.all the best to them!

  8. why must so hee change? (sorry i´m new)
    she´s shy but thats cute! and she is playing with her tongue that is cute too xD
    why is JYPE so .. acerb? please someone answer 🙂

  9. I’ll support them wherever they go,
    and I have faith in JYP and Wonder girls..
    and my hopes for them I’ll say it in my prayers.

    btw,their english really improved,Its part of my dream to learn other languages to communicate with other nationality,now its not that hard anymore they are learning english if I got a chance to talk to them it wouldn’t be so hard to understand each other..^^ okay I talk to much..hahahaha

    lots love,

  10. why they have to chang so hee? i really love her special characteristics! she is the member that i love the most! i love her face, her body, her dances and even her voice! her personality is very cute! i really do not understand?!?!?!?!? hmmmm….

  11. i think JYP knows what hes doing.
    in life, the one with the money makes the decisions.
    and who has the money? or in other terms, power.

    so many people talk as if they know it all but you cant even begin to assume because it hasn’t happened yet.

    instead of saying WG will fall prey to the American market, why not we fans support them and boast their popularity instead of doubting them. jeeeez.

    remember, you gotta think big to be big

  12. I was surprised with their English, but I thought YooBin lived in the U.S before and expected her to be more fluent.

  13. i’d love them to have plan for HyunAh

    she’s my favorite and talented performer, i’m so freaking sure that WG will be hotter if HyunAh still there…

    Wonder Girl & HyunAh fighting!!!

  14. JYP is a FOOL,

    You are totally right. As I mentioned earlier, it makes no sense for the WG to break into the US market. It will be a disaster basically….and that might spell the end of the WG or even a total change in their image. The US market sells sex basically.. Why would any wonderful want that to happen to the WG? Even if it does not happen, they will be affected by it…

    Living in the US might change their personalities too…now we don’t want that do we???

    It’s a terrible move and it’s one that will most likely end up in disaster.. The girls would be broken

    COME ON JYP, conquer ASIA!!! The WG could grow their fanbase in S.E.A. by making appearances in the various markets yet have Korea as it’s base since it’s all so near. The potential is HERE IN ASIA! N YES. Korea IS special, and it’s culture appeals to other asians as well, so venture further HERE!

    I know we all want success for WG and will continue to support them even if they do go to America. But please understand the serious situation JYP is getting the girls into!

    we should sign a petition or something.

  15. To #73:

    Given that they’ve not launched yet, had no advance publicity, and most importantly, no rotations as of yet onto commercial radio in the US, I think you’re declaring failure a little bit too early.

    You’re also comparing apples to oranges there. Those are MIAK’s figures for physical disc sales in Korea (a far smaller market, with significantly higher rates of music piracy). They don’t include tallies for digital downloads from MelOn and other online retailers. The ones you quoted for US artists are also figures for both digital and disc sales worldwide, which would include listener populations at least 10-15 times larger than Korea.

    The Wonder Girls were guest performers at JYP’s LA/NY concert tour this March. Of all the artists featured, they generated the most interest from the locals, and JYP was approached by several record labels and TV producers (including one from Disney) offering to sign the girls right away. So, girls’ general appeal is certainly there.

    Try not to see this from the lens of what you personally find appealing, and try not to shape your judgement on what you might find uncomfortably embarrassing. The decision to enter a market or not is purely business-related. Say what you like about him personally, but JYP is a pretty sharp businessman who’s somehow managed to run a wildly profitable agency in period where music sales are imploding locally.

  16. the JYPE staff are so humble,they said the girls lack in talent
    so people will bash less on the girls
    when the girls really improve/showcase the real talent
    people would think they improve so much
    smart move from JYP

    i dont think they lack talent in fact,especially ye eun

  17. @72.

    it makes strategic sense for JYP to dominate Korea and Asia.

    Tell me how many white americans that you know-know of the WonderGirls or ever heard of them? very few. sorry 10% of the nations population wont do much. cut that in half because im sure indians dont listen to WG either. you’re now left with not much. Or I suppose you can tell me how many Americans listen to Korean music or songs that they have no idea what they’re talking about? Or how many Asian groups have hit the top of the billboard music charts?

    The girls are not ready. Or, you can just tell me how they can outshine Danity Kane or The PussyCat Dolls, because thats pretty much what they have to do if they want to make it. You really think JYP can outdo P-Diddy supporting Danity Kane and A&M records backing PCD? Long shot there. Heres a fact for you. WG’s best selling album sold around 71,000 copies in a year. PCD’s newest album DOLL DOMINATION sold 79,000 in a week.

    JYP is just going to end up crushing the hearts of the WG by making this huge mistake.

    And a slow economy means less money is spent on things such as CD’s especially ones that don’t arouse any interest or aren’t hot. It’s not strategic. They wont sell many copies. In the recession of America’s economy, if I had only money to buy 1 cd, what would I get? A CD of someone who’s extremely hot right now, or some random new group that I don’t even understand what they’re saying? You pretty much know the answer.

  18. To #70:

    The US, economy in slowdown or not, is still the world’s biggest music market. Japan is a distant second and the European Union an even more distant third. The US market is also unusual in that overall music sales (if you take into account digital distribution) are actually increasing slightly year over year even during the economic downturn.

    The US market is also far more competitive than any other, and it’s absolutely necessary to raise one’s standards to break into such a market. From JYP’s past interviews, I believe he wants to give himself and his artists incentive to improve by jumping that bar.

    SM Entertainment’s strategy of expanding aggressively into China and Japan, on the other hand, has not paid off at all: the company has had an overall operating loss for three consecutive years. (It has certainly not gotten the better end of their joint venture with Avex Japan.) That SM owns the most popular acts in Asia is totally irrelevant if it cannot turn a profit.

    It makes strategic sense for JYP to aim at the US.

  19. @70

    That was well said, you pretty much summed up what i was going to say, but i was too lazy to write it down ^^

    Wonder Girls should start slow, and just have concerts here and there with some promotional activities to increase their marketability in America.

    I don’t think they are near ready to debut debut successfully in America in this amount of time…

    But, give them a few more years to practice their English and perform better live songs consistently, and maybe then, America will open up it’s arms for the Wonder Girls


  20. America’s economy is down. Why would JYP market here. He’s such a fool. He should market in China where the economy is going up 10% every year. Compared to the US which is around 0.21%. I believe that CD’s would be better sold there. Also, think of what the WonderGirls would have to go up against in the music market:

    Danity Kane

    possibly the two hottest American girl groups right now. and what image are they selling? Sex and sluts. If JYP wants to even compete in this market, hes got to turn his whole image concept of WG. Their “virgin innocence” image will have to be gone if they want to compete. I don’t think I can support JYP turning the WG into sluts just so that he can make money. Besides, The PCD appeal more to the general American tastes. Why? As sad as it may seem, sex appeal. The bodies of DK and PCD are all mature developed girls while the WG aren’t quite there yet, especially with 2 of the younger members who aren’t even adults in America.

    Also, although their English is getting better, singing Korean songs is not going to market well in America. American’s listen to English, not Korean. And when they do listen to English, its clean English, not heavily accented ones. What CD has been sold in America marketing heavily accented English that has been a huge hit? None to be exact. Here in America, although there are Asians, there aren’t enough to generate huge fan-bases to push WG to the top. America has less than 10% Asians. It’s dominated by the white society. And white people listen to music that they understand. Asians have continued to fail at dominating music charts here in America. If you list the top 100 bands/artists in America right now, none of them are a full-Asian group. The one Asian who probably is experiencing a little taste of fame is LinkinPark’s Mike Shinoda, a second generation Japanese rapper who speaks perfect English.

    JYP obviously is way too overconfident. BOA has spent years prepping for her American debut. And even now she’s not that big of a hit. Even Lil’ John’s Min hasn’t even been heard of from many Americans. And Lil’ John is heavy influence in the American music market. BOA hasn’t hit the top charts yet, meanwhile new upcoming artists like Chris Brown, Rihanna, who have been in the music industry for only 2-3 years have dominated the chart. Why? They aren’t Asian, so thus their fan-base is bigger and their English is perfect and it’s just what American’s want to listen to.

    Although American fans aren’t as obnoxious as Korean fans, they are very critical, harsh and rude. One slip up or off-tune singing, and its full-time bashing. A great example is an American artist Cassie who sang at 106 & Park. She was off-tune and the critics let her have it on the air broadcasted everywhere. If American’s will do that to one of their own, just imagine what they can do to the WG who aren’t even residents. And knowing the USA, the nationalism of being USA all the way, they could seriosly hurt the WG. I think the girl’s are too young and vulnerable to handle such criticism. Especially while SoHee and SunMi are still young. Also coming off their success in Korea, I think that they should continue it and not have it shattered in America.

    Also, the age of pop is dead in America. It’s now all R&B and Rap. What happened in the year 2000? Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Spice Girls, TLC, major huge pop groups suddenly vanished. Bringing in another group won’t bring the craze back. It’s over. America has moved onto a new taste in music. Many groups have tried to come back as pop groups but which groups have succeeded? None. The era of pop-domination is over.

    Finally, JYP no matter how many connections he has. He can’t beat out huge music companies now. Convict Music, Shady, G-Unit, Bad Boy, DJ Felli Fel, Jazzy Fey, Warner, etc. He has to promote against them. Sorry, JYP may be awesome in Korea but in America, he is miles away from someone like P-Diddy. He’s going to run out of connections soon, and the dream of American domination will be over for the Wonder-Girls.

    They aren’t ready for America, perhaps a concert here, but not ready for American debut. They need to perform better live consistently, and their English needs to be perfect. Even after all of that, can you imagine WG singing lines like “I’m a freak, I’ll be your slut, lets grind and have sex” or something like that? I can’t. It’s my worst nightmare.

    JYP, you’re being too greedy. Money isn’t everything.

  21. For my opinions ,
    I think even though is a company’s command
    SunYe won’t be ignoring us.
    at least she’ll smile I’m sure about that ^__^
    Another plan sounds really heard to me to accept
    like no plan for birthday party …. but I understand
    how hectic they have to face in the schedule
    but Daaa~ why 😥 ….. they should have some little-party
    for encourage the girls ….another plan it’s ok

    and about changing Sohee’s on-air personalities
    I agreed with them in some case
    becuase Sohee is too young [but I love her like this]
    something have to practice more
    and it’s gonna be benefits her ^ ^

    Anyway!! I love you and Fighting WGs~~~!!

  22. wow. their english has improved a lot. i’m pretty impressed! there’s definitely room for improvement, but they’re gotten a lot better.

  23. i kinda wanted to see them go to japan/china/taiwan…. but if JYP wants to bring them here to the US, at least i’ll have another chance of seeing them live~

  24. JYP is forming a hit list people!
    next comes america.
    after that
    WG’s are taking over the world.

    you gotta think big to go big!

  25. “Can’t yoo bin speak english fluently because she lived there before coming to Korea again?”

    Well, in Korea she had no to practice with [at first] so she might have forgotten some.

    They don’t sound too bad in english, thankfully they have a year to improve.

    I wish them all the best ^^;

  26. Everyone needs to chill out with their selfish wants. They’ve obviously been actually still are a HUGE hit in Korea so they want to expand that since the KPOP industry is pretty small.
    We should trust them and JYP to prepare enough so that nothing bad’ll happen and that they will be accepted greatly.
    I for one am excited and happy for them. If this is what they want then I say go for it. Stop with the negativity.

    thanks coolsmurf.

    being in korea is special -0-;
    the wonder girls are just starting their string of success there–why would they want to suddenly cut that and come here?? america is really skeptical..who knows how they’ll be perceived here? being in a idol group is hard enough on the girls–coming here will be really hard X_X;
    and yeah, i dont think they lack talent. a lot of people say that they do…but if they lack talent–why are they so popular? why are they even still on stage? maybe they havent honed their skills completely, but they are working on it and they are showing us continuous effort and improvement. they are also unbelievably charismatic and able to take on so many different images which isnt easy.
    their english is so cute, but it’s pretty cool that they can understand the different questions and come up with their own answers. 🙂

  28. wow…i mean..omg wow! their english! i was most impressed with ye eun! sunye had grammar mistakes and a heavier accent but that’s ok, just work to improve^^ but goodness it’s so cool to see them speak english!

  29. I really have no comment about this matter. I think I’ll wait until it actually happens. But I do love Sohee’s facial expression in the picture above.

  30. their english has improved!!
    i’m so impressed!

    i’m really excited for the girls to do some activities in america.
    now everyone can see how awesome these girls are!!

    even though i’m not korean, which some of us aren’t
    i will totally support the girls and totally represent korea!! haha

    their my idols forreal! i really look up to them even though yeeun and sunye are my age. their so hard working and talented!

    but i am a little worried that some americans won’t give them the time of day. i’d have to say, some people are not open minded. and i am going to miss them doing activities in korea.

    but besides that, i wish my girls the best of luck!
    and i hope they don’t overwork themselves!

  31. ye eun’s english is superb
    so is her vocabulary i’m pleasantly surprised by all of them
    keep on studying WG’s and the american charts will love u!

  32. I was very impressesed with their English skills.

    Just like the other laguages the Wondergirls have learned, they will be able to get create a stonger bond with fans who don’t know the Korean language.

    That uneasiness of not knowing what the other is saying (without the help of a translator) will would quickly go away and make things a lot funner.

    Keep up the excellent work!!!


  33. the vid that they speak english is so funny ^^
    when they can’t answer they always throw mic on Leader LOL
    their english is so good !!!!

  34. their english isnt that bad considering the amount of time they have been learning it. i think by the time they are debuting in america, it ll be much better. nerves could ve also hindered their speaking skills because it was their first real interview in english so i m only expecting nothing other than better next time. i know they can do it! i ll always support them =) ❤ them.

  35. @ hi

    I wasn’t refering to “Irony” if that is what you meant. I know “Tell Me” was their breakout hit and thier first #1 success.

    But thank you for bringing up a good point. The Wonder Girls first single wasn’t a hit. They weren’t an instant success right away until Tell Me came out and put them in the spotlight.

    That could be the same result here in the United States. Maybe they will take time. Maybe they will be an instant hit.

    We just gotta wait and see. WG FIGHTING!

  36. why is it so important for them too debute in the US??? Its too fast! JYP is crazy!!! i hate what he is doing to the girls!!! they should really concentrate on the asian market!!! they need a strong reputation from asia to face the american music industry… i really am disappointed… why is jyp doing something that will crush their image… in the US, most people are just going to bash them or ignore them, although their english was ok, americans will still bash about their english, i mean look at BoA!!!… no offence but BoA, Rain, Se7en, deserves too be debuted in the US cuz they have been in the asian market, they have fans all over asia… not saying wonder girls don’t deserves debuting in the US, but its way too soon…. they have more things too explore, JAPAN, MALAYSIA, TAIWAN, SINGAPORE… i don’t want the girls too change their style.. i’m sad…

  37. im really excited that they are debuting here in the states. Even though this is a “harsh” music indsutry, we gotta support them and trust JYP with wat hes doing. Im sure hes well aware of how America is and stuff and hes preparing them so (^^) WG FIGHTING!!!!! i will support them wit w.e. decisions!!!!

  38. ah noooooo….
    america will ruin them! mann america is so bad, even though i live here lol their amazing image…america will poke and judge them..

  39. Jay R., I don’t want to put you down but the first single wasn’t a hit. ^^;; It was the 1st album that they came back and kicked ass. ^^ but I do agree on the rest that you said. 😀


  40. Let’s see…


    Have millions of fans not only in Korea but all over the world….


    In less than two years since the Wonder Girls made thier debut, they have accomplished more in those those two years than artists who have been in the industry longer have done.

    I know that the Wonder Girls can produce hit after hit after hit and rule the music charts not only in Korea but also all over Asia. The fanbase out there is very solid and will always support the Wonder Girls.

    They have accomplished so much in such a short time. What’s next? Why not the American music industry? Yes it is one of, if not the most difficult markets to establish yourself in but with JYP’s years of experience and connections with American artists, he is slowly and surely laying downa foundation for the Wonder Girls to be successful.

    Will they be successful? Will they be just a one hit wonder? Will they even make a name for themselves at all?

    WHO KNOWS?!?!?! NO ONE DOES?!?!?!

    Only time will and the love and support of the WonderFuls will help us find the answer.


  41. I’m so proud of our girls, they truly are phenomenal! I too, have some reservations about them getting started in the U.S. However, we can only leave it in the hands of experts. (we’re counting on you JYP!!!) I think they are debuting in the U.S. to reach a far broader demographic then just the Asian-American population, which amounts to only about 4%. I think it’s been a long enough wait for us Asians here stateside and I can’t wait to see some Asian stars come about. It won’t only be the WGs though, we have Se7en, Boa, J.Lim, Min etc. Hopefully, they can all draw strength and courage from each other and show the world that even small countries are more then capable of doing great things, and are home to extraordinary individuals. True, there will be many unspeakable hardships in this notoriously difficult U.S. market, but that just provides more opportunities for our WGs to grow. The best we can do is show our love and support, and hope only for the very best. Show your Wonderlove fellow Wonderfuls!

  42. smart man that jyp

    i believe america is only the start, specially since they already have lots of korean fans there.

    think about it, they can reach (or debut in) more countries easier if they learn english rather than having to learn japanese/chinese/thai/etc extensively. i don’t think they would be very successful in japan (for example) as is.

    now if they were to make an english album….hmmm….the possibilities are endless. they just have to hone their english speaking skills, which as of now – pretty damn good already considering it hasn’t been long since they really studied.

  43. I’m worried about the girls.
    It seems a little too ambitious too soon.
    Sohee still has a lot of work to do on her voice.
    And the critics in the US are a lot harsher than Korea.
    If they do poorly in the US they might lose confidence and struggle in Korea.
    Most of them aren’t even 20 yet.

    anyways, wish em the best of luck.
    they should come to canada since we’re not too harsh over here -_^

  44. I think it would be great for them to stay in US a little, cause you know it’s a great place for music industry, we can say the best for performers, they will involve and comeback to korea stronger than ever for sure.
    Even if they don’t embrass succes, this will help them to grow since they are still young.
    I think JYP is some kind of genius and had some experience of music industry, he has managed to implant in US so he knows what is up over there.
    Everybody should trust him, and not be so worried for the girls.
    have they not the right to dream big, plus with JYP at them side i’m just excited to see how they will involve and impress us again.
    I can understand that people don’t want the girls to be hurt but i think if they go it’s because they have sollitations.
    I want to be confident, thing can change but you have to help it, people in US maybe don’t want to know about asians entertainers, but i believe that good music, great talent, solid strategy to have a buzz can provide succes to anybody, in US most that anywhere.
    And you know no matter how good you are as an artist you will always have antis, it’s part of life, so chill and keep support.

  45. I watched the video when they were speaking English. Pretty good I must say. I found it funny that Yoobin didn’t talk that much when they were speaking in English lol. It was mostly YeEun and SunYe again lol.

  46. The same way that many many other countries think little of other races. I still don’t see your point. If an artist has talents, connections, stage presence, and fans they will make it anywhere. Don’t just randomly say that it’s a race issue, because for years it’s always been a race issue. But, people fight to go beyond that, so if the girls have a dream and you guys support them, then that’s all they need. I wasn’t even born here, I understand the problems the US has, but don’t make it seem as though this is the only country with such problems.

  47. all the things are interesting…
    i hope they’ll be successful in America=] well good luck to our girls!^^

    btw i’m a little worried ‘cuz i thought that they’ll release a new album in the early next year but it’s ok because they have lots of thing to do already now so in America it’ll be more tiring.. i hope they’ll not overwork themselfs=S

    ohh and their english is good!=] they improved a lot..^^

  48. Woah! So much is happening or going to happen.
    Ooo…lightsticks! ^^
    I wonder how they’ll look like. xD
    And yay! Yeeun signed as a composer! I cant wait to hear more of her songs.
    And their english sounds good! I love Sohee “I guess JY Park.”

  49. WOAH!! that’s A LOT of info to take in!
    “Nobody” is the last single before they take off for US? i though they were planning to release a full album early next year…

    concerning the pivotal last point (#15): I have faith in JYP and WG. I’m confident that they will be well-prepared when they do debut in the states.

    and concerning the point made on Sohee’s personality, I think she’s been slowly opening up and getting more comfortable in the spotlight..but recently A LOT of netizens have been bashing her left and right and I’m seriously worried about her…she’s going through puberty and dealing with her insecurities and whatnot…I hope she doesn’t lock herself up forever because of this…
    Yeeun is signed on as a singer and as a composer! so talented!
    and what?? NO birthday parties for the girls o_0 ….?!?!?ppssh

    thank you thank you for the info!!

  50. WOW, sunmi sounds so cute when she speaks english.
    they really sound super GREAT!
    Im excited for their american debut!

  51. I’m so happy for them,their english has really improved,I think Ye Eun is the most confident when speaking english, and plus WOW her pay check is double,since she’ll work as a composer.

    I wish them all the best,and I’ll definitely support them!

  52. steph got my point.

    Anyway it’s not us being ignorant about the US.. The US is indeed not an ideal place for the WG to progress. Most likely the end result would not be great. Besides, you cannot deny that many americans think little of asians.

    WG being in america could affect their presence in Asia since competition from Korea itself is steep..

  53. Why are you being so ignorant about America? You act as though other countries don’t have their problems and violence. If anyone is being racist right now it’s the few of you posting how bad America is. I don’t appreciate such ignorant comments. Especially since the girls have a large fan base here as well. Why should they start with Asia first? Why can’t they start with America? Don’t be so selfish. And it’s not like they are going to debut here right away, JYP is PREPARING them. Learn to read people, stop taking things at face value and become more aware of the world and the dangers in your own country as well.

    While I do hope the best for the girls, I hope that JYP knows what he is doing, the American Market is not an easy thing to get into *Well it is* but it’s hard to stay and be recognized. But Wonder girls will always have their fans and support.

  54. hehe.
    im impressed with their english. considering that they have just started learning. hehe. it was soo cute. watching them. ^^ they will just get better.
    but with regards to us, i just hope they are emotionally ready for that. anyways. ill support them through and through. even if there are failures and problems along the way. ill be a true wonderful all the way. ^^

  55. Wos they sound so improved from when they were last in New York. Looking forward to them baby stepping into the US and taking a breather, while improving their skills. They seemed overjoyed when they were in New York just to go out and not be bombarded and soak it all in. They’ll still be doing things in other countries. Thailand for example will be getting a return visit.

    I’m posting some additional input from the original
    person (kris) for the translated news:

    Just to sum it all up.
    People I believe are over exagerrating a bit on WG going to the U.S
    Like I’ve stated in my previous post..
    Its just to rest.

    Its a mini step. they’re going to do small mini projects.. but mainly.. its for the girls to recharge in their Strength and durablilty.

    Although they haven’t been in the music industry for a long time… they’ve had harsh schedules compared to other senior singers. They’re tired. they’re human. they need a rest.

    One my argue “well there are other singers who have been in the music industry for a long time.. longer than wg, yet they don’t get this kind of rest, why does wg get this privilege?!”

    Well.. tell it to the company. Its not a matter of privilege, rather its the care that the company takes for their artist. If those senior singers have had more experience, but less rest.. thats the fault of the company and how they manage their singers. JYPE manages their singers such as wgs to the point that they know when one needs a rest.

  56. Of all places why must it be America (no offense =))…
    Can’t they come to Asia?
    America is dangerous… LOL.

  57. They have improved so much over half a year or so (the first time they came to the U.S.) I’m really impressed! YeEun was really good and I like how she pronounced the words with ‘r’ in it. That was very impressive. She was brave too. I love the part when she said, ” Actually, we had”. lol yea I’m weird, I know.
    Leader spoke well too. I’m so proud of her wanting to use big words and stuff.
    I think even though YooBin had lived here before for a short period of time, she didn’t pick up much English. I mean it happens to a lot of people here where they didn’t really want to pick up English. Or maybe because they mostly hang out with friends of their own country. I think there are a lot of pressure on YooBin especially because she used to live here. People expect more of her. Well, I hope she continue to work hard on it =)

    I’m so proud of all of them!
    I’ll be waiting to hear more news about them hitting the U.S. and what their ‘project’ might be.
    Are they still gonna have the concert in U.S.? I think so right? Well, FRONT ROW for me, baby!! hehe

  58. omg!..cinone, I totally agree!
    i thnk its sunyes personality to do everythin in lik a perfectinist manner..so she thinks that she should do the same…but i thnk its the right approach..i mean she still has time before theyre launched in da states…she wants to be better than just havin the ability to speak conversational english…
    guess thats the reason shes da leader!..so adorable!..

    evryone seems to thnk yeeun was better…i dun relly think so( though she was relly good)

  59. as I observe, when they have interview Leader min is one who always use the beautiful speech word, i knew that her style ^^ no problem for their korea language but
    i’ve ever see they interview in chinese before Leader can speak chinese very well but because she often use difficult word it makes she can’t speak fluent as expect. i mean this english interview is the same ^^ why leader like to make it hard for yourself ???
    Conversely, you can see Yeeun can speak fluent and natural because she always use simple word that you can understand……

    they will leave to America temporarily for do activities or they will go for official ?????
    are they will come back to korea ?????
    i want the girls stay in korea more than America PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ TT TT

  60. Does that means that they are going to go to America and Korea back and forth? Or they’ll be inactive in Korea for a while? because I’ll be missing them so bad T_T
    I kinda wished they would just stay in Korea.

    I like how JYPE is concerned about Sohee’s on-air personality and Sohee herself also trying the hardest to change that.
    But,I still like her being herself on tv. That’s whats make her unique from others 🙂

    Yeah I realized that they don’t have lightstick for WG >.< The Wonderfuls just hold the banner for them. Glad that they have it now!

    The girls lacking in talent? @_@
    They are not lacking in talent for sure! WG had proved so much that they can sing. JYPE needs to be more positive =.=


  61. im pretty disappointed tho, i wish they just stay in korea…

    IM SCARED. if they go to america.. those racist ppl.. and pople who got nothing to do make stuff to do… will hurt the girls.. AMERICA IS A SCARY MARKET… almost no song in the radio make sense, and with curse words..

    JYP not telling the girls to transform into koren sexy queens, cuz american will just call them “slut’ or make WGs learn bad english words??

    even tho virigin and perez, might like the girls, but..but a poplution in america might not.. and bash them.. say bad stuff =-=

    they are TOO young for bashs….

  62. Sooo glad that theyre visiting New York..i thnk theyre excited about it too >< hmmm…i wanna be there too..but its impossible xD im just as well buy their Concert DVD and their album instead! wooo!! WG<33333333

  63. they are lacking talents??
    more like lacking of rest and sleep.
    dude without resting, they will really perform bad.
    what do they expect, right??

  64. Their english has improved so much since last year. It’s really awesome ___< I think I’ll just die from withdrawal.

    Whatever JYP wants to do with the girls in America is somewhat of a scary thought for me, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what he’s got in store for us. GIVE US A MTV SEASON 4 or SOMETHING(!!) TO KEEP US ENTERTAINED WHILE THE GIRLS ARE AWAY!!!! TT___TT I’ll miss them too much.

  65. good luck to the Wonder Girls. I really hope they do well in america. i would be their supporter no matter where they r heading.

  66. hahah yeah their english is good, they have a kind of american accent dont they?
    Can’t yoo bin speak english fluently because she lived there before coming to Korea again?

  67. no!!

    I’d much rather have them here in Asia.. I don’t have a good feeling about the girls heading to America…They should conquer Asia! WG have not been to Indonesia,Malaysia,Japan,Phillipines,Singapore,Vietnam and many more countries…The China-Taiwan market is yet to be conquered too.

    Why is JYP bringing them to America?…Makes no sense…

  68. I think its gonna be SO WEIRD to have them in America O.O
    Kinda want them to stay in Korea but good for them anyways :]

  69. i was surprised by the girls’ english! they were really good! i mean they can understand the questions being thrown to them by the interviewer and they can answer it pretty well with correct grammar.

  70. awww~
    i feel for the girls so much
    they are gonna be tied down for a long time =
    and i just hope for the best for the girls…

    i hope so see them prosper in america x3
    btw their english is UBER good
    hahah~ i would have never known @@;
    i’m american ppl, and im sheltered from the world T~T

    anyways, best wishes to the girls

  71. Wish the girls all the best & rest well/train hard/work hard during in US..
    GOOD LUCK WONDERGIRLS FIGHTING~!!! Stay healthy & happy 😀

    they are leaving on 14th T_T ~ my b’day on 17th T_T TT__TT that time i might training in National Service too! i miss the WonderGirls~

  72. “11. JYPE are trying to change So Hee’s on-air personality and behavior. But one cannot change their personality. So Hee has acknowledged it however and knows that she needs to change. Ye Eun has signed on with JYPE as a composer in addition to being a Wonder Girl member.”

    -> i love sohee but i think it’s time for her to change how she act in front of the media. ^_^

    and i think JYP should not be too excited about wondergirls going to america. i think they should first established a strong foundation here before going abroad.

  73. Oh my.. I hope that they won’t be ignoring us T_T.. Wonder Girls I hope that you all can be successful at everything. Wow Ye Eun is a composer now cool! So Hee Good luck changing your personality! =)

    Wonder Girls Hwaiting.

  74. First!

    THese are all very interesting, but ‘although the girls lack talent’? Without talent, they wouldn’t be here!

    ALl the girls are amazing.

  75. poor girls they’ll be very busy at the same time I’m happy for them progressing so much in their careers
    wonder girls fighting!!
    here to support you guys all the way

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