Wonder Girls on Starry Night Radio Program 081006

The Wonder Girls appeared on MBC FM “Starry Night” radio program on 6th October, yesterday hosted by Park Kyung Lim and Kim Shin Young.

The program was 1.5 hours long and Park Kyung Lim asked them to say something and anything they wanted to the other Wonder Girls’ members at the end. Here’s a rough translation by Wonderful wonderkid.

Sun Ye
Um, I don’t know what to say. It’s been more than a year and a half since we’ve started working together. Ehen I look back, we went through a lot together, good and sad experiences. There are a lot of people who cheered us on and helped us come to where we are now..ever since those people cheered us on…we didn’t look back, we just ran straight…and in between this journey, I’ve always felt thankful…. but since we spend so much time together everyday I feel like there were a lot of times when we could not really express our feelings and use common phrases like “thank you,” “I love you,” and “sorry.”

There’s probably going to be a time when we think this is going to be the end of our journey, but instead of these thoughts, I hope we live each day being grateful for our experiences, especially the special experiences we 5 members have together. I wish we can focus on the present rather than worrying about the future. When we first started, we weren’t confident…but when we saw ourselves on stage, sparkling more than anyone else on stage, we all said that in order to sparkle we have to stick together. which is why we share a special bond, and now I feel like we have come to a stage in our relationship when I feel like it’s more awkward when we’re not together.

So from now on, instead of worrying, let’s spend each day looking forward to our everyday experiences by continuing to look out for each other, cheer/support each other, love each other, be thankful to each other, and let’s go through this journey together. I love you so very much.

And as the group leader, there are a lot of things I haven’t done for you guys, so I’m sorry, and I’m sorry I have so much flaws…I’m so sorry..to the other members…thank you. I love you.

Sun Mi
Ever since I entered the group, I feel like time is moving really fast. Maybe it’s because we ran through our journey so fast. I feel like there are a lot things we forgot about and a lot we’ve lost along the way. One by one, let’s find all those things we’ve lost/forgot about and let’s go! What more can say?

I love you. really.

(at the end Yeeun says “Why are you talking to us informally?” *note: technically since she’s younger than most of the members she’s supposed to talk to them using formal language, but she didn’t)

Yoo Bin
I’m the oldest unnie..but I feel like I’m always the one receiving help from you guys. I feel like I get more support and gain more strength from you guys. Despit being the oldest unnie, I feel like I haven’t done anything for you guys so I feel really sorry. I came into the group late but you guys “dragged me” all the way here, so thank you. We’re going to continue to spend a lot of time together so I hope we can be sad together and happy together.

To our leader, Sun Ye, you went through so many hardships..and despite having an older person in the group than you, you do your job as a leader so well, so I’m so thankful. To our Ye Eun, like Sun Ye you pull us together so well. And as a dongseng and as a friend, thanks for being so supportive of me.

To our cutie Sun Mi, when everyone else was tired you would show us your “aegyo” so thanks for taking the role as the “good-atmospere-maker.” And to our So Hee, without a single complaint you followed us. You took care of your unnie, unlike a maknae, you show us your mature side by always taking care of me. thanks. I can’t say anything else but thank you. I love you.

Ye Eun
To our Wonder Girls members whom I love. First of all..more than a year and a half has passed, and during this time we went through a lot of painful experiences and good experiences…but putting that aside I want to thank you guys for sticking together …I think I’m even thankful just for your existence. …really…umm….really ..I know I have a lot of flaws…but I’m always thankful to you guys for filling in those gaps (my flaws)…

we still have a lot more places to go, so let’s not give up now, let’s reach for the very end until we aren’t capable to reach further. ..just like how we are now, let’s help each other, let’s be supportive of each other, be there for each other, and reach til the end, together. I love you.

So Hee
Umm..the people before we talked so well so..um..well, I’m not sure if I was of any strength/ help to the other members, but I’ve gained so much strength from them …It ‘s been a short period but it also feels like a long time as well. but I’m so glad and happy we’re going through this together. Even when we are in pain, it’s because of us five members that I think we were able to get though all those tough times. I’m not sure what will happen in the future, or the obstacles that lies in our path but…I hope we all smile and get through this together….

you all..well, I’m the youngest…but I don’t even act cute..so I don’t know…
um…thank you.

Park Hae Il message for So Hee was aired on the program where the latter has said countless of times in interviews that he is her ideal type of guy. This was what he said, “So Hee, nice to meet you. I’m Park Hae Il. You were in the movie “I Like It Hot”. I’ll look forward to your good music and good acting.”

The other girls then started shouting, “Look at So Hee’s face, her face is red!” So Hee was blushing so much that Ye Eun made fun of her and called her a “well-done kimichi mandoo” because her face was so red!!


43 thoughts on “Wonder Girls on Starry Night Radio Program 081006

  1. this is sooooo touching
    that why ppl fall in love w/ them
    oh girls….i love you all….

    to JENNIFER:
    i think YooBin’s cap is ‘New Balance’ cap. [not 100% sure :)]

  2. aww… SoHee…
    i think… she’s the most non-confident girl in the group somehow…
    i donno why im saying this… but… i really do feel that way…
    SoHee.. you are the BEST!

  3. Reading their messages to each other, i seriously started tearing up! you can seriously feel the love and bond that they have with each other! they’re just so grateful and sincere towards each other! i can’t wait to see how far they’ll go together 🙂 Wonder Girls, HWAITING!!!

  4. lol my eyes got all watery reading this 😦
    wonder girls all the only girl group i ever
    like lol. usually i like solo artists. i lovee all
    5 of them ! &&& sohee has a cute outfit
    there aand why is binnie hiding herself
    in the back!? lol

  5. They’re really sincere and real. it’s hard not to love them ^^,
    Keep up the good work wondergirls!

    just a question, i realllly love the cap yoobin’s wearing, does anyone know which brand it is? Thank you =)

  6. I never seen a girl group more real
    then the wonder girls

    what i mean is most girl groups just work together
    but these girls not only work together as a group
    but as sisters they love each other so much

    on shows they never tell lies they tell the truth
    no matter how silly or serious it is cause they
    know people go through the same things

    I love you Wonder Girls

  7. I cried while reading their message
    its so touching and heart warming
    our girls really knows how to appreciate each other
    btw I watched their nobody perf in the radio sunye really singed well (and the other girls too) they look good without make up their skin is like glowing

  8. Aww all their replies are soo cuute.

    “you all..well, I’m the youngest…but I don’t even act cute..so I don’t know…
    um…thank you.” – Sohee
    xD cuz your cuteness comes out naturally sohee 😀

    Wonder girls ❤

    thats such a cute name!! Sohee youre cute and adorable..even tho a picture of you looks cute!
    The girls are soo sweet to each other esp. Sunye she said so much..her message seems to came out from the bottom of her heart! The others too.
    i will forever and ever and EVER SUPPORT you guys!!
    Dont ever give up wen u hard going through the hard times, we all knoe youll get through them !
    Wonder Girlss Hawitingg~~<33333333333333

  10. awww, i almost cried reading the translation but then i din when i read abt the hae il-so hee thing in the end. So Hee must be feeling so happy to have her ideal type of guy sent a mesage to her *lucky*

  11. awww..WG inspirational words once again~I always love their interview!
    Leader Min..T_T her words made me wanna cry…
    What is she talking about..She has done a lot for her dongsaengs and unnie. Very humble person indeed.
    That’s why I love Sunye sooo much!


    and the messages from each member was just amazing. i truly do hope they stick together . i love you wondergirls.

    well done kim chi mandoo 🙂

  13. their message make me cried more when i back to see their again TT^TT the girls always humble esp. Leader min, that why i love you so much Min Sunye <333

    i have seen sunye wear cap once
    i dont know where and when
    but i remember when they perf. eebabo at some fest
    sunye wearing yeeun’s cap ^___^

  14. sunye, you are my ideal type of woman…marry me.

    those girls look good in caps, i haven’t seen sunye or sunmi ever wear one.

  15. omgggg! i’m all teary after reading what they had said.
    awww. im soo happy. even though i know that they will not be Wonder Girls forever. i will be happy knowing that they were there for each other. and will always bee.

    WG fighting!

  16. Amazing thankful messages to each other. It brings strength and encouragement to the group. This is call team work. To accomplish their dreams, they came together and express how they feel about each other. This bring tears to my eyes. Wonder Girls your my aspiration. -krysti

  17. I hope they keep their humble personalities and that no one takes advantage of them. Haters will be haters, but Wonder Girls will still be who they are, and that’s why they have so many fans.

  18. reading what they said made me cry, sobs…they have so much love and respect for each other. all of them are so humble saying that they have flaws and things to learn from the other members. so proud of our girls =)

    they went through so much together and we pray that they will continue to do so in the future! WG fighting!

    i’m so proud to be a wonderful!!!! thanks colsmurf & wonderkid!

  19. ^ I thought so, but I wasn’t sure about SunYe growing her hair XD

    The girls look so gorgeous without makeup ^__^

    And they’re soooo humble!! ❤ I love em

  20. T^T sadness….

    but.. woo~ sunye letting her hair grow WOOT~
    haha yoobin in the background was soo CUTE~
    hehe.. yeeun wavy her hair looks VERY NICE~
    lolol.. sunmi’s hair glew too.. no more straight BANG~


  21. i literally teared. I wont blab much here cus i already did at soompi ^^ People will fall asleep if they read what i wrote haha

  22. awww thats so….TEAR WORTHY….^^”’
    lol Ye Eun’s message: I’m even thankful for your exsistence…that made me laugh!

  23. Hahahaha I loved Sunmis response it was so HER! (And Yeeun’s response TO Sunmi’s response) xDDD
    Leader Min’s was so touching I almost teared. 😦
    You could feel the love and the leader protectiveness.
    Even though Sohee’s response was short it was still sweet and I bet it was hard for her to say those things out loud on a radio show nonetheless.
    And she does have a point on the acting cute..
    She’s just being. herself. And people always go crazy because she’s acting “cute” when she’s not even doing anything. I feel bad for her in those times because it would seem like a burden but she handles it well so I give her props.
    And Yeeun doesn’t have flaws what is she talking about!?
    Yeeun unnie is THE nicest star/famous person I’ve ever read/heard about in my life! She’s so warm hearted it just puts a smile on my face EVERYTIME!
    I love how Yoobin went through each person in the group. Even though she is the oldest she acts as if the other ones were older instead of her. I love that. She is pretty darn cute and maknaeish sometimes. :DD That’s just her charm!

    This is exactly why I am so obsessed with the WG. Not because of their amazing songs (but that does help), but because their hearts are just so KIND!
    I hope the best for them and that they’ll be happy with anything or everything they do. 🙂 ❤

    thanks coolsmurf.
    This pretty much made my week.

  24. hahahah what do you mean you can’t act cute So Hee? That was soooooo cutee!!
    All of the WGs messages were really deep and thoughtful

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