Insooni, Lena Park and Sun Ye to Release Digital Single

The Korean Dream Girls will soon appear in the world of singers.

With an exploding voice and amazing stage manner, ‘Diva’ Insooni and ‘Queen of Vibration’ Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park) plus the leader of the Wonder Girls Min Sun Ye will release a digital single sometime this month.

The people in charge of this project expressed, “They are the representatives of their own times (era). We think that their collboration on 1 song will have great meaning. The group name will also be made specially.”

The 3 representative singers of their era will release their digital single this month and then appear on music programs plus other shows for promotions.

credit: gomdorii


40 thoughts on “Insooni, Lena Park and Sun Ye to Release Digital Single

  1. it’s been a year now but I haven’t heard anything about this … I love Sun Ye, Insooni’s voice is beyond awesome and Idk about Lena Park xD sorry. But has it been out yet?…

  2. flyaway

    u’re such a hater!…if you can’t support sunye dunt comment.

    and FYI yeeun does have her own collabs too…so theres no need for you to say such things!

  3. clap clap clap!! i’ve always wanted the girls to collaborate with Insooni! I can’t wait for the single!! and they’re going to actively perform and promote the song!! I hope Sunye isn’t overworking herself…but I’m so proud of our Sun-yeah~

    thanks for the news!

  4. @FlyAway78
    the girls has different dreams and different ways
    Yeeun can be a good singer and a good composer
    but i think Yeeun want to be a composer more than

    in the same way Sunye can be a good singer and good composer because she can compose too
    but she choose to be a singer more than


    i hope its not true… no offence, but jyp is getting crazy! they should concentrate on the asian market be4 debuting in the us… i mean, they haven’t even debuted in Japan, or even China yet… urgh i heard a news that jyp is debuting is debuting another version of the wonder girls that are going to debute in China! Why can’t he let the original debute themselves in Asia! whats the point of them learning chinese when they are not debuting in China! I hope its a rumour… jyp is going too far… some1 please tell that our girls will be alright and all crazy stuff is just a rumour….

  6. Yay! Go Leader Min~!!
    I dont know who INSOONI is, but she seems to be THE diva of Korea… But LENA PARK!! OMG, YAY

    And out of all the other young kpop females they chose Sun Ye… woot! Leader Min fighting!!

  7. OMGGG!!! ❤ Leader Min!!!! I’m sure she’ll sound amazing! WHy would people think she’s leaving the group? She’s not going anywhere anytime soon 🙂 no worries! I love that she’s doing more projects like this 🙂

  8. Congrats leader min! Im sure you’ll sound great. I bet she was very nervous though cuz based from what i read on ppl’s comments about Insooni and Lena Park they must be SUPER. I cant wait to hear it. Bring it on Leaderssi =) I have a feeling I will love it though haha

  9. (hope u aren`t basing yourself on my previous comment to say we thought she left the group?? lol.. its not even a possibility at this point)

    Anyways, it would be great to see her perform it on music shows very soon… I wonder what it would sound like…most importantly WHEN IN HELL DID SHE RECORD IT?? lol..

    …. I`m still shocked Insooni and LEna accepted to do this… Our SunYe is a wonderful lady after all.. so all the best

  10. Ok now I see why people are thinking SunYe is leaving the Wonder Girls.

    You usually don’t name your group if you are just going to do a song or two. I think that when people read that, they assumed she was leaving WG to join her seniors.

    Again boys and girls, this is just a special project SunYe is doing. She is not leaving the Wonder Girls. I’m sure the other girls will have many more projects outside of the group. Good luck luck to them all and…


  11. Why are people freaking out about SunYe leaving the Wonder Girls? SHE IS NOT LEAVING THE GROUP!!!! She is just collaborating with her seniors on a special project.

    I can’t wait to see the finished product.

    Hmmmm come to think of it. Since the Wonder Girls are somewhat interested in acting, maybe a Broadway musical would be something the girls would be interested on doing.


  12. OMFG! this is such an awesome opportunity for sunye! insooni is like such a major singer, she is nice, soulful voice, dance singer, and i LOVED her remake of “goose’s dream” by carnival. lena park has such a sweet voice as well. sunye! i hope you do you’re best to not let your sunbaenims down! FIGHTING!

    ps. why do people think people think sunye is leaving WG? if she was i think coolsmurf would be making a much bigger deal of it, especially dince she is his favorite member.

  13. Omg!
    Sunye must be like excited beyond belief!
    Im so proud of her.
    Oo I can’t wait till that comes out its gonna sound amazing!

    thanks coolsmurf

  14. Such an honor for Sun Ye to be collaborating with those legendary singers. To have her considered as a rep for her time among her peers who have been in the industry longer is an achievement as well. Congrats to her!

  15. Wow, that’s a great honor! Insooni and Lena Park are both incredible artists! I can only expect good things from these three ladies ^___^

  16. Lmao at all the people who thought Sunye was going to leave WG =x

    It’s just a project group.
    They’re probably just going to release a single and never even perform the song live.

    But wow.. Sunye singing with Insooni & Lena Park! O_O

  17. first…CONGRATS SUNYE!!! its a goodd news..
    but after i think of Sunye gonna be able to work so much? Is she gonna leave the Wonder Girls and join this group instead? Noooo..please gonna cryy soo so so hard.. T___________T”
    aww this is so sad..
    o well.. no one can do anything about it…ill just hope that Sunye will NEVER leave the Wonder Girls and …GOOD LUCK SUNYE!!! <3333 Dont give up wen u have a hard time in this!! GOOD LUCK!!! =)

  18. HAHAHAHA!!Sunye formed her own group! AND WITH INSOONI!!! I almost lost my mind when i read that…people INSOONI IS MAJOR!! i love her…and leader will fit in perfectly… Thats something she will never forget…

    She will be promoting the single along with Nobody? lol…Imagine going to a variety show with both her groups at the same time, oh the drama!! lol

  19. No offense but putting sunye even up against those two is only going to show her weak points….but I can’t wait to hear some of the music keke^^

    Lena park and Insooni are AMAZING<3

  20. Wow what an honor for Sun Ye. Insooni is indeed the diva of kpop. She is well known legend & for her to do a collabo with her is wow such an honor & she gets to do it with Lena Park too whom has an amazing vocal & is well known as an R&B Queen. Sun Ye is indeed lucky.
    I look forward to this single.

  21. WAH! That’s a great opportunity for SunYe!
    Performing on stage with such great seniors ^^
    Can’t wait for the release of the digital single =)

  22. Strange, yet unique combination. I can’t wait for this ^_^.
    Sun Ye will sound amazing next to these girls!!

  23. ^ did it say in the article that Sunye was leaving the Wonder Girls? Seriously, read before you jump to conclusions…

    All three of them have great voices (Insooni is pretty awesome!), so I’m really excited for this. :3

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