Wonder Girls News Wrap 6th October

Nothing much happening today after an intense weekend for the Wonder Girls. Remember the news about So Hee becoming the ambassador for the 2nd SIFFF and a promo clip with her in it? Well, the clip is out now.

Kind of premature considering we are just into the 2nd week of promotions. Wonderfuls have however done a compliation of the different outfits used.

Which is your favourite? The magenta for me, for it’s uniqueness.

Finally some funny animations to share from their Music Bank appearance last week. The first is where So Hee, Ye Eun and Sun Mi are acting dorky in the waiting room segment. The second one is depending on how you see it, overly friendly or scandalous interaction between Ga-In and Sun Mi?

credit: 딸긔소녀@byulha + wonderkid + nwa1998@YT


34 thoughts on “Wonder Girls News Wrap 6th October

  1. I actually really liked the promo. It’s hard to understand at first, but if you think about it, it’s actually enjoyable.

    …I’m just a nerd. Sorry. [:

  2. just wanted to share–last night I was thinking of a sohee and a heechul minidrama, I just can’t help thinking of them both,, just wanted to see them act in a comedy, romance drama.. maybe I should quit thinking about it..
    anyways Wonder Girls fighting!!

    ^just a piece of mind

  3. magenta’s nice! i wish they’d perform in burgundy to match with fan balloons!!!

    and and and and in gold, or green, or blue!!!

  4. hahaha the baby chicken reminded me of So hee, they’re both soo cute!! hahah the gifs are so funny =]

  5. OMG whoever noticed Ga-In patted SunMi’s butt – props to you. I didnt notice it at all! hahaha ROFL. Gosh this gif is just getting more scandalous =P
    Both WG and BEG were so cute in the waiting room.
    I love their music core outfit (the retro one). I think they look nice in it (yea im weird).
    Yes i gotta say the promo was weird but it has SoHee!! That’s that matters to me =P

  6. no. ga in is patting her butt saying “good job” kind of a thing lol
    there was a point where one of the BEG grabbed on to soh hee’s arm and told her congratulations. it was cute haha

  7. I don’t really know what to say about the promo. I didn’t dislike it but I’m not too sure I liked it either. Hahah.

    Same here with the magenta!! They just all look so gorgeous!
    And I totally love the YeMi couple in the first gif. haha.
    I’m glad WG’s schedule died down for today. They had a crazy weekend.
    SunMi and Ga’s interaction was totally not scandalous. xD
    I think it’s adorable!
    It looks like Ga whispered something to Sunmi for a quick second and then they like hugged.

    thanks coolsmurf

  8. i got one thing to say about the movie trailer…. i don’t get it -_-;;

    i was hoping something exciting would happen but i been staring at an egg for 2 minutes….

  9. The magenta’s my favourite as well – it pops! The gifs are cute too – and I don’t think you should worry about the second one, lol, it just looks like they’re rubbing their noses on each others’ cheeks or something. 😀 Ha, I didn’t know they were so friendly, it’s cute!

  10. The promo confused my, although i lol’d at the randomness of it-honestly i had to fast forward it.

    Ye Eun and Ga in BTW, scandalous haha, nah just kidding, it was probably a little accident, its cute though, they seem really close.

  11. i actually liked that little promo… crazy ass family in a farm…they ate that chick’s siblings and let it live… i thought it was rofl wtf are u on drugs?? promo…so i guess SIFF is more for the independent filmmakers..

    my fav is the silver ones…

    They were both going for a peck on the cheek and almost kissed… Mandoo and Yoobin will lose it!!! lol

  12. Ye Eun is doing the BEG routine of “EoJjeoDa”

    and what Sun Mi and Ga In are doing? seem like they’re playing with their noses.. lol

  13. just wonder…is it ok for korean girls to kiss each other??? is it normal???

    i just really wonder that whether it’s korean culture

    could anyone help me figure this cultural issue out?

    55 what kind of question i ask u guys…but i really wonder ^^

  14. The trailer was freaking hilarious, sometimes my friends and I do that.

    Ye Eun you must think hard!!! Use your brain powers.So cute.

    It looks like Sun Mi and Ga-In were rubbing noses.

  15. haha scandalous! ye eun looks so adorable in the gif 😀 so hee looked cute in the vid but the whole promo was kinda bland.

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