Wonder Girls & Bobby Kim Lends their Voices to Younha & Kim Gun Mo’s Piano Battle

Younha and Kim Gun Mo faced off against each other in a special piano battle at the 32nd Campus Song Festival held yesterday night.

Two pianos were placed in the center of the stage as both faced off against each other as they sang while playing the piano. The Wonder Girls then appeared as they sang while Kim Gun Mo played the piano while Bobby Kim did likewise for Younha. They ended the special piano battle by singing another song together. The Wonder Girls must be wearing the same outfits since this afternoon while performing at Music Core and then the 13th PIFF, ending with this. Don’t think we will see this on Inkigayo later? Oh the sweat…

Performance Video (credit to 2ubD@YT)

credit: Newsen (pictures)


25 thoughts on “Wonder Girls & Bobby Kim Lends their Voices to Younha & Kim Gun Mo’s Piano Battle

  1. a kind of fun show! is was great!

    while so hee was rapping ( so cute!) , sun mi was joking so hee, hahahah ( so cute too!)

  2. At 2:30 after Younha part, they played the beginnng of Bi’s song Running away from the sun and I can hear Yubin starting and the thing is WHY IS IT CUT ???? T_T

  3. Youtube..
    But anyway damn!
    I understand the pics now hahaha.
    Yeeun and Sohee rapped nicely so Sunmi was pointing to Sohee while she was rapping (3rd and last pic)
    Hahahahah that was awesome.

  4. Hahahha at Sunmi in the both pics!!
    I love her so much she can ALWAYS put a smile on my face!
    Woah Sohee’s actually busting out singing in the 2nd pic!?
    Thats like a huge EFFFF YOUU to all the antifans out there.
    Well anywho it looks like they had a ton of fun so I’m glad for that
    But I really hope they get some damn rest!!!
    They’re so overworked.

    thanks coolsmurf

  5. The girls have a rather busy schedule…
    Hope they will have enough rest! How can they be so busy on YooBin’s birthday.. HAHA!

  6. dang.!!poor girls.
    they are so hardworking.
    And i don’t think they aren’t complaining cause they are sweet.

  7. I heard the first part. It was very nice. But I couldn’t hear any of their voices, so I’m looking for a better video. XD

  8. oh god, O__O i hope they don’t overwork themself.

    anyway i saw them perform just now & look like ye eun & sohee kind rap nicee lol

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