Wonder Girls As Actresses In Hollywood?

The Wonder Girls said yesterday night that they might be be trying out acting in America next year in addition to their present job as singers.

The Wonder Girls were at the 13th Pusan International Film Festival yesterday. They said, ““Even though the Wonder Girls are participating as singers today, next year we will be involved in a big project in America possibly as actresses .”

Leader Sun Ye said, “We are currently preparing for a big project in America right now. With so much interest and concern for So Hee’s appearance in movie ‘I Like It Hot’, there are also plans for us in America next year.”

A JYP representative took over the mic and expressed, “We are preparing for the Wonder Girls to advance into America not only as singers but also possibly as actresses next year. Park Jin Young will be leading the girls, although much more cannot be revealed until it has been finalized at a later stage.”

credit: sookyeong@wordpress.com

52 thoughts on “Wonder Girls As Actresses In Hollywood?

  1. OMGOSH. umm…this IS kinda shocking xD
    But then its good to hear theyre gonna have a big project in America..but how? O_O if theyre in hollywood wouldnt that be a little fast..and yeah..theres a lot of pervs in Hollywood ='( Nooo dont let WG touch themm im gonna cry..wait no lolz i guess im kinda crying already ='(
    well..i will support w/e the WG wants to do but not if JYP force them to..if only themselves wanted to..
    Support Wonder Girls .

  2. theres HARDLY any asian actors in america right now. i think they should stick to singing and not take it too far. i mean, everything on tv right now is all “reality”. WHERE WILL THEY ACT? certainly no 90210 or whatever and no MTV!

  3. Lol I like how you change the text to
    “possibly as actresses too”
    Well whatever they decide to do the real unjudging wonderfuls will be with them.

  4. Here we go again with the bashing X__X

    Gah, I honestly don’t know. And it’s even scarier reading how it’s “official”. I honestly just wanna say:

    “JYP, I sure as hell hope you know what you’re doing.”

  5. ^ I agree completely. -_- We are supposed to be supporting them in their endeavors not bringing them down. It’s not like they are becoming strippers or whatnot.

  6. I’m actually really glad for them!!! I mean are you people crazy,you guys are suppose to be SUPPORTING them,and why would the papparazi mess with them,and WTF! are you guys talking about saying as Actresses… America won’t accept them,look at Chakie Chan,Jet Li,and especially Lucy Liu,I mean these are asian actors/actress that people Welcome,and have a BIG fanbase in America,I mean personally I believe they will do better as actresses,plus they said it was a BIG project,so it must be a movie that is gonna sell big.

    Wow! I’m getting so mad at other Wonderfuls because of you dumb replies,sorry.

  7. maybe they want introduce wodergirls as actresses playing some kinda of wannabe singers… then USA could watch themselves singing too and if it doesn’t work then it won’t be a real flop and it won’t break their musical carreer

  8. oh wow..this was unexpected lol

    i dont kno if im fully excited for this but at least theyll be here in America! and on the big screen!! hopefully lol

    ! wish them the best

  9. Woahh.
    Like all of them!?
    I can’t wait to see what they’ll cook up.
    I LOVED Sohee in I like it hot and I’m sure I will in her upcoming cameo!
    But ALL OF THEM together in one acting thing?!
    I just hope it’s not like a Speed Racer thing where it had Bi (Rain) in it but it was totally gay.
    Well anywho Im in major anticipation for this and I’m sure everythign’ll turn out fine.

    thanks coolsmurf

  10. I don’t see what you all are so afraid of. They aren’t(most likely) going to be the main characters in the movie so calm down. And I doubt JYP would let anything happen that would ruin the WGs image. They make him too much money. He hasn’t failed us before so don’t expect him to do it now. -_-

  11. well i thought it was okay if they just become singers in usa. but like actresses……i love them. but in USA.. >< it’s quite scary..

  12. My guess is that this might coincide with the dance movie JYP has in development and might involve WG to some extent. The story might be more about him/makeup character based on him and WG might feature with bit parts. It also might involve filming part of that concert (which is not a debut) they are planning in the USA in march. So if they say “debut” it means their first appearance in a medium like that. Which then would bring more interest in WG. JYP knows music (singing,dancing,composing) is his main bread and butter and he’s not going to abandon that. Just small inroads here and there.
    Btw, there is a Korean film called GoGo 70 coming out this year
    about that period during a few years with a band and their songs. I could have picture WG in that cameo as one of the groups seen perf/coming off stage.

  13. they’re doomed. only jet li and jackie chan are like the only two huge asian stars. and it took them forever to make it big. JYP has lost his mind

  14. okay people, don’t get ahead of youself. Read this comment#22!!

    “calm down guys, Wonder Girls are NOT debuting as actresses in hollywood

    I repeat —
    ****Wonder Girls are NOT debuting as actresses ****

    In the article i read at wonderholic, the JYPE rep said, “Wonder Girls are NOT going to hollywood as actresses [but as singers].” They have something big planned for US but it’s not THAT. ^^”


  15. Wow!!! That even takes me by surprise.

    If you think it’s difficult to succeed as a musician in the US, it’s just as hard if not harder to succeed an an actor/actress.

    As much as I support them in all of their current and future projects, this one will be a tough mountain to climb.

    If WG makes thier mark as actresses in the US, even if’s a small mark, that is a big accomplishment.

    Look out USA!!! Here comes the Wonder Girls!!


  16. ROFL Chillax ppl (I ain’t seen anyone say that online ill you michizan lol)

    I’m excited and I’m with 29 ^__^ this is decent news and from what I’ve heard about how they are studying English I don’t see how they could sound bad…

    I don’t think ppl should be jumping to conclusions… and 13… wtf are u watching… porn?

  17. WHAT?!?!?!?! WHY?!?!?!
    Wonder Girls would be HUGE in America as SINGERS
    why is JYP trying to move so fast?
    Wonder Girls are all still so young they have plenty of time to do anything they want.
    I think Wonder Girls need more time in Korea before advancing I mean he dosen’t need to push them so fast
    but if they DO come to America as actresses I hope them all the best and I know for certain that I will be a loyal fan to any movie they will be in

  18. Huh?? Omg… that’s going to be awkward… them as actresses? so that’s what those english lessons were for…

  19. @wonderkid

    the real info is not confirmed but the girls have the possibility to enter the market as actresses, it is stated in the article

  20. calm down guys, Wonder Girls are NOT debuting as actresses in hollywood

    I repeat —
    ****Wonder Girls are NOT debuting as actresses ****

    In the article i read at wonderholic, the JYPE rep said, “Wonder Girls are NOT going to hollywood as actresses [but as singers].” They have something big planned for US but it’s not THAT. ^^

  21. dude nooooo. acting is fine. but if it’s gonna be in the USA then a big nono. esp if it’s gonna be some teen flick (with konglish). it’s gonna be a flop i am so worried for them.

  22. i dont think jyp knows what his doing
    if the girls are gonna do a movie i hope its just
    like a cameo or little lines…. cause americans are very hard
    please(idk how to spell it right lol)
    and i dont want them embrassing themselves.
    they should just do a cameo and stick to their singing cause there doing GREAT at that. ^^

  23. Whatever the Wonder Girls give me, I will love it. Just wish them luck and I am pretty sure JYP won’t let anyone cheapen his girls. He ain’t stupid.

    They will be alright. 🙂

  24. umm….well I hope their english lessons are going well…cuz if its not, then makes things just that much harder…(americans wud rip em apart for their heavy accents!)

    but then again they might just take a liking to em…in fact since sunye looks very much like a conventional asian beauty, she might just become their resident asian star(hahah…wishful thinkin?????)

  25. omggg!! noo…
    i want them to stay in korea!
    if they go to america, we’ll barely see them T.T
    WAHHHH 😦
    and so many people are going to criticize them of their accents!

  26. I agree with post 13 made by Lina above. Here in America, celebrities all eventually get their reputations ruined by the numerous paparazzis. Asian female actresses have roles in movies that create horrible and general stereotypes for the asian american females in the US. Honestly, I think that their level of fame would not stretch out much further because most of the non-asians in the US don’t give a shit about asian celebrities. Yeah, you would believe there’s no racism but there definitely is. This isn’t a good idea but I hope everything works out for the best and the Wondergirls don’t change for anyone.

  27. now that i think of it, i’m enjoying that idea…
    best believe JYP won’t let the girls do something
    foolish… i’m intrigued…. i really wanna see Sunye act..lol

  28. ACTRESSES????
    why????????????????? their passion lies in music….don’t do that JYP!! i wouldn’t mind seeing them in a movie, but this just came out of nowhere…

    oh well, we all know they are very capable actresses…so i’m worried about that… and come to think of it, america is much more accepting of minorities through movies than music.

    Anything they will do, i’ll HWAITING! go go WG!

    (i went from shock, surprise, anger. acceptance, then actually enjoying the idea..:P)

  29. i wonder what kind of movie it’ll be? :/ i can’t imagine it to be a teen movie.. lol… other than an asian historical film of some sort.. then.. i donno.. gluck to the girls!!!

    this news was definitely shocing!! :O

  30. i’m really really really horrified too!! i don’t get what jyp is trying to do! they are SO successful in korea! why go in america? i mean if he wants to increase the WGs popularity in other countries he can try to break the japan market or go to china… they will be better received in asia!

    i’m scared! it will be a failure in america…they never failed but america..it’s so hard to be successful in america esp for asians, even dbsk never tried..

    and as actresses? it’s so weird..i mean all the five in one movie??? i really hope jyp knows what he’s doing…ok he does know many important people in america but still..it will be hard to succeed in hollywood!!!

    I hope this “big project” is something sure cause i really really really don’t want want them to fail

  31. You’re not the only one that’s horrified. Oh goodness. T_T
    I know some of you guys will be like ‘oh JYP knows what he’s doing’, but does he reallly?! I think he’s getting too overconfident.

    It’s fine to see Sohee branch out to acting, but to force the whole group into acting and in freaking Hollywood? Oh geeez.

  32. wooooow.!!
    great, can’t wait for their movie.
    dude, so much talents they have.
    singers, dancers, MCs, Models, now actresses??
    i am so proud of them.

  33. OHMYGOD?!
    wow this is shocking..like seriously 😦
    i really hoped for them to be singing rather than acting 😦
    wonder what’s up jyp’s sleeves *tries to peep LOL

  34. it acting, so im fine with that but man are they going a spice girls kind move? hmm let see what going to happen hmmm

  35. As a fan, all I can do is to support them.

    But honestly, I don’t want them showing their faces around america yet. Maybe in a few more years, but not now. They’re not ready yet. Although I am curious of what they would do! ^^

  36. woah!!
    actresses??? BIG TIME???
    or is it just like cameo???
    oh! i hope they won’t do disney!!!!
    homagad no!!!!!!

    WG in hollywood scares me!
    i dunno why!
    stay away from those pervs!!!

    wish them luck still!!

    I LOVE WG!!

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