No Plans For Wonder Girls As Hollywood Actresses At The Moment

At the conjuctions being made that the nation’s best female idol group, Wonder Girls, will be entering Hollywood as actresses next year, their management company’s representative said, “There is nothing that is settled yet.”

The Wonder Girls participated in Pusan’s “Premiere Star Summit Asia” at the Haeundae Grand Hotel that introduced various countries’ movie stars.

On this day, Wonder Girls’ Sun Ye said, “We are planning a huge project in America next year” which left people thinking that she meant the group was entering the Hollywood market as actresses. However, Wonder Girls’ representatives stated, “The thing is not that the Wonder Girls will go to Hollywood as actresses. There are no concrete plans or confirmed details.”

“We went to the movie festival for So Hee who had appeared in the movie ‘I Like It Hot’ (which was shown last year in theatres) and for a congratulatory stage at the ‘Rising Star’ event,” added the JYPE representative.

Through JYP USA that Park Jin Young established in New York, there is a blueprint for the Wonder Girls to penetrate the American market as singers. Earlier this year, the girls were guests at Park Jin Young’s American performances, where they received high interest from record label representatives and fans. Just exploring their options I guess.

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22 thoughts on “No Plans For Wonder Girls As Hollywood Actresses At The Moment

  1. I am a big WG fan but I dont think they can make it as singers in america. If youve see thier vids they can’t sing live. And thats important in america. But I will try and support them.

  2. i agree with marmar.

    asians as singles and even as groups dont make it very far. its too competitive. we havnt even seen break out young asian stars. the most famous ones right now are like jet li, jackie chan, grace oh, lucy liu..but none of them are WG age. and if they want to compete musically, they’re facing american pop idol groups PCD and DK. its going to be really tough. and P-Diddy>JYP. Also, American’s definition of “pop” is very different from Asia’s definition. American pop is now all about like sex, booze, drugs, clubbing, etc. I dont think i could see the WG singing songs about that. but good luck to the WG. I personally think they should jsut stay in Korea beecause they are already dominating there. why give up something they have going so good?

  3. I think the big plan that they are talking about is entering the American Market as a group. Since I remember reading about that somewhere.
    Honestly if they do good luck but America is REALLY hard. I kinda doubt they’ll make it even though I like these girls & I am a fan but like I said America’s Market is REALLY REALLY hard. I’m American so I know what Americans want & like.
    but if they do all I can say as a fan is GOOD LUCK.

  4. i think its better for him making the girls their own reality show… for example, snsd with their reality show factory girls, SHINee with their show yuhanam.. i love watching reality shows, its one of the reasons why i got to like and now a fan of SHINee, i think that if jyp produces their own reality show they might increase their fanbase. not only is it fun too watch, but they can have fun too… i know wonder girls have done mtv, but really from my point of view these girls need to show their personality shine, a reality show is what they need. debuting as actresses in America is cool but, i think jyp needs to think better… i think the new groups 2pm and 2am should do a reality show aswell, it will increase their fanbase, and their fans can love them more…

  5. You know, the next Fast and the Furious spin-off. Seoul Drift. They’ll be the club performers that no one notices.

    A US tour that acknowledges states other than New York and California would be great.

  6. I’m glad they’re not going to the US as actresses, to be honest.
    there are already so many actress/singers type artist in the US, like just about every Disney star, and people tend to not take them seriously…
    but oh, I’m looking forward to hearing their english songs! they’ll be awesome!

  7. Wonder Girls! Don’t be that Hollywood actors! I want to see you guys at Seoul! If you go to HollyWood , I would watch all your episodes!

  8. WG can doo anything! there’s no limit!
    whatever they doo, ill still love them. keke
    fighting always!
    doesnt matter what they do,
    as long as they are happy. =)

  9. Ahhh I see.
    So nooooothing is confirmed at all but the options are still open.
    Got itt.
    Well whatever they do we’ll be there for them!
    They’re all so gorgeous and happy looking.
    I’m both jealous and in awe at the same time. haha.

    well thanks for the confirmation coolsmurf

  10. i reckon some american producers have maybe seen WG and want them as a cameo or something.
    not like, hardcore serious roles, but maybe.. i dunno, playing the role of some bigtime asian pop group in a movie for a few mins, if u get my drift…
    which i think would be pretty cool.

    (like u kno how in some movies, pop stars play themselves as a minor role…)

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