Wonder Girls Nobody @ Inkigayo 081005

The Wonder Girls performed “Nobody” again today on “Inkigayo” and again, they gave another good performance overall except for a minor Ye Eun hiccup. Visually, it was awesome seeing them in their magenta outfits and nicely-done hairdos. Love their expressions and the camera angles were excellent, capturing every moment of the song perfectly. Best stage in my eyes.

They didn’t win Take 7 but neither did DBSK. It went to Lee Hyori who signed off today with her Goodbye Stage and the end of her album promotions.

Last week, all of you voted Music Core as the best. How about this week?


46 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Nobody @ Inkigayo 081005

  1. hi wondergirls nice to song of nobody i love it

    im live in the piliphines city of manila
    my name is joshua
    11 years old

  2. “They didn’t win Take 7 but neither did DBSK”

    DBSK doesn’t need this prize. Look in sales who is first.

  3. i like this perf, they shine literally
    well I’m also waiting for a dbsk and wg moment
    I like their dress it brings out their white pale skin and their shoes ilike it so much I want to buy one for myself
    yoobin is so gorgeous
    sunye voice is diff for me it really improved and I noticed she’s really charming,
    yeeun so pretty
    sunmi a little thin but that’s ok atleast I like her voice
    sohee’s hair is so pretty and her puppet hand so cute

    WG fighting!!!

  4. i just saw the perf,
    another awesome perf!
    loved the magenta (?) sparkly outfits (- the fur/fluffy collars)
    and their sculpted hair. gorgeous!

    next week….we’ll get the inkigayo trophy!!

    i voted for music bank as the best perf this week!
    i liked their outfits, it was simple and elegant. they also sounded really great! + they won and they all seemed happy and relaxed onstage~

  5. a potential wondershinki moment..
    jj cooks relly nice ricecakes( chin chin interview) n r leader min luvs eating em…jj cook sum fr her………..

  6. i think that the hiccup was noticeable… but its ok, i dunno the note seems a bit too high for her too reach… i hope i don’t get bashed… ye eun is still the best though… WONDER GIRLS FIGHTING!!!


    she always ends up gettin the worst hairstlyles and costumes!!!!!!!
    she deserves the BEST…why do they hate her!!!!!!!!!!????????

  8. @ 9:
    Totally agreed!

    I think Sunmi is growing about height! she is taller much than before and than other WGs, but … too skinny

  9. voted for Inki ^O^

    actually, I love both pers in Inki and Music Bank ^^ I think their real hairdos are better than wigs. The silver dresses and these dark pink dresses are both elegant!

    the camera angles in Inki are so good! When Sun Ye sings the second chorus ~ shiro ~ all of them look like a lotus! so wonderfuls!

  10. it’s hard covering up mistakes and not making weird faces or drawing attention to it…
    yeeun made weird faces when she couldn’t sing it right 😦
    but that’s ok.
    just one minor thing.
    wg still rocked it 🙂

  11. this was a really good performance ^^
    their outifts were really pretty hahahhah

    the flares at the end seemed dangerous LOL

  12. ohh…..probably the best stage for me recently^^,
    and ohh…ye eun’s hiccup was un noticable at all…
    and right she’s allowed to make mistakes too^^,

  13. @wgshinki
    where did you see jae holding their mics?? i wanna se.. gosh i think i’m really wanting some wondershinki moments… lets hope!

  14. This perf was awesome. But i still like the music core better. They sing really well in this perf! However, im not feeling sunye’s hair =( Other’s hairdo are great but i dnt like the bang on sunye’s. It makes her facve look big. Love her nonetheless! and Congrats to HyoRi for the win, she deserves it. =)
    Anyway, im so proud of our girls keke.
    SunMi is getting more attention. i just saw a sunmi’s cut of the perfs =) that was the first time for me, so im happy to see that.

  15. As soon as Ye Eun started singing her mini solo I knew she wouldn’t make her voice sounded so weak…poor girl hopefully she doesn’t strain her voice further. Love her solo part no matter what <3.

    Well if Hyori won we know it’s fair and people aren’t winning because they’re more popular than the other. I hope our girls pull through next time!! They’ve won an award already might as well keep winning more..*hehe*

  16. Among Music Core, Music Bank, Inkigayo, I feel that Inkigayo’s camera angles are the best. It realli captures the important actions within the screen and makes the performance look more dynamic!

  17. Woahhh
    Definately the best freakin perf yet!
    For sure topped music core..
    Sorry that they didn’t win. but I’m also kinda glad DBSK didn’t. xDD hahah.
    I LOVED their appearance!! Dresses were soo cute and the hair was beautiful!
    And helll yeahh I love Sohee even more and more.
    This is exactly why she’s been my favorite cause I always knew she could do it.

    thanks coolsmurf

  18. A very outstanding performance from the Wonder Girls. i love the hairdos & magenta outfits. Sohee is so good now! I’m so proud of her. All those haters can sit and listen now!

  19. Their inkigayoo perf was THE BEST this week!!!

    They sing perfectly and their mic is louder you can hear their beautiful voices clearly~~~

  20. rofl wondershinki!
    well i’m surprised Lee Hyori was still promoting, but congrats on her win… hope she makes a comeback soon T____T..
    on to ours girls… they did awesome…i loved every bit of it, YeEun’s hiccup reminded me of the old days…. back when she made mistakes all the time… she came a long way <33

  21. @wondershinkers.
    you can see at the end one of the DBSK member i think jj or yunho or someone walked with one of the WG member i think its sohee or sunye of whoever it is.,
    im starting to love them. haha

  22. yeeun’s hiccup was quite noticeable… but it’s okay, because the performance made up for it. loving the dresses and hair. sunmi is so skinny though ): it’s worrying, because many people have been paying attention and commenting on that.

  23. i think i did spot something!

    around the seventh and eight second you see jj and then changmin bowin in the gurls direction..must be one of the unnies cuz i doubt miso wouldve been indulgin in such pleasentries…hmm..cassie seems quite supportive of wg (till now).
    and i dunt think that theyre so immature that theyd hate the girls for purely collabaratin wid em..the other grp was hated on cuz they accused dbsk of molesting em or sumthn ( i read this sumwhere)

    is it jus me or does it feel like wid tis new look that the girls have outgrown bb and would better suit dbsk?
    dun gemme wrng..i luv wonderbang!

  24. omo!

    @ 6 & 4

    Me three! I need me some wondershinki lovin’. I hope everytime but nothing. Jae holding wg mic backstage was good, though. Haha.

    Let me wish for a special stage.

    Girls did awesome, btw!

  25. @wondershinki
    i 100% agree with you! there is no interaction between them, hope they collab soon.. but is it ok with the cassies?? i don’t want wonder girls get antis!

  26. Yaknow, i hardly noticed that Ye Eun hiccup at all.
    I was looking for it too and when it came i was like…uhhh…was that just it? Probably wouldnt have noticed unless you mentioned it.

  27. i want a wondershinki special stage!!!!!!!!!

    there was NO interaction again between these two groups..wg was way at the back!!


  28. wtf how is hyori still winning lmao
    Thank god she’s gone now LOL, hopefully her fans will give over people a chance >.> lol

    I like those pink dresses keke~

  29. this is a VERY good perf from them..i love the colour on them, and the cameramen are very good..they captured all the good shots..and i love it cos they are smiling and all that..

  30. finally. im loving their hairs. and their new outfits are pretty. this was another good perf. theyre getting so good at this. im guessing they didn’t win mutizen?? hope they do next week:)

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