Wonder Girls Nobody @ Music Core 081004

Their 6th time performing “Nobody” and there’s hardly any noticeable fault you can find with their performance now. So just glad that visually, there’s no more ugly wigs but sporting a horse-like ponytail extension (?). Otherwise it’s the same retro looking outfits and big earrings. All of them look almost alike.

Everyone has been talking about their “scary” expressions since they started promoting “Nobody”. Although I believe it was part of their concept initially, they have toned it down somewhat and that’s why especially Sun Mi now wears a smile on her face while performing. Nice to see the Wonderfuls chanting “Happy Birthday” to Yoo Bin at the start of their performance.


22 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Nobody @ Music Core 081004

  1. I like it the hair the dance and the expressions lol..they look really different from the typical K-Pop scene….they look hood..lol

  2. They look so pretty to me!!! No matter what they dressed up in to or what they do to their hair! Wigs are cute on them! >< and hair extention are so SMEXY and PREEETTYY on them!! This perf was AWESOME!!! Thnx for your hard work Wonder Girls! Keep hawting!! WG <333333

  3. it’s funny how a smile makes a difference in one’s performance. LOL. I’m so happy that sunmi lightened up and smiled! Seriously, i’ve been waiting for her to smile that infectious smile she has and she finally did! GREAT PERFORMANCE! And yay, no ugly wigs!

  4. yay the wigs are DEAD!! LOL

    another incredibly polished performance! SunMi should smile like the good ol’ days ^__^ They need to loosen up and warm up to the audience/camera like back when =]

  5. love it sunmi is so pretty
    i thought it was probally hard for to smile
    because of how fast her lyrics are

  6. Yayyy I’m so happy for them.
    Flawless performances?!
    Damn right people.
    Lol yeah Linda that means Happy birthday cause Saeng il is birthday and chuk kka is like celebrate
    But anyway yay happy birthday to yoobin too and I’m also glad that Sunmi smiles during perfs now.. I was wondering why she would just have a monotone face..

    thanks coolsmurf

  7. Ya they really look alike… Difference is just their costume.. HAHA! Can’t wait for them to win Inkigayo tomorrow!

  8. Just curious but what is the usual chant in the beginning? I really like it!! c: and I can’t really hear the happy birthday, is it just SAENG IL CHUK KKA! I heard that lol

  9. i agree, they’re getting better and better at their live perf!
    and I’m soooooooo glad they abandoned those awful wigs.
    tomorrow is inkigayo….i hope the girls win!!

    thanks for uploading the perf!

  10. They had no wigs this time, except long extensions.
    All of them look hawt with their long hair.
    yeah i agree very very good performances

  11. theyre getting so good at live perf esp sohee. its hard to find flaws in their performances. good for them:) but im really not liking their wigs…..

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