Wonder Girls @ 13th Pusan International Film Festival 081004

The Wonder Girls were out in full force this time at the 13th Pusan International Film Festival this evening for their second event of the day after Music Core. Besides walking the red carpet twice, they also had a press conference for the Premiere Star Summit Asia event and performed Nobody and Tell Me.

Solo Shots

Appearing as performers on the red carpet and performing.

And to round it off, they have another Campus Song Festival at Chonbuk National University later tonight before they can go to bed. Poor girls.

And it’s Yoo Bin birthday today!!!


39 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ 13th Pusan International Film Festival 081004

  1. awww theyre gonna get really tired like they did wen they were performing “So Hot” again.. =( hmm but i thnk they will try their best in everything that makes them become more POPULAR as they ALREADY is!! xD
    Cool!! Goo WG!!!

  2. They’re all lookin sooo fine =] and they’re so busy!

    I hope they rest and celebrate yoobin’s bday =]

  3. omg, all of them look so gorgeous!
    i can picture them as actresses in the states

  4. What wrong with wearing the same dress.
    If they are representing this style from those times for their new image, wearing similar clothes stays true to that style. Plus the dresses are nice and simple, the little black dress that can’t go wrong.

  5. oh my!! all the girls look amazing in the black dresses..wow

    i love sunye’s laugh in the 2nd to last picture..PRICELESS

    happy b-day yoobin! sarangheyo

  6. lol one like the top 3 pictures Sun Ye is in the exact same position and doing the exact same expression XDDDD so funny and cute~!!

  7. Still sporting long ponytail extentions?
    Hahha it’s ok they still look HOT.
    I’m glad they allllllll went out this time!
    But they do need a freakin break.
    Well they look hot and I hope they had fun

    thanks coolsmurf

  8. wahhhh!
    i hope they don’t tire themselves… going back and forth from pusan and seoul.. at least they get to sleep in the van right??

    they look beautiful… do u know where can we find the conference?? very pretty, all of them.

  9. Sunye look stunning!! you so pretty and so sweet with your smile ^^

    they all look beautiful too ^^

    really sry, but i think some of solo pic of sohee make me…. scare – -“

  10. lukin gorgeous…need to tone down sohee’s eye make-up!

    unnies rocking the black dresses πŸ™‚ ….Id KILL to have collar bones like leader min…

  11. wow…black dress…simply beautiful^^

    YooBin gains weight^^

    what kind of trousers JYP wears??? it looks weird 55

  12. they look very pretty!!! ye eun is stunning… yoobin is smexy… sunye is beautiful… sohee is cute and sunmi is amazingly adorable… i’m really happy that they are getting very popular, but i hope they don’t over work…they should get some rest…

  13. this extension and dramatic eye make-up style suits sunye the mostt!!

    the others look really nice too, but in some of the pictures above it looks kinds…umm..off!!

    but theyre all looking really really pretty otherwise…

    happy bday yoobin!!!

  14. The girls looks GORGEOUS!
    I swear YeEun looks like a doll @_@
    and omg WG are taller than the actresses!

  15. they look pretty.. but i pity them too>.<
    they should go so many place.. they’re so popular these days but it’s good=) proud of them<3
    Go Wonder Girls!
    Wonderfuls are always with you..

    and happy bday Binnie!^^

  16. Please don’t overwork them like with Tell me! The girls really need to rest.

    They all look so mature and beautiful in their black dresses.
    Out of all the retro outfits they really need to give Yoobin a better color. It just looks weird on her. XD

  17. happy birthday yoobin ❀

    WG hwaiting! so many events *_*
    they must take care of themselves… T_T
    but i’m glad, because it proves that they are popular ❀

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