Happy 20th Birthday to Smexy Kim Yoo Bin

The only member of the Wonder Girls who is an adult. You want to be Snow White and have fair skin but regardless we still adore you even if you have dark tanned skin. Always cheerful and sometimes dorky. But we all know how smexy you are considering how long your list of admirers are and counting!

Giggly and Smexy Yoo Bin

Wishing you all the best in becoming the best rapper!


85 thoughts on “Happy 20th Birthday to Smexy Kim Yoo Bin

  1. happy belated birthday yoobin unnie! i hope u’ll become the best rapper ever and wish u all the best. yo unnie, u r my role model ^^

  2. Late and delayed but… couldn’t get any earlier!!

    Yubin’s the best and we all wished her the best!!!

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  3. yay!! Happpyy Biirrthdayy Yooobinn!! <33
    Wish you become more sucess in a the future as a rapper or anything too! Best Luck to YOU! =)

  4. Happy Birthday Yoo Bin !!!!
    Wish You All The Best In This Year
    Keep Hwaitingggg Yoo Bin

    We Always Love You !!!
    You Never Walk Alone
    You Will Be The Next Big Thing

    KIM YOO BIN…saranghaeyo!!! ❀

    she’s so beautiful even if she’s more dark skinned then other Koreans
    Yoobin Unnie is and always will be one of the most gorgeous people ever!

    Yoobin jjang!

  6. to the wonder girls with the most warm heart
    i love you unnie β™₯
    and i will always be rooting for you πŸ™‚
    happy birthday yoobin unnie and νŒŒμ΄νŒ…
    μ‚¬λž‘ν•΄ β™₯

  7. Happy Birthday Yoobin! ❀
    Wishing you the best for you and Wonder Girls!
    May your wishes come truee!!!

  8. Happy birthday Kim Yubin<3

    Wish you all the best.

    Hope you succeed in everything you want.

    I always love and support you all the way.

    You’re the reason why I’m addicted to Wonder Girls.



  9. Yoo Bin ❀

    Joyeux anniversaire ~ β™ͺ Happy birthday to you =)

    You’re simply wonderful :] Cute with your cheeks, sexy with your hot body *o* , your deep voice, your dark skin … You’re perfect ! I’m so envious x) Wish you the best, always stay as you are (^___^)b

    Fighting ! =DDD Love ya β™₯

  10. Wish u all the best!

    love u from the bottom of my heart!!!

    Happy 20th Birthday, my sexy, sexier, &sexiest rapper in the world^^

  11. HAppy Birtday YOOBIN unni….

    ur 20/21 now……OFFICIALLY AN ADULT…LOL…

    love ur tan and rap….and u r the reason why im here like everyday on wonderland wordpress…..

    Hope that you will succeed more….!

    LOVE YOU unni….!


    Best female asian rapper i know ^^

    Have a wonderful year!

    Have a excellent birthday, i hope your group members threw a special party for you like last time!!


    We love you.
    You’re the best female rapper I know!
    and regardless being the oldest,you like being the dorky and cute one.
    Hope you have a wonderful year~
    May god bless you.
    Have a blissful birthday and enjoy!

  14. I believe she is technically 20, 21 in Korean age.
    But anywho happy birthday!
    And same excuse as Kari for the late reponse..
    Hope she has a special one!!

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to da sexiest rapper alive!
    aka ms princess snow white yoobin lmao!
    hope you have a good one =]

  16. I’m guessing I’m the only one who doesn’t consider Yoobin sexy. Why? Because she has a baby face and it looks cute. I think cute fits her more. Especially recently with her cheeks. But she was freaking hot during Tell me days.

    Happy Birthday

    she already is the best rapper lol.
    you should listen to her rap go back by dynamic duo and her rap parts in kim bum soo’s do you know that
    shes ridiculously good

  18. Yay im so happy for her its october 3 in the u.s right now lol and today is my birthday….. so would it count as having the same birthday as yoobin?

    Ur dark skin makes you hotter than everything so keep it like that, don’t be afraid to take the sun because THAT SKIN IS URS !!!

    keep that hard work and those high rimes lol
    love OLW !!!

  20. Our pretty, cute, dorky, smexy yoobin… one day you will become the best rapper you can be… i can’t wait to that day… enjoy youself with the members and don’t forget to steal sunmi kisses!!!! lol.. HAPPY BDAY SNOW WHITE!

  21. Happy Birthday Yoobin unnie!!^^

    Truly wishing you all the best for the future and many kissess from Sunmi! keke_<

  22. I thought it was 21 or something XD Oh well, who cares~

    YOOBIN YOU’RE SO AWESOME!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!! tee hee
    It was great seeing her in NY! Hope to see her again in March ^__^



    Contuinue to perform at your best and nothing will ever stop you and the rest of the girls!!


  24. happy birthday yoobin unnie…you are a great and sexy person :D…i hope everything goes good for you and that your wishes come true…i wish i was there to celebrate your birthday with you but im on the other side of the world….so yea…have a good time πŸ˜€

  25. Yaya~
    Happy Birthday Yoo Bin, my fav WG!
    May your wishes come true and your talent shine, in rapping and lyric writing~
    I hope you continue to get the chances to write raps and possibly reach your goals like Ye Eun did hers, getting a song on the mini-album and all.


  26. Happy birthday Yoobin! Like many other posters here, you’re my favourite member, and I wish you the best with this year, and the rest of your life. I hope you achieve all your dreams!

    believe in your potential and that you’ll achieve much more in this new year!!

    LOVE YOU YOOBIN UNNIE <3333333333

  29. ^ 20…

    Yay!! Its YuBin’s birthday ^^
    Happy Birthday YuBin!
    Hope you will continue to work hard and be in the top rappers in Korea =)

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