Wonder Girls Nobody is Cyworld Song of the Month + Sun Mi UFO Reply

I was in disbelief when I saw this frankly. I even suspected that it might have been photoshopped. But after a check with wonderkid, this is real. I can understand 2PM being Rookie of the Month but the Wonder Girls? Well, they had only released their song towards the end of September and in just the few number of days left, they just racked up enough hits and points to win it.

Their 3rd Digital Music Award which they will receive later this month following “Tell Me” in November 07 and “So Hot” in June this year. JYP Family bliss!

Sun Mi tells us the proper pronunciation of “YOU” in “Nobody”.

credit: wonderkid + as tagged


37 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Nobody is Cyworld Song of the Month + Sun Mi UFO Reply

  1. i’m confused… what does this rookie actually mean… can some1 kindly explain it to me… thanks!

  2. Wow. That’s amazing. O.O

    Their song’s been out for like… a week and a half?? And it beat out the songs that have been out for a month?! OHMYGOSH!!


    Sun Mi’s message came true. JYP Family’s already making headlines this year! =D


  3. how can WG win Song of the Month for September?
    didnt BIg Bang already have the awards ceremony for it?
    imm confused.
    anyway im soooo happy!
    and sun mi as always is sooo cutee! hehe

  4. I love their song, and couldn’t wait to buy their album, since my friend is going to Korea… Can’t wait.:) and hope that they can go for the song of the year… 加油!

  5. song of the month?
    it’s only been out for a week? kekekeke. lol. so proud of the girls ^^ totally a huge success for them (:

    & sun mi’s reply is so adorkable .
    zhouu lol xD

  6. :DD
    but )): to yg. how confirmed isit that they’ll have a new girl group? whats going to happen to wonderbang then!
    but on the other hand, maybe the korean media will continue to support wonderbang..muahahaha..

  7. wow song of the month AND THEY JUST WON IN MUSIC BANK!!!!

    ahaha our girls are so wonderful!!!

    I love her so much!
    But anyway..
    That’s incredible!!
    I’m so proud of them!
    They cease to amaze me.
    They really deserve it. God knows how hard they work.

    thanks coolsmurf

  9. FYI..
    2am won rookie of the month…

    BTW congratz to the wondergirls… whoooooooooo

    Make Us proud..

  10. @Lina, 2AM won it in July. and for august, a song feat. Joo also won. JYP family winning 3 in a row.

  11. Yay!!

    JYPE family fighting^^

    Howcome 2AM does not win rookie of the month?? I knew they would be outshinded by the pop group 2PM…It’s not fair they should be counted in polls for awards as ONE DAY. But congrats to 2PM 😀

  12. so… i heard that yg entertainment is debuting a new girl group… they must be getting a lot of support from V.I.P… so many girl groups!!! its making me crazy!!! but for sure i’ll stay true to wonder girls!!!

  13. Haha.. Yes!! Song of the month!! My friend’s in Korea right now and she said every she go, she can hear “Nobody” being played.. Yea!!!! In school, on the streets, her Korean roomate keeps playing the song too… Haha..

  14. aww congrats to the girls! so proud! and they totally deserve it, no doubt!

    lmao @ sunmi’s ufo reply. gosh she’s so cute. i really cracked up at her reply…welll everytime i read ANY of her replies. what a cute dork >_<

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