Wonder Girls Nobody Comeback Stage + Sun Mi Surprise @ M! Countdown 081002

The Wonder Girls completed their comeback stages with their “Nobody” performance yesterday at M! Countdown. Unlike the other 3 comeback stages, there was no Rainstone Remix included. But there was a little Sun Mi surprise!

Wonder Girls – Nobody Comeback Stage
Well-executed performance from the dance, vocals, expressions, everything was excellent. Even the fans didn’t let them down with the most raptorous screaming and cheering ever. I could feel the stage shaking (just joking)! Too bad the wigs have to be present which marred the visual experience.

Nam Gyuri, Sun Mi, Ga-In – One More Time, OK?
Now how did this go unnoticed until they performed? The trio performed a cover of CSJH hit song “One More Time, OK?” as part of the M Heroes segment. Remember 2AM and 2PM performing JYP’s songs? This was something similar. What I liked about this was that we see another side of Sun Mi. Who knew she could be that sexy and good with all the dance vibes ebbing out with every movement. No offence to Gyuri or Ga-In, but Sun Mi totally outshone them.

What I feel proud for Sun Mi is that, she is not the member from the Wonder Girls that is always being lauded by the media or promoted. But for Gyuri and Ga-In, they are always being promoted like their group’s mascot. But yet in this one short performance, Sun Mi has showed that she can do it. But can’t really blame Gyuri or Ga-In since they aren’t really trained in dancing.

Ye Eun has wrote songs and sang for others, Sun Ye has feat. for others, Yoo Bin has feat. for others in rapping, So Hee is an actress but Sun Mi is the only one yet to do something outside of the Wonder Girls. This is like a baby step for Sun Mi to find a niche for herself should the Wonder Girls disband (this is inevitable). The Wonder Girls are just so talented and I am proud of them.


65 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Nobody Comeback Stage + Sun Mi Surprise @ M! Countdown 081002

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  2. Yeyyy !!
    All new SunMi ..//
    at first I didn’t thought that was Sun Mi unniee ><..
    But thennn…WHAOOO !! AWESOME,
    I agrree !! SunMi outshone themmm//
    SunMi is getting more mature nowww..she’s growing up..
    She’s so cute & sexy in this perff

    GO SUNMI !! SUNMI jjangg !!”♥.♥

  3. lol i just read on some other blogs that sunmi’s popularity’s growing really fast cos of this perf! netizens were really impressed ad she was the #4 searched a few days ago!!

    good for her!!!!
    I always thought her bangs made her look weird! she looks so much better with the sexy concept!!

    sunye – softie leader image with pure smile
    yeeun – park yosa/dorky
    yoobin – sexy, androgynous
    sohee- babycute
    Sunmi – grownup girl/sexy image!!!

    Sunmi jjang!!!

  4. I seriously can’t stop watching Sunmis perf!
    It’s just amazingly HOT!
    Like I can’t believe cute shy weird Sunmi could have so much hot sexy in her!
    And I totally agree her hair was SO gorgeous waving down sexily with bangs to the side like that.

    And you guys need to stop talking about Sohees beyonce perf. -.-
    Sohee gets more bashes on things like that because of her other weaknesses not necessarily her dancing. And even so it was BEYONCE, she had to try and be more sexy. Sunmi was just doing a CSJH cover which pales in comparison to Beyonce on the subject of sexiness.
    Both were very hot but to me Sunmis came off a bit hotter because she’s more sexy hot than Sohee is and it’s rare to see her do something like this.

  5. Owww the best performance ever ! I think I’m going to cheering crazily if i were there watching it live. hahahahaha !

  6. awwww…..SunMijjanggggggg

    undoubtedly, she’s is damn great!!!!

    soooooo versatile, she can be anything
    and not that she can do it but she do it very well!

    SunMi always surprises me w/ bloody great performance and unexpected image & and makes my heart skip da beat w/ her voice

    anyway, all WG are great and talented!
    i always know that!

    our lil sister has grown up…
    so sexy…
    yeah i agree she seems so underrated somehow..
    after this she could do modeling, dancing…hahahha…
    i’m happyyyyyyy

  8. Sunmi looked amazing!
    she was so fierce!!
    omg, she was sexy! haha

    your right coolsmurf. we got to see a different side to her and i’m so glad Sunmi got to do this!
    the fans went crazy, sunmi jjanG!

  9. I was SO happy and impressed to see this performance by Sun Mi. it reminded me of the sexy and pretty hot girl back in the IRONY days. I’m glad to see it again 🙂


  10. YAY! Sun mi. That was really good. She definately out danced those girls. That one girl had a really short dress.. who knows what she was trying to do in that. No way could she have been able to dance in a dress like that..

  11. thats really sad about the disbanding…but the girls always talked about ‘wonder girls in 5 years…10 years’ time…’

    i like sunmi’s pretty style in so hot…i thought it was rather similar to the style she portrayed in the ‘one more time’ song…haha. she’s prettyyyy(: but she needs to work on stage dynamics! haha cause the camera showed her adjusting her hair quite a few times..but i think she’ll mature soon… 😀

    i think sohee oozed much more sexiness than sunmi for the beyonce thing…maybe thats why she got bashed for it..and sunmi was doing it as a group instead of a solo, so it looks milder i guess. styling made a difference too…sohee’s fans shouldnt feel too bad about the bashing too actually, sohee probably gets more media attention than other girls since she’s into acting as well..treat the bashing as a drawback of more attention?

  12. haha sunmi did good with the sexiness haha shes soo pretty like her hair is soo long and omg !!! good job (: hehehe. i lalalalvuh how she performed in here.

  13. OMG coolsmurf I totally agree with you!
    I’m quite surprised when they chose Sunmi instead of Yeeun or Sunye since. They totally made the right choice because Sunmi’s deep vocals suits CSJH One More Time OK.
    And dang her sexyness is written all over the perf. I definitely love her charismatic expression. That’s what I like about WG. They never lack expression when performing.
    Sunmi is getting the spotlight here haha.
    Look at all the chant “SUNMI JJANG!” the fans are going crazy!

  14. WOW the Nobody performance was great!
    and OMG CSJH THE GRACE!!!!!!!!!!
    Sunmi was AMAZING (though of course no one could beat CSJH) Sunmi was AMAZING!!!!!!!
    she is so gorgeous and her dancing was so flawless >.<!

    O would love to see her and Stephanie dance one time!
    and so happy Wonder Girls are Shapley’s
    AND CSJH The Grace is one of M.nets hero’s!! ❤

  15. Wow I was surprised! I totally didn’t expect this.

    Sunmi is so beautiful and looks mature.
    Now every member of Wonder girls has peformed ourside of Wonder Girls.
    They are all wonderful!

  16. I’ve always liked sunmi and sun ye best out of wg.
    now the girl’s provin’ she’s really somethin right there!
    she’s the most unique celeb i know. she’s got great face, a bit too thin, but great for modeling. nice husky voice. unique 4Dness that with practice, be quite a hit in variety shows. amongst all the members, i think she’s the one most likely to succeed when WG disbands and goes solo. ^_^ that is if the do 🙂

  17. @ kendrix – Wonder Girls won’t last forever. We all wish they could, but it’s just an unrealistic feat for any group in the music industry. The girls will disband eventually, but until then, we’re here to support them as a group and as individuals.

    Coolsmurf was just stating that should the girls disband, SunMi has an outlet for herself to step into.

  18. that was a lovely post. I really enjoyed reading this, especially your little bit towards the end. Sunmi is just so under appreciated and when I saw this performance I couldn’t believe how sexy and gorgeous she can be. I loved her hair. And regardless of her dress being long, she ended up looking like the sexiest on there.

  19. woah, Sun mi is sooo gorgeous. In my mind she’s always been the cutest (don’t kill me so hee fans, I think she’s adorable too.) but she can be pretty sexy too. Sun mi needs to keep up the good work!!

    The performance was great, that crowd was really cheering hard!!

  20. WOW! The Nobody performance was perfection. And sun Mi!?!?! Who knew she had that in her 🙂 loved it. Definitely outshone the other two.

  21. OH MY GOD.
    I remember in the Irony days she said she couldnt do the waves as well because she was still a little stiff but now look at her!
    Your totally right coolsmurf.
    Sunmi had HOTSEXY ooooozing out of every move.

  22. OH THE GROUP PERF! lol

    they sounded amazing, and wonderfuls were lovely…
    Sohee was shining to me in this perf… <333
    I want them to change Sunye’s wig, other than that they all looked B E A U T I F U L !!

    I was so shocked when I saw this… and MAD!!! lol.
    why was it such a secret?? our baby needs all the attention!!

    well we saw her fiece side on the SBS Gayo daejun last year, but this was amazing!!! I’m so excited she got to do this…FINALLY , her own little thing… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE JYP, WE WANT MORE!!! i’m soo proud..these girls are <33

  24. Ahhh!
    So late a reply…
    Stupid golf. <.<
    Coolsmurf I love what you wrote about Sunmi.
    It describes it perfectly.
    I’m glad she’s finding her subinterest other than the WG.
    She’s so nice and silly and fun and just WONDERFUL!
    She deserves alot more than what she gets now.

    thanks coolsmurf.

  25. you took all the words out of my mouth. i was so proud and amazed at how she presented herself! i thought she was also the sexiest out of the three!!! i barely noticed the other two!

  26. Sun mi’s another side looks soo smexy and pretty.
    esp. her dance looks more like it than the others =)

  27. SUNMI WAS AMAZING! OMG. She looked like Steph the Grace for a moment there. She totally outshined Gyuri & Ga-In! 😐

  28. wow i just loved that performance!
    sun mi was great! i watched it on youtube while at school. and i think the people next too mee think im a wierdo.. lol but that is ok. coz Sun Mi is a wierdo and i love loving a wierdo named sunmi. keke.

    sun mi is awesome! she really stood out ! she was shining!

  29. OMG, sun mi is so gorgeous!!! She is just… omg, my only wish is to be as beautiful as she is, both inside and out…

  30. YAYAYAYAYA…..Sun-mi…..

    I love Sunmi..she is absolutely gorgeous. the other two girls are pale- dancing-wise…..

    Sunmi should be more open and do more activities out of the Wonder Girls group like other member..look at soo hee..

    Sun-mi fighting.

  31. They have gotten so much better singing live, and this is most definitely proof that they’re amazing!

    I’m glad this was given to Sun Mi. I’m thinking that she wasn’t first choice. No offense, but when I saw the other girls’ names, I was surprised it would be with Sun Mi, as she’s not usually held like a “mascot” to WG, but BOY, AM I GLAD SHE PERFORMED ON HER OWN! Ohmygosh. She was gorgeous, and in my opinion, she had the best vocals there. No doubt her dancing was on point, while the other girls… well, they were falling behind alot.

    SUN MI JJANG! I really think that she’s still underestimated, but boy! This is like one step for Sun Mi. JYP should give her more stuff, since the other members have things going on individually. Sun Mi should be given more opportunities like this because she’s an amazing performer. She shone out there as Sun Mi not just a Wonder Girl.

  32. For Nobody – Everything was just soooo damn solid! The crowd was great ^__^ I’m sure the girls were really happy to hear huge support. I wished there was a remix though. Sexiness overload. The cameraman was all up on Yoobin O__O

    FOR SUNMI’S SOLO – HOLY EFFIN CRAP O__O SHE LOOKED SOOOOO HOT! AND HER VOICE?~!?!?! OMFG HER VOICE WAS JUST ❤ Wow, if you guys don’t know what sexy sounds like, you have’t heard SunMi!!!!! My GOD!!! She looked so gorgeous! I definitely LOVE her bangs like that. Her hair was like all up on her face especially when she got all into it, but damn that was hot <3. SunMi definitely made a name for herself. The spotlight just SHINED on her ❤

    That camera guy is a PERVVVVV!!! LOL

  33. the Nobody performance was good!! and the fans were 0_0 BUT Sunmi was !!! she did an awesome job! i like wat she wore too and her voice is WOW

  34. i lvoe the noboldy performance! the fans
    were cheering so loud! =] and sun mii
    looked smhexyyy ❤

  35. whoa… the way sunmi was twirling her hair everywhere.. HOT and the hearing the crowd chanting her name was awesome! SUNMI love!

  36. Finally they did a cover for CSJH..though i prefer the original but its nice…CSJH comeback to Korea u talented sexy beauty queens!!!sunmi ❤

  37. OMG*-* Nobody perf is soo good. i love that performance and the crowd tooxD they look pretty and cute^^

    and the little suprise from SunMi is just too perfectO.o
    that’s why she is my fave.
    i think there is no words for that.

    Sun Mi Jjang<33

  38. Aw, Sun Mi was beautiful. But honestly, she is really lanky that sometimes it looked quite odd at some dance parts. This is NOT bashing, just honest critique.

    Though I didn’t fancy the performance. NO ONE can top CSJH the Grace. Vocals were sub par and needed more power like the Grace. Meh, good try though. ^^

    WG with Nobody was great as always. Hate the wigs like everyone else does.

  39. @Lina

    She didnt expose her ass for goodness sake, watch the video. She was wearing a shorts inside, its of the same length that she always wore. Just because she wore a skirt thats why it looks super short, please double check before stating the false.

  40. I think putting SunMi is WG is good. She showed her charisma where the other two didn’t. She still needs a little more work on her dancing but this was awesome. So proud of her. 😀 (Where did her charisma go in “Nobody”??? 😦 )

    BURN THE WIGS!!!! T_T…Even as a cosmetologist-in-training, I think it’s hideus.

    But the girls did GREAT! Love the crowd. They were so loud! lol

  41. lol yea i agree with beautyfulred. Sohee always gets bash when she does something that seems “inappropriate”. Whereas other members would be praised, dont really know whats wrong, but Sunmi was really hot here. O.o (this is the 1st time i actually think shes hot. honestly). And their performance on Mnet was perfect. 10/10, so was the crowd.

  42. sunmi did well. only if sohee could be there to dance with her. that would be superduber fantastic performances from the wonder girls..heheeh. and yesh, she really surprise me..lol.

  43. @beautyfulred

    Because sohee was dancing around in a little pink dress with the dress flying up exposing her ass for the crowd to see, sunmi’s dress is past her knees and under that dress is another dress to cover most of the slit in the side of the dress =P, and her dancing wasn’t exactly *that* sexy,, but it was good 😀

  44. humm, i wonder if someone’s going to say; oh, she;s too young to be dancing like that?.. i dont think peoples going to bash on her as much as they did for sohee…there’s just people out there who never give sohee credits for her dancing abilities but instead put her down for her dancing! its really stupid! lets see and watch for those who thinks she’s too young to dance like that!…besides, sunmi is pure sexyness!

  45. SunMi is the prettiest girl in WG ^^ I wonder why shes so underrated when she as one of the two youngest has more talent and is alot prettier, and even better in dancing apparently. very weird.

    She looked so lovely here^^
    And they sounded perfect during ‘nobody’. those wigs are so awful though..

  46. i hope the media gives her more attention from now onwards 😦
    she can do lots – all that she needs is more chances to shine & yes.. i see that coming right now 😀
    she’s got more parts in the 4th albums already…and i hope ppl will give her more and more chance to shine 😀

    U-GO-GIRL! 😀

  47. Holy crap! I almost did not recognize Sun Mi at all!!! She looks so gorgeous and mature in this performance!!! Oh my little Sun Mi, all grown up! 🙂 I knew she could do it. Loved her first from Wonder Girls. This group is too good to be true. Each member is so talented.

  48. Hey!
    Oh god, I’m so proud of her!
    She’s so talented and beautiful. Love her husky voice and her dance moves during the performance. She really outshone the other girls.

    Her dress was lovely. She looked sexy, but she’s only 16 and I think her dress was perfect for this performance. Very flowy and just a little revealing.

    I love the other WG’s, but she’s my favorite and I can’t wait to see her growing as an artist like the other girls.

  49. sun mi is just way too underrated
    that is the reason why I love her (not the underrating reason)- she’s very versatile. she may not be the best in dancing in wondergirls, she may be outshone by her unnies in terms of singing skills, although she’s 93-er too, limelight always focused on sohee because she’s just so cute, and i thought she really got the potential to act too. yoobin pwned her in terms of rapping though sunmi can rap really well too. but even so, for every single wg performance, she stood out because she has the most stable live performances. she may be weird in her 4D world but she has one of the most beautiful heart, mind and soul.

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