Wonder Girls K-Chart No.1 Within One Week of Comeback

You can’t keep them from No.1 for long. Granted that the Wonder Girls didn’t do a “So Hot” and claim No.1 instantly on their comeback last week, they managed it today after just releasing their latest single “Nobody” only last week.

No more retro outfits and ugly wigs. It was back to normal as they wore silver outfits this time (nice) and had nice retro hairdos (nice). Their performance was again spot-on and I wouldn’t say perfect. But it was good overall. They were up against Big Bang “Haru Haru” and Brown Eyed Girls “How Come” on K-Chart this week. And they won with 6399pts against Brown Eyed Girls who had 3822. Where was DBSK? Well, they only made their comeback on Music Bank today but were hovering just outside the top 3 at number 4. Next week should be interesting. The real DBSK vs Wonder Girls battle is just getting started.

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38 thoughts on “Wonder Girls K-Chart No.1 Within One Week of Comeback

  1. i like the retro style and the wigs! its very high fashion!! u guys got no taste!!! LoL
    this is awesome!! i luv yoobin!!!

  2. in the front row of the audience are cassies or wonderfuls?? their balloon colour are almost the same, its confusing!

  3. omg awesome!!! love their outfit and their vocals are bang on this perf! just wish they do more of the rainstone remix >.<!

  4. haha of course nothing could keep these girls from #1
    but tough competition with DBSK
    I root for both of them =)

  5. i’m so happy for them!!!! they are so great live, i hope they can beat dbsk… i dunno, i’m a fan of both… this could be interesting… wonder girls have a good chance though… all the best… keep on voting wonderfuls!!! WG AND WONDERFULS FIGHTING!!!!

  6. hi alvin.. can you maybe do a post covering about the different music chart shows in korea? it seems like there are so many of them.. what is the difference / special about each one of them? like music bank, inkigayo, m countdown, music core,

  7. congrat our girls ^O^

    haizzz… i have to wait a long long time to watch it on KBSworld … hix hix… poor me T_T

  8. YAY! I’m glad they got number one ^__^ They deserve it. But man, next week with DBSK. Phew that’s gonna be a tough one.

  9. Lol, I love the disorganization..
    Funny, really.
    Congrats to them, they deserve it..
    I quite like the silver.. It shows their curves, sexy ne?
    But not trashy.
    So mwah <3.
    And thank god the wigs were off xD
    And I noticed Yoo Bin and Ye Eun were on opposite sides too.. And me.. I don’t really notice small things, so that was a surprise xD

  10. yayyyyyy i’m so happy! it was funny at the end when they were throwing the flowers out to the fans and were all a little disorganized. but leave it to leader min to set a good example 😉 yeah and what was up with reversing the positions for the bridge? (ye eun and yoo bin on opposite sides) random?

    WG fighting!!

    And they wore the nice dresses and wigs again 🙂
    Yeeun was on the other side for her bridge this time!?
    Sunmi dancing off to the back at the end, lol.

  12. wow they are like 2 times ahead of other groups, damn. They really did great at the performance, i would rate it 8.5/10. By the way, how does the music bank system work? How are the points counted?

  13. I love how Sohee looked genuinely surprised! Of course our Wonder Girls would win! They all looked so beautiful in silver!

  14. OMG! 6000+ haha! nice! great job WOnderfuls! haha and you’ren right next week will be the real DBSK-WG Face off haha! i wonder if WG will keep their no, 1 record or will DBSK. the gods of the east, will snatch it away ^_^ i cant wait for next week ^_^

    anyways congratz wg!!!!!!!!

  15. yay! i am soo proud! yay!
    i really wish we can keep this up!
    i want the best for the girls.
    it will be hard this time around
    because of competition but we
    can sooo dooo it! keke
    WG fighting! Wonderfuls fighting!

  16. this was expected…
    remember they made their comeback on Music core with So Hot, and went on MUBANK a week later….this is one week after and they won…so yeah, they did just as well as they did with So Hot!

    CONGRATS!!!! so proud

  17. wow that was great. they did awesome. i hate that the stage is so plain though but that couldnt stop the girls from shining! muahahha.

  18. cloud nine~ as usual, wonder girls delivers and amazes(: had expected serious competition from brown eyed girls…it has this repetitive and retro style which i thought was rather similar to ‘tell me’…

  19. ahhhHHHHHH!!!!!

    Congrats to the girls~!!!

    CHEERS everyone!!!

    >>>>NOBODY BUT the WONDER GIRLS! fo sho~

  20. AWWW!
    They’re so cute!
    I just watched the video and I LOVE how they ALWAYS throw their bouquets out in the audience right before they perform the 2nd time. :DD
    Hahaha I also loved how they scrambled to get into place during Sunye’s singing.
    And yeah those dresses were a little tight..
    But nonetheless still hot.

  21. haha yes it’s not a big surprise of course they win 1st place!^^
    Congrats^ ^

    and the perf is good. they look pretty in those outfits and it’s good that they haven’t got the wigs this time…=)

  22. Agreed. Granted it wasn’t a “So Hot” but WONDERFUL job nonetheless!!
    Again they totally deserved it. After all the nonstop hardwork they do!?
    Anticipating next week’s chart with DBSK…
    Anyway Major grats to our WG! :DD

    thanks coolsmurf

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