WonderBang Makes Their Comeback in 2008

After the highly successful collaborations between the Wonder Girls and Big Bang in 2007, they have rarely been seen together on stage since. But WonderBang is coming back again in 2008 for two occasions in October.

Big Bang and Wonder Girls will come together for MBC “News Desk”. They appeared for the filming for “News Desk” respectively on the 25th and 27th.

“News Desk” is a program where different cultural issues are discussed and on this particular episode, Big Bang and Wonder Girls will be the first-ever idol groups to do so. The program will go in depth with the issue of idolism and famous stars of the former age group. It is very exclusive for Big Bang and Wonder Girls to be featured on the program, as it is hard for even the most popular and influential singers to be featured on the 9 o’clock news.

YG Entertainment expressed, “It is great honour that they are featured, and the boys are very glad to participate in the filming of the program.” And JYP Entertainment also said, “The Wonder Girls members are very excited to be featured on news program that deals with current issues.”

This particular episode is scheduled for 4th October broadcast. On the other hand, Big Bang and Wonder Girls will also be performing on the same stage with a great senior singer Lee Mi Ja for “Love Performance”.

With a music career of 50 years, Lee Mi Ja will be holding a concert ‘Lee Mi Ja’s Hope Concert’ on 17th October in Seoul SeJong Culture Centre main hall. The proceeds to the concert will all be given to help the less fortunate children in the society. This is in line with MBC’s ‘2008 New Hope for Children’ campaign.

Besides performing her hit songs during the 2 hour concert, there will also be a joint stage with the idol groups who have been popular these days – Wonder Girls and Big Bang. Much interest as to how their joint stage will turn out.

credit: sookyeong@KBites

Meanwhile, the Wonder Girls performed at the 60th Armed Forces Day today.

Hate the wigs absolutely.


45 thoughts on “WonderBang Makes Their Comeback in 2008

  1. It’s the most anticipated special stage of the year you guys!
    They’re back!
    I miss the old days. Sigh.

  2. ohmygod! wonderbang is back on the market! heehee! anticipating to watch them perform on stage. hopefully the couples doesnt switch?

  3. cool wonderbang again!

    oh by the way the Covers for “NOBODY” are coming out.
    watch this:

    This girl should try out to be a trainee!! hecka good!

  4. woo, another wonderbang collab!
    lmao the wigs arent too bad, i like when it moves with them
    sohee looks the cutest with it

    YES !

    wonderbang is back<333
    the wonderbang family in soompi have been waiting for this hahah

    thanks for the info

  6. omg! i thought we would have to wait till the gayo shows..
    but no . its here! hehe. let’s enjoy whatever they will give.
    i have a feeling it is overly hyped-up but let’s just enjoy it!. keke fighting!

  7. YAY ! OMG and i thought this day would never come back. im so gladdd ! =D teehee my two favorite girl and boy groups. <33333 love wonderbang lols oh gosh i cant waittttt

    How exciting!!
    First ever idol groups?!
    Their tell me/lies collaboration was the BEST!
    In my opinion way better than the majority of WG’s collaborations with other random stars..
    I hope they get alot of rest from everything they’re doing though.

    thanks coolsmurf


  10. yay about WonderBang! but for me i’m more impressed that their appearances have deeper value to them. first with “news desk” i think it’ll be wonderful to hear WG (and BB) thoughts on the idol group craze and how they view their role in it. second involving themselves in a perf that ultimately has a philanthropic aspect. our girls are too awesome for words 🙂 can’t wait to see these appearances! 😀

  11. look at all the smile behind their pic!!
    saying i’m proud doesn’t even come close to how i feel..

    but i’m pretty sure they were on the news before…remember when they were correspondant for the “Fair Elections campaign?”..they were featured on MBC news too…not really interviewd but they went around the town acting as junior reporters!

    they are just getting more popular by the day! i love it

  12. actually…i heard that they filmed the news desk separatly. i thought that they were going to be on together but i don’t think so…i read carefully and it said they filmed on different days for each group. that is why there were two filming dates.

  13. AllKpop is ran by an SNSD fanboy mainly, hence the over-praising of SNSD lol. that’s why they diss WG, they can’t accept WG > SNSD. =P

    just stay away from bias sites like that, even popseoul is better than that site, lol.

  14. ooh I read about this on allkpop….yayiee!!!!!!!

    p.s: why do they keep dissing the girls and boys on that site>…they seemd to thnk tat it wud ave been better to get dbsk(i get this one) and snsd(but em…….. @@)


  15. WonderBang Resurrected!!!!!!!!
    now if only they’ll do a an SS together with haru haru and nobody!

    or WG-dbsk SS since they’re comebacks
    *cassies don’t kill me!*

  16. sounds like it. they recorded it separately. but in theory, it’s like they appeared in the same segment. not really a wonderbang moment in practise. hope it’s not too confusing.

  17. yayness! :DD but did they do the newsdesk thing together? cos there were two separate dates..gave me the impression that each group came on one date..or isit just like, resume filming on the second date?

  18. Ahhhh, are you serious? Omigosh, yay! I’ve been waiting for Wonderbang to reunite for such a long time. It’ll be interesting to see them covering news, even if it’s about idols. Can’t wait to see it!

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