Ahn So Hee @ 13th Pusan International Film Festival Opening Ceremony 081002

Ahn So Hee appearing on the red carpet as an actress at the 13th Pusan International Film Festival Opening Ceremony this evening.

Flanked by Park Joon Hyung and Park Jin Young as they walked the red carpet.

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58 thoughts on “Ahn So Hee @ 13th Pusan International Film Festival Opening Ceremony 081002

  1. LOL, JYP’s wellies make me laugh, well they look like wellies.
    Sohee looks so pretty though.
    She must of been cold.

  2. hahaha i never realized how short park jin young was


    sorry i had to get that out of me..

  3. i think sohee looks gorgeous. the most mature i’ve seen her yet. and i don’t think her dress is slutty. she’s just showing off her assets, which are her legs. if you’ve got them, flaunt them. and she does it with class.

  4. Sohee looks so pretty… but not really loving the hair…
    haha JYP and Park Joon Hyung seems like guards…lol

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  6. sorry, to spam but every time i see her pic here make me crack proud of her…



  7. The guys look like her bodyguards. XD

    She’s sooo gorgeous. Such long legs! But ohmygosh. The dress is so short! Good thing there were no accidents!! At least I hope there’s none!!

  8. JYP look like he just got back from riding a horse >;o

    sohee very very beautiful, i love these picture of her!

  9. Hehe.. I know what everybody was thinking! Beauty and the Beast! Damn, JYP really does look like a gorilla. 😀

  10. I like it (even though it’s short…but better than some of the other actress where their breast was about to fall out. -_-)

  11. Oh wow, So Hee actually doesn’t look cute! I never thought I’d see the day. Oh, but she looks very nice – very mature and elegant. Her dress is super short though – OMG. I hope things work out for her there – SoHee fighting!

  12. She looks beautiful!

    And yeah, she probably didn’t even pick her own dress. that’s why they have coordis’. So blame the coordis’.

  13. the dress is short but i think the dress looks fierce on her … its age appropriate … she looks really pretty ….

  14. isn’t the dress a little too short? EHHH. why is she trying to be like those 9 girls?

    and i thought WG had class. ~

  15. WOW! she’s be blazing my eyes! she is so beautiful and gorgeous. seem like Mr. JYP and Joon Hyung are her bodyguards. lol. very elegant and mature! Go SoheeAhn!

    And of course its okay if her dress is short. she has nice legs, so why not show it off!

  16. I agree with the hair.
    But nonetheless I think shes BEAUTIFUL!
    I love her dress even though it is a bit short..
    HAha she’s so cute. She looks so shy and confused but at the same time soo happy and honored to be there.

    thanks coolsmurf

  17. wuz this the festival sohee was an ambassador for? if so, thats why she’s on the red carpet right? plus she is the only actress from WG. so it would make sense for just her to be on the red carpet for a “film” festival.

  18. so hee is not a real woman to wear dress like this lol
    she’s too young and has a baby face,it just doesnt match

  19. She looks beautiful…
    make-up was done well, and she looks so ALIVE! lol

    shoes were a poor choice…a elegant bracelet would’ve been a plus…oh well, stylist do better next time, at least i love the dress…

    Why in hell does he have corn rows??? hahaha

    JYP is just himself….seccci beast…lol

    i need more pictures

  20. awww.. sohee looks nice and simple! it looks good on her! 😀

    Park Joon Hyung’s shoes look a bit dirty doesn’t it? lol.. and JYP’s outfit reminds me back to when Sunmi wore something similar during her parody of JYP’s song. XD

  21. Joonie-hyung from g.o.d!!! oh how i missed him! he’s still rocking those corn rolls hahah

    all black. nice.
    the dress is simple and elegant.
    Sohee looks beautiful.

    ***All the WG members are going to attend/perf @ PIFF on 10/4

  22. i thought other wg were attending this event as well..aww..they should have, the girls would have looked relly nice in red carpet attire..

    so hee looks relly nice, the dress is like relly age-appropriate…not over the top like some other young celebs..

  23. ewww bad hair! she looks like tyra banks when her hair was tied too tightly too! hahaha but nevertheless, she still sparkles

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