Ye Eun Announces Her Debut as a Composer

After the release of the Wonder Girls’s “Nobody” mini-album last week, we learnt that Ye Eun’s self-composed song “Saying I Love You” was one of the included tracks and this generated lots of interest particularly among fans. JYP Entertainment has released more details about that track yesterday.

According to someone within JYP Entertainment, “There are two methods to writing a song. The most common method is writing the lyrics to an already composed tune. You don’t have to know how to compose a song at all, just words creativity. For this song ‘Saying I Love You’, Ye Eun played the instruments, composed the tune and wrote the lyrics. What Ye Eun did was adopting that second composing method that wouldn’t be possible without understanding what music is or knowing how to play the instruments.

Ye Eun’s self-composed song “Saying I Love You” has shown that the Wonder Girls music has matured another notch with the song talking about a young girl’s love emotions. Promotions for “Nobody” continues this week.


42 thoughts on “Ye Eun Announces Her Debut as a Composer

  1. I compose that way, too. The first method is harder imo. O.O

    Nevertheless, Ye Eun is just amazing. I adore that song. I always have it on repeat on my computer and my car. It’s such a sweet song.

    Ye Eun’s just so gifted with musical talents and intelligence. Not to mention, she’s beautiful! This girl’s a triple threat!!!

  2. I can’t help but commenting since I don’t usually comment in this blog.

    Back to topic,
    Is there anything that she can’t do?
    For someone at her age,it’s not an easy thing you know.
    Not to mention,she’s a top student in her college.
    I like how she manages to balance her studies and her career at the same time.
    I didn’t know she wrote the lyrics and play the instrument for the song!
    Ye Eun,she’s my role model now (:

  3. seriously, this girl is mad talented
    i dont know how she does it all
    i love the song! she did a wonderful job =]


    Okay I’m going to state this one observation I’ve made a while back and see if anyone agrees with me:

    Ye Eun has a very versatile voice. That and I swear she doesn’t sound the same in every song. If you compare her in Irony to say, So Hot and So Hot with Nobody, she uses a different tone but she has a very distinct voice that you can pinpoint. I’m not explaining this very well but after reading Charmainex52’s comment I couldn’t help but agree.

    Go Ye Eun, role model of the year! You deserve all this recognition!

  5. Yeeun is talented just like the WG!
    but omgosh im so proud of her work!
    esp. how she sang Nobody! it just sounds so nice and different xD

  6. omg ye eun!! she is so amazing. i just adore her so much. she’s so talented in every aspect. i’m glad she’s getting the limelight for once now. she deserves it soooo much, heck she deserves more. go ye eun unnie!!

  7. one of the many reasons why ye eun is my beloved wonder girls.
    amazing personality, friendly and nice towards fans, intelligent, funny and a multi talented person i couldnt ask for more Park Ye Eun is so perfect!

    Saranghae Park Ye Eun!

  8. yah!! go ye eun that’s awesome..i realy love the song she wrote…the paino is so soothing lol…go wondergirls!!! keeps growing and show your a true artist!

  9. @LoveWG: Can you read? Did I compare them!!?? I love Utada Hikaru,she is my idol,and of course she is on a respectively higher level than Ye eun,I simply just stated she(Ye Eun),could be the Korean Version of Utada Hikaru! read slowly before you hurt yourself no offense.

  10. SO PROUD OF OUR WONDER GIRL YE EUN!!!! She is a real a musician. Singing, song writing, composing and instrumental! We all know this girl is SMART AS EVER but she is also born to be in music!!!! AWWW LOVE HER EVEN MOREE

  11. i love her so much and i am so proud of her T_T


    i’m looking forward to more of her works in the future XD

  12. I love Ye Eun so much,I got to say,Do I sense a Korean female artist version of Utada Hikaru lol. =)

  13. Need I say or in this case type more?

    Number one Wonder Girl Ye Eun. Though I still love them all. XD

  14. I listened the song yesterday, and I’m in love \o/
    YeEun is such a great composer, hope to listen more of her soon \o/

    thank you

  15. Go ye eun unnie keke^^ you’re the most gorgeous multi-talented girl in Wonder girls 😀

    and I love that picture^^

  16. Hot damn. she’s so amazing.
    Like she’s a real musical artist. I have so much respect for her it’s crazy. It’s one thing to just create lyrics to an already made tune but it’s a whole nother thing to create EVERYTHING yourself.
    Before I even read this I was absolutely head over heels in love with Saying I love you but now it’s even more intense!
    Power and props to her and I hope she’ll continue to amaze us.

    thanks coolsmurf.

  17. yeeun is such a talented girl.i like the song vry much n I always thought that how ye eunuch managed 2 compose such a beautiful song.really she is so gd hope tat jyp c tat ptt n let ye eunuch hv more chance 2 showcase her talent

  18. OMG can she be any more talented? Damn!
    She really blew me away with her talents!
    wowowo im spazzing like crazy knowing the real deal behind this song
    This makes me love this song EVEN more than before (which was already a lot to begin with)
    My respect for her has gone up to the fullest extent!
    She has so much potential. Keep bringing it on, girl!
    Wonder Girls FIGHTING! YeEun Fighting!

  19. Ye Eun! I’m so happy with your work! I’m going to keep hearing your song to appreciate your work!

    Ye Eun & Wonder Girls,

  20. yes! yeheun is amazing! she did the second method cuz she is awesome! i am so proud of her and her hard work. it really is a good song. i still cant believe she made the tune, played instruments and wrote lyrics. she has lots of potential!

    by the way, that pic is hot. her curves kill!

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