So Hee Cameos on MBC Sitcom “That Person Is Coming”

On Episode 8 of MBC’s new sitcom “That Person Is Coming” which will be shown on 15th October, Wonder Girls member So Hee will appear as the first love of the main character Lee Jae Young (Jung Jae Yong).

Jae Young asks his twin sister Jae Suk (Ha Yun Joo) to set up a ’sogeting’ (set-up date) with Wonder Girls’ So Hee because she’s his ideal type. But Jae Suk goes on to arrange a ’sogeting’ for him with her friend Mal Hee (Ahn So Hee) who looks like So Hee instead (So Hee doesn’t play herself).

“So Hee, who goes originally just for amusement and a measily 500 won (~50 US cents), falls for Jae Young’s appearance in one look, and though the two feel all this love, it becomes a love that they can’t keep,” explains PD Kwon Seok. “In the name ‘So’ Hee, we just replaced it with ‘Mal’ Hee.”

On 30th September, So Hee filmed with Ha Yun Joo, Jung Jae Yong, and others at the IlSan MBC Dream Center. Lately, she has become the center of huge popularity with the release of Wonder Girls’ fourth project. A crowd appeared in front of the filming location, all wanting to see the Wonder Girls member.

The actor, Jung Jae Yong, has also expressed his interest and affection for the Wonder Girls and So H ee through his “Jae Young’s Pure 19″ show several times. He couldn’t hide his happiness at having So Hee play his partner.

Episode 8 airs on 15th October through MBC at 7.45pm (KST).

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22 thoughts on “So Hee Cameos on MBC Sitcom “That Person Is Coming”

  1. She looks sooo cute in those pictures!! But ah, when has Sohee never been cute? XD

    Sohee’s such a cutie.

    The story sounds really adorable, too, but I’m not quite familiar with the show. =/

    However, I’m glad Sohee’s landed an acting gig! Even if it’s just a cameo! =D

  2. whos’ the actor? is he old? just wondering, i just want my sohee to be safe. of course she’s safe. hahaha
    so this is air on Oct.15? wonderbang on the 17? cant wait… October is HOTTNESS!

  3. where can i see a picture of Jung Jae Yong?
    kekekek~~~ i’m so curious with this person since he is pairing with our wonder girl sohee… (^-^)

  4. …. I just realized that I can’t watch it when it comes out!
    It comes out at 5:30 am on Wednesday my time. 😦
    I’m really hoping that someone will post it up later that day.
    and not the next
    cause the anticipation and anxiety will probably kill me.

  5. Oh my god!
    I can’t wait for this!! Ever since I first saw I like it hot I’ve been waiting for her to come out in some other acting thing!
    And yeah I can’t imagine her playing someone who falls for someone at first sight or whatever so I’m extra excited to see this.
    HAhahah so Sohee doesn’t play herself (WG Sohee) but instead plays the twin sister’s friend who looks like Ahn Sohee?
    Hahahahahah I cannot WAIT for this!!!!

    thanks coolsmurf

  6. Those who are interested “Time of airing : Mon~Fri (7:45 pm korean time)” credits soompi official thread. ^___^ I’m marking it on my calendar!

  7. lmfao this sounds awesome
    i cant imagine sohee digging a guy let alone at first glance lmao…. its so unlike her
    but im excited to seeeeeeeeee

  8. what i want to know is how old is the actor! lol.. what they did to sunye for that MBC drama was just wrong!!!lol

    but I can’t wait to watch it.. Mandoo will work it!

  9. ^ Word, even if it is just for an episode, I’ll watch ^__^

    It sounds really cute and I’m sure Mandu will rock it.

  10. The story sounds so cute! even if it’s only for this episode I can’t miss it can anyone tell me what time it will air?
    I want to see her act again. thank for the info coolsmurf

  11. just as a side note,

    the reason they named her character “MAL hee” is because “so” is also a word used for ‘cow’, so they replaced “so” (cow) with “mal” (which means horse) LOOOOOL so funny.
    so(cow)hee becomes mal(horse)hee
    its a play on words.

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